Fashioning the Future: Fashion Technology Sees A Meteoric Rise in Career Opportunities

Fashion technology is an industry that is constantly evolving, and with the exponential growth of the fashion industry in India, there is a rising demand for skilled professionals. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, the Indian fashion market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11-12% between 2021 and 2023, driven by increasing disposable income, growing fashion consciousness, and changing consumer preferences. Fashion technology graduates from top engineering colleges in India have the opportunity to work in various sectors, including fashion design, production, merchandising, marketing, and retail. Here is a look at some of the exciting career avenues available for Fashion Technology students:

Fashion Designing:

Fashion designing is one of the most popular career choices for fashion technology graduates. They can work as fashion designers, fashion illustrators, pattern makers, and product developers. Many fashion design firms, textile companies, and fashion retail companies recruit fashion technology graduates for their design departments.

Fashion Production:

India is one of the largest garment manufacturers in the world. According to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Comtrade database, India is the world’s second-largest textile and apparel exporter, after China, leading to a rising demand for skilled professionals in fashion production. Fashion technology graduates can work in fashion production, where they can be responsible for production planning, quality control, and sourcing of materials. They can work in garment factories, textile mills, and other manufacturing  units.

Fashion Merchandising:

Fashion merchandising is a critical aspect of the fashion industry, and fashion technology graduates can work as fashion merchandisers, visual merchandisers, and retail buyers. They can work in fashion retail companies, department stores, and other retail outlets. They are responsible for planning and executing merchandising strategies to increase sales and revenue. India has a significant domestic market for textiles and clothing, with a growing middle class and increasing disposable income. The domestic market is estimated to be worth over US$100 billion, providing further opportunities for growth and expansion.

Fashion Marketing:

Fashion technology graduates can also work in fashion marketing, where they can be responsible for creating marketing strategies, managing social media platforms, and executing marketing campaigns for global as well as Indian fashion and retail brands. They can work in fashion retail companies, advertising agencies, and public relations firms.


Fashion technology graduates can also start their own businesses, where they can design and produce their own fashion products, such as clothing, accessories, and footwear. With the growth of e-commerce platforms in India, it has become easier for fashion entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products online. Initiatives such as the ‘Make in India’ program and the focus on locally-sourced fashion also provide exciting new opportunities for aspiring fashion technology students to create their own fashion brand and promote it on social media.

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