Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of KCG College of Technology has two wings of operation, namely i-cell (innovation cell) and e-cell (entrepreneurship cell). Keeping in line with the vision & mission of the institution, IEDC aimed at excellence in technology facilitating innovation, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. Our Management always wished to keep the institution at par excellence in Technology and other global trends.

With the support of our management, the college became a member of National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) who backed the formation of e-cell & i-cell in November 2008 & May 2009 respectively. The aim of IEDC is to guide and encourage the students to convert their ideas into innovations, to train the students to analyse the market opportunity and to convert innovation to commercialisation.

Later, in the year 2010 , the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), DST India, approved the establishment of IEDC with the grant-in-aid of Rs.44.5 Lakhs covering a period of five years until 2015. The IEDC Grant-in-aid is a unique initiative by the Government to impart knowledge based and innovation driven hands on experience to students while pursuing their graduation studies.

MSME has recognised our KCG TBI as host business incubator for implementation of the scheme “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSME’s through Incubators” during the 7th Project Monitoring and Advisory Committee (PMAC) held in the month of March 2021. This scheme will support ideas of students and start-ups with a grant of up to Rs. 15,00,000/- each and a total of 10 projects can be submitted under this scheme.

Campus company is the Buzz word at KCG College of Technology which matures and turns out to be successful businesses. Our successful entrepreneurs come back to us for campus recruitment.

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC)

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India has established ‘MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC)’ to systematically foster the culture of Innovation amongst all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The primary mandate of MIC is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas and transform them into prototypes while they are informative years. In the process, KCG has started Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) in November 2018 and formed a council comprising of internal faculty members and external experts to monitor the progress and activities of IIC on campus.

Functions of IICs

  • To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by Central MIC in time bound fashion.
  • Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
  • Organize periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.
  • Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.
  • Create an Institution’s Innovation portal to highlight innovative projects carried out by institution’s faculty and students.
  • Organize Hackathons, idea competition, mini-challenges etc. with the involvement of industries.
Year Rating
2018-19 4 star
2019-20 4.5 star
2020-21 4 star
2021-22 4 star

Samriddhi scheme

AICTE granted Rs. 7,49,333/- under the Samriddhi scheme for the establishment of Entrepreneurship and start-up centre for SC/ST students on our campus. This scheme will support SC/ST students to launch their start-ups and to create jobs opportunities. Till date, five start-ups from the eligible students were supported with a grant of Rs. 1,10,000/- each to establish their start-up. Dr. R. Lakshmipathy is the project coordinator of this scheme.

Awareness on IPR

Institutions Innovation Council and IPR Cell of KCG College of Technology in association with Intellectual Property Office, Chennai organised a webinar titled “Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights” for students and faculty on 26th April 2022 under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM). The webinar was organised in view of World Intellectual Property Day. Smt. Susi. K, Examiner of Patents and Designs, IPO Chennai was the resource person for the webinar. A total of 87 students and faculty participated in the webinar and got benefitted.

KCG- Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP)

KCG IIC has been rated with 4 stars for the year 2021-22

Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights

Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship as career opportunities 

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre organised a workshop on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship as career opportunities” on 22nd December 2021 at 10.45 am for first-year students at F14 seminar hall. Innovation Ambassadors of KCG College of Technology Dr. Jose Anand, Dr. Mohamed Zakriya, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy and Dr.Vignesh Kumar were the resource persons for the workshop.

Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convenor welcomed the participants of the workshop and briefed them about the IIC activities on campus and its achievements in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty. He also introduced the Innovations Ambassadors of KCG College of Technology to the participants.

Dr. Vignesh Kumar took over the session and explained how to innovate and the steps involved in prototype development with lucid examples. Dr. Jose Anand briefed on design thinking and how design thinking can lead to successful innovations with examples and case studies. He also took through some of the greatest inventions and innovations of all time. Dr. Mohamed Zakriya briefed on entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurs in elevating the society to next level. He also made the session interactive with a simple activity that makes the participants understand the profit and losses in business with respect to commitments and timelines. Dr.R. Lakshmipathy briefed on the role of business incubators in handholding the start-ups to become self-sustainable and financial support and services extended by incubators to start-ups. He also invited the participants to visit the business incubator functioning on campus. A total of 46 first-year students across the disciplines were part of the workshop and got benefited.

My story: Motivational session by successful entrepreneurs

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of KCG College of Technology has organized the 6th Voice of the start-up series on the topic “My story: Motivational session by successful entrepreneurs” on 07th January 2022. Mr. Vishnu Vardhan, Director, Crion Technologies was the resource person of the webinar.

Firstly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convenor welcomed the participants and briefed on the Voice of the start-up series webinars. Secondly, Dr.Vignesh Kumar, PDC Coordinator introduced the speaker to the participants. Thirdly, Mr. Vishnu Vardhan started the session by introducing about the company and his experience in the industry before who took up the entrepreneurship as his career opportunity. He discussed various aspects of launching a start-up from the scratch and building a strong team. He also highlighted Delta 4 model and drafting a business plan in a simplest way. Fourthly, students started interacting with Mr. Vishnu that turned the session to be highly interactive. Lastly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy IIC Convenor delivered the vote of thanks. A total of 147 participants comprising of faculty and students across the disciplines attended the session and got benefited.

Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of KCG College of Technology organized an interactive session on “Problem Solving and Ideation workshop” on 11th November 2021 for the first year students. Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convener and Innovation Ambassador of KCG were the resource person of the session.

Firstly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy welcomed the participants and briefed about the functions of IIC in bolstering the innovation and entrepreneurship activities. Later he started the session on various opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship. Followed by that he explained the stages of innovation and how creativity can help in ideation. He highlighted the innovations that changed the world with examples. Later he spoke on the role of entrepreneurs in changing the society and their risk taking abilities. He discussed with few case studies on how entrepreneurs see a problem and assess it and solve it. Lastly, participants interacted and raised a few questions.

A total of 75 student participants across the disciplines attended the session and got benefited.

My story: Motivational session by successful innovators

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) of KCG College of Technology in association with Aeroclubhas organized an interactive session on “My story: Motivational session by successful innovators” on 11th February 2022. Mr. Mohan Rishikesh, Founder and CEO, Vayuratha Pvt Ltd were the resource person of the session.

Firstly, Mr. Ashish C, Aeroclub coordinator introduced the speaker of the session to the participants. Secondly, Dr.Asad Ahmed Professor of Aeronautical department facilitated the gathering. Thirdly, Mr. Mohan started the session in an interactive way and he shared his experience in starting a startup and how he got motivated to get into entrepreneurship as his career opportunity. He also discussed the new regulations implemented by Govt. of India in drone manufacturing and UAV’s and how it will benefit the community. He also demonstrated the products they manufacture to make it more enthralling.  Lastly, students of the aeroclub interacted with the speaker and clarified their queries. A total of 42 participants comprising of faculty (3) and students (39) across the disciplines part of aeroclub attended the session and got benefited.

Visit to Incubation Centre

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) of KCG College of Technology in association with IIT Madras PALS has organized an virtual visit to IIT Research park Incubation centre on 29th September 2021.This visit to arranged to create awareness on incubation and how incubators supports start-ups at nascent stage.

Firstly, Dr. R. Krishnamurthy welcomed the participants with an introductory note. Secondly, Mr. Pradeep of IITM Research park briefed on the activities of IITM Incubation cell and the number of start-ups housed in the incubation cell. He also highlighted the support systems extended by the incubation cell to start-ups. Thirdly, start-up founders housed in the IITM Incubation cell presented their products and played videos of their product developments to the participants.  Lastly, students and faculty interacted with the start-ups and got motivated. A total of 168 participants attended the virtual visit and 31 students were from our institution.

Prototype validation and conversion to start-up

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of KCG College of Technology has organized the 5th Voice of the start-up series on the topic “Prototype Validation and Conversion to start-up” on 21st October 2021. Mr. Suresh kumar, Founder & CEO, Pepul and Co-Founder & CEO, McApp studio was the speaker of the session.

Mr. Chandramohan, Head Placement started the session with introduction of the speaker and welcomed the participants. Mr. Suresh Kumar started the session in regional language to make connections with the audience and kept the session very interactive and lively. Mr. Suresh shared his experience in starting a start-up company hailing from a rural background. He also disclosed the motivational factors that help in starting a start-up. He also deliberated on the financial management for start-ups and building a team. Dr. R. Lakshmipathy IIC Convenor delivered the vote of thanks. A total of 34 participants comprising of faculty and students across the disciplines attended the session and got benefited.

Mr. Suresh Kumar twitter handle

Pitching for financial support by start-ups

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship development centre of KCG College of Technology organised a pitching sessions for financial support for start-ups under Samriddhi scheme of AICTE on 25th and 26th October 2021. A total of 8 student teams participated in the pitching sessions and pitched for their idea and start-up.  After a couple of rounds of pitching, two teams were shortlisted for financial support under the Samriddhi scheme.

Date: 25-10-2021                                                                    Venue: Oasis conference room

S.No Project title Team Mentor Date
1 IoT based System for Monitoring Energy Meter R. Vijayalakshmi Prof. K. Karthikeyan  





2 Development of smart and Multi-purpose vending cart for fruits and vegetables K. Kathiresh Dr.Vignesh Kumar
3 Solar beach cleaner Vinay Nagar Dr. Vignesh Kumar
4 Project Revolution (A Novel Dishwasher) J. Ilakya Dr. Vignesh Kumar

Date: 26-10-2021                                                                    Venue: Oasis conference room

S.No Project title Team Mentor Date
1 Distributed Electric Vehicle Charging System Managed with Centralized Mobile Application Based Software A Karthik Mr. Vasanth Kumar  






2 Math learning software for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) children N. Sajitha Dr. Dhanalakshmi
3 Induction heating system by using permanent magnet. Kokesh Dr. Dillibabu
4 Vayuradha Pvt Ltd Mohan, Aero Alumni

Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre and the IPR Cell of KCG College of Technology in association with Intellectual Property Office, Chennai has organised an Awarness session on Intellectrual Propoerty Rights in view of World IP Day under the National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM) initiative on 26th April 2022 at 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM in F14 Seminar Hall.

Mrs.Susi K
Examiner of Patents & Designs, Group A Gazetted

Indian Patent office, Chennai


  • There are about 87 participants were attended. Her presentation began with explaining ‘What is the important of patent’ & ‘How do we apply patent?’ & ‘How novelty it is?.
  • She gave a brief introduction on IPR and explained the various related terms such as copyrights, patents, GI, Trademark & Design etc.
  • The webinar created a great impact on the Students. Students were taught on how IPR restricts copying others ideas and how this will help the development of new ideas for the betterment of the society.
  • Students learnt how IPR provides total licence over a new innovation and its creator. They were also given a platform to discuss how small innovations influence societies at large and how they should indulge in innovating and patenting ideas that will be useful for all the classes of individuals in the society
  • Finally very good discussions are made to clarify many aspects regarding IPR related doubts by faculty and students.
  • She gave an example of “michael jackson shoes patent” It gives even more interest towards patent for easy understanding.
  • In short the webinar provided a valuable awareness of IPR.

National Pollution Control Day

Department of Civil Engineering in association with Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) celebrated the National Pollution Control Day on 2nd December 2021 by hosting an interactive session with Shri. Jatinder Singh Kamyotra, Director, Centre Pollution Control Board, New Delhi on the topic “Delhi’s Air Pollution Saga: the past, present and future”.

Firstly, Dr.Vandhana Devi, Head of the Civil Engineering department welcomed the gathering and briefed on the National Pollution Control day motive and current scenario of environmental pollution. Secondly, Ms. Bharathi Lakshmi, Principal of Hindustan International School, Karapakkam welcomed the speaker of the day. Thirdly, Shri Jatinder Singh started the session on Air pollution and its sources and the influence of meteorology on air pollution. He took the participants through the demographic conditions of the cities and how demography plays a role in Delhi’s air pollution crisis during the winter. He mentioned the neighbouring countries cities air pollution and remedial measures initiated by the respective governments. He also highlighted how the Indian government is taking steps to manage the pollution levels in-country by implementing BS norms.  Fourthly, faculty, students of KCG and Hindustan School raised several questions on air pollution and made the session more interactive and Shri. Jatinder Singh lucidly explained the queries or questions raised by the fervid students. Fifthly, a short film on environmental pollution made by students of civil engineering was played to create awareness of environmental pollution. Lastly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convenor, delivered the vote of thanks for the session. A total of 135 participants (37 online and 98 offline) comprising of students and faculty were present during the session and got benefited.

National Technology Day

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) celebrated the National Technology Day on 11th May 2022 by hosting an Emeritus talk with Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, Honorary Professor – emeritus, HITS, Father of Brahmos, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Order of Friendship Awardee on the topic “Technology for Strong and Self-Reliant India – The Role of Youth”.

Firstly, Dr. Uma Kumari, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication welcomed the gathering and briefed on the National Technology day. Later she introduced the speaker to the audience and welcomed Dr. AS. Pillai. Secondly, Dr. A.S. Pillai started the session with credentials of ancient India and how India was leader to world in technology and knowledge. He then introduced various types of space technologies developed by Indian scientists and collaborative projects carried out with other developed nations. He also touched upon the space launchings of various Indian satellites and its success stories. Later he discussed about the nuclear fusion reactor testing in France and role of India in the billion dollar project. He also mentioned about mining Helium isotope from Moon. India will be sending its own rocket to moon with its astronauts in 2023. Defence and space sector has huge opportunities for technology based innovations and youth should join the avenues and contribute to the country. It was wonderful and enthralling to listen to Dr. A.S. Pillai.  Thirdly, students interacted with Dr. Pillai to clarify their questions and understandings. Lastly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convenor, delivered the vote of thanks for the session. A total of 347 participants comprising of students and faculty were present during the session.

Workshop on Patent Search and IP Management

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre and the IPR Cell of KCG College of Technology has organised a Workshop on Patent Search and IP Management for the students on 13thMay 2022 at F14 Seminar Hall.

Mrs.Brindha Sakthi
IPR Cell Coordinator and Innovation Ambassador

Firslty, Dr. Jose Anand, Innovation Ambassador and Innovation coordinator of IIC welcomed the participants. Secondly,Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convenor and Innovation Ambassador briefed on the importance of Intellectual Property and their role in fencing the technology. He also highlighted how a start-ups can develop and build their firm with IP and its management. Later he introdued the speaker of the workshop and welcomed to take over the session. Mrs. Brindha started the session introduction to IP and different forms of IP and the filing process. Later, she discussed how to carryout a patent search and collect relevant information related to any idea. Students were exposed to various IP databases such as Indian IPO, USPTO, WIPO and Google patents. Students were asked to search for information with help of their mobile phonese by giving them sample patent application and grant numbers. Students enthusiastically learnt how to caryy out a patent search and retrieve the data. Lastly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy delivered the concluding remarks of the workshop. A total of 28 students took part in the workshop.

E-symposium day-1

The Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) organised an e-symposium on Building Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Educational Institutions as part of Innovation week celebration from 10th to 16th January 2022. The inauguration session of the e-symposium was circulated as MIC activity.

The inauguration started with welcome address by the Prof. Anil Shahrabude, Chairman AICTE and followed by appreciation of Manthan hackathon winners. Shri. Sanjay Murthy, Secretary, Ministry of Education addressed the participants and later 75 technologies with startup potential were announced for funding and mentoring support from MIC. Shri Anurag Jain, Secretary, DPIIT addressed the participants and followed by that a presentation on Toy business league was done. Chief Guest Dr.RajkumarRanjan Singh, Honourable Minister of states addressed the participants of the session. The session came to an end with a vote of thanks by Dr.Abhay Jere CIO of MIC. Following the inaugural session, series of key note address and panel discussions were organised. A total of 22 faculty members and IIC members attended the inaugural session and got benefited.

E-symposium day-2

The Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) organised an e-symposium on Building Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Educational Institutions as part of Innovation week celebration from 10th to 16th January 2022. Day-2 Key note address by Prof. K. Vijayraghavan, PSA, Govt of India held on 12th January 2022 was announced as MIC driven activity.

Shri. Amit Dutta introduced the speaker Prof. Vijayraghavan to the participants and welcomed the speaker. Prof. Vijayraghavan started the session with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and how innovation and ideas can be sustain with the available resources. He also highlighted where we come from and how innovations can solve science and technology problems. Innovations in agriculture are very high due to training of people and this is very much essential in other R&D sectors. He also highlighted the research funding availability for 90% of students going to the institutions with 10 % research funding. He linked the vision of country related to highways and water with the talented people and innovation requirements. Lastly, questions from students were addressed by the Prof. Vijayraghavan. Followed the key note address, series of panel discussion were held. A total of 21faculty members and IIC members attendedthe inaugural session and got benefited.

IIC 4.0 orientation session

The Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) organised an orientation session on IIC 4.0 on 24th January 2022. The session was hosted and Webex and telecasted on MIC YouTube channel. Mr. Dipan Sahu, Assistant Director was the speaker of the session.

Mr. Dipan started the session with the various activities and promgrammes of MICin promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in higher education institutions. He then discussed about the star ratings of IIC for the year 2020-21. Later, new programmes of MIC such as ATL schools mentoring, mentor-mentee, e-repository of sessions and refer institutions to establish IIC was elaborated and discussed. Followed by this, a series of Q&A sessions were planned for various regions with the regional coordinators. A total of 12 faculty members who are members of IIC attended the session.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre and Institutions Innovation Council organized Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities virtually to students and faculty of our institution.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) has organized a session on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship as career opportunity” on 21st December 2020 for students and faculty.Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, Convenor, IIC and Coordinator, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre were the speaker of the session.

Dr.Lakshmipathy started the session with introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship and later touched upon the innovation and entrepreneurship from Indian scenario. He briefed how innovators and entrepreneurs change the society with their perseverance. The life we lead with comfort is just due to innovations and this point was highlighted with examples. Some of the popular innovations that changed the life andsome of the most successful Indian innovators and entrepreneurs who are successfully running there firms were shared. 63 participants comprising of faculty and students across the disciplines attended the session and got benefited.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) has organized a My story motivational session by successful innovator on 24th December 2020 for students and faculty. Mr. Ajith Kannan, Co-Founder Sandbird research foundation, Chennai was the speaker of the session.

Mr. Ajith started the session with a small to story on how creative thinking and being unique can change the situation and handle the difficult times into a fruitful one. He shared his experience on how college education and mentors played a vital role in innovating and achieving his dreams. He also discussed about how he started the Sandbird research foundation and how the team did managed financial for the establishment. Finally, students interacted Mr. Ajith to get clarified their queries and Mr. Ajith session was enthralling and motivated the students. 80 participants comprising of faculty and students across the disciplines attended the session and got benefited.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) has organized a My story motivational session by successful entrepreneur/start-up founder on 31st December 2020 for students and faculty. Mr. SrivasAnantharaman Founder First feet, Taste studio and Co-founder Jinglebidwas speaker of the session.

Mr. Srivas shared his journey of becoming successful entrepreneur. He shared how his education and work experience motivated him to step into entrepreneurship. He also shared how his education and MBA from IIM Trichy helped him to hone his entrepreneurial skills and managing start-ups. He holds a total of 6 start-up firms till date and all the firms are running successful. Mr. Srivas explained how he is managing the firms successfully with the motivated employees. He also highlighted how to manage finance for the business. Students enthusiastically interacted and Mr. Srivas was gentle during the interaction. There were 87participants comprising of faculty and students and across the disciplines attended the session and were benefited.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) organized a pitching workshop and linkage of innovators with Innovation Ambassadors on 05th December 2020 for students. A total of 20 student teams presented their ideas during the pitching session. Dr.Mothilal, HoD Automobile, Prof.Karthikeyan, HoD EIE, Dr.Bharathi, Professor, EIE and Dr.Lakshmipathy, Innovation Ambassador and IIC Convernor were the moderators of the workshops. The innovators were connected with the Innovation Ambassador for taking up the ideas to next level. The following student teams and mentors were present during the workshop.


S.No Project title Team Mentor
1 Rectifying various real time issues on RPAS Pavithra R, Poornima G, Praveen M, Ragasurya S Mr.Aasish C
2 Computational Analysis of Aerodynamic characteristics of various control surfaces in missile configuration Japheth Mclance, Mugeshkumar, Nishanth, Mohanachandran Dr. Asad Ahmed R
3 Design and Fabrication of Pulsejet Engine Snegha R, Prabakar, Tajuddin, Ranjith E Dr. Vijayaraja K
4 Dynamic Analysis of Satellite Launch Vehicle M.Shindubyravi, K.Prathiksha, S.SivaRanjani Prof. R.R. Elangovan

Computer Science

S.No Project title Team Mentor
1 Towards Smart Personalized Water Usage Prediction using IoT K Mounish, G S Preetham, Mohamed Tharik, P Sripathy Dr. M Krishnamurthy
2 E-Commerce Website for Visually Challenged Ramachandran P, Parthasarathy T, Vignesh T Dr. A Balaji
3 Detection of Plant Diseases Using Image Processing Rajesh Kumar V, Praveen S, Rohith M Mr. V Vasantha Kumar


S.No Project title Team Mentor
1 Development of Titanium based body implants using 3D printing Naveen Krishna K S, Rishab E, Paul Joshuva V Dr. Z Edward Kennedy
2 Design and Analysis of Telescopic type Jack Dhanasayan D, Indirajith M, MouliRajan S, Mukesh P Dr. D. Easu
3 Pineapple leaf based fibre Surya Bharath, Niteesh Dr. VigneshKuamr
4 Vacuum desalination of salt water ThilakRemguis, Thivesh Mr. Jesudass Thomas

Electronics and Communication

S.No Project title Team Mentor
1 MediBits Naveen D, Vignesh E, Yazhini A Dr. KavithaBalamurugan
2 IoT Based Smart Agriculture System Raghavendhan V, Rohit Kumar  K, Sanjay V Ms. B. Rammya
3 IoT Based Smart Energy Meter and Theft detection Aasha V, D Bhargavi, Haridha, Vaishnavi V Dr. KavithaBalamurugan

Information Technology

S.No Project title Team Mentor
1 Currency Recognition for visually impaired people Abilash.C.S.,  Dinakaran.M, Hari Vignesh.R. Ms.A. Anju
2 Invention of third vision for safeguarding women with a live surrounding update using mobile application Abilash.M.R., Balaji.V., SayeeDarshan.J.K Ms.A. Anju
3 Prediction of Breast Cancer stages by finding the accuracy using machine learning algorithm Aneesha.D,             Manisha Srinidhi.M ,              Thanuja.R.K.V Dr.R. Anand

Electrical and Electronics

S.No Project title Team Mentor
1 Implementation of hybrid DC-DC converter for industry Application Hari Hara Sudan B, Nitin Nair N, Prakash S, Praveen Raj T Ms. AmmalDhanalakshmi.M
2 Design of solar powered automated fertigation control system for cultivation in Green House Kalaiarasan P, Arunesh R S, Chandru, Murthy Dr. Selvam
3 Hybrid Inverter Keerthiga T, Rishivarman S, Rishabh Kumar, Gupta, Siva Kiran.G.P Mr. Gowtham.S

The Voice of Start-ups webinar

Institutions Innovation Council of KCG college of Technology organised its first Voice of the start-ups webinar series on 17th April 2021 on the title “Building an innovation/product fit for market”. Mr. S.P. Balamurugan, Co-founder of GUVI was the speaker of the session.

Firstly, Mr. Chandramohan, Head – Industry Institute Interaction introduced the speaker of the session. Secondly, Mr. Balamurugan introduced about the firm GUVI and how it emerged as a start-up and the motivation behind the firm. Mr. Bala lucidly handled the session on building an innovation or product depending on the market requirements with case studies. He also stressed on the importance of understanding the market and validating the built product. Thirdly, the session was very interactive and fervid students interacted with Mr. Bala to get their doubts clarified. Lastly, vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IEDC Coordinator and IIC Convenor.

Overall, the session was highly enthralling and a total of 80 participants attended the webinar via Zoom platform.

Institutions Innovation Council of KCG college of Technology organised its second Voice of the start-ups webinar series on 22nd May 2021 on the title “Interactive session with successful start-up founders”. Ms. Mekhala, Director of Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd was the speaker of the session.

Firstly, Mr. Chandramohan, Head – Industry Institute Interaction introduced the speaker of the session. Secondly, Ms. Mekhala introduced about the firm Soliton and how it emerged as a start-up to a successful firm and the motivation behind the firm. Mr. Mekhala took through how start-ups could struggle and how to overcome by creating conducive environment. She also stressed on the importance of understanding the market and preparing ourselves to cope up the changes and advancements. Thirdly, the session was very interactive and fervid students interacted with Ms. Mekhala to get their doubts clarified. Lastly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IEDC Coordinator and IIC Convenor delivered vote of thanks.

Orientation session for students by Innovation Ambassadors

Institutions Innovation Council of KCG college of Technology organised an orientation session for students by Innovation Ambassadors on 6th May 2021. Innovation Ambassadors Dr. Jose Anand (Design Thinking) and Ms. BrindhaShakthi (IPR) were the speakers of the session.

Firstly, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, IIC Convenor welcomed the participants of the session and introduced the innovation ambassadors. Secondly, Dr. Jose Anand, Innovation Ambassador trained on Design thinking took the participants through design thinking aspects and the importance in innovation. He also highlighted how to inculcate critical thinking for creative designs. Thirdly, Ms. BrindhaShakthi, Innovation Ambassador trained on IPR introduced the basics of IPR to the participants. Various forms of IP were discussed during the session. Lastly, the participants raised several queries and the session was interactive and informative.

MIC activity sessions

The Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) periodically organize sessions on various topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship and our students and faculty actively took part in the following sessions

  • Why IP is important in academia
  • National webinar on “Research, Innovation and Ranking”
  • Methods of exploring and capturing values from Indian agriculture and Health sector
  • From your Ph.D/Masters thesis to start-up


The Ministry of Education Innovation Cell launched “KAPILA – Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness” program on 15th October 2020 and telecasted in MIC YouTube channel.The program was launched with an intention to promote the IP literacy in HEI’s and file more number of patents in order to protect the innovations from students and faculty of HEI’s. In continuation of the launch event, National Intellectual Property Literacy Week was followed with series of events organised centrally by MIC and events at Institutions level. Faculty and students of our institution actively took part in the online sessions conducted by MIC and also in events at institute level. A total of 121 students and faculty benefited with the literacy week.

Quiz on Creativity, Innovation, IPR and Entrepreneurship

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) of KCG College of Technology organised an online quiz for students and faculty on 30th July 2021 on Creativity, Innovation, IPR and Entrepreneurship.

A total 25 questions comprising of questions from creativity, innovation, IPR and entrepreneurship was set and they were added to the google forms as a quiz. The quiz form link was shared on social media for promotion and access to students and faculty. The response for the quiz was extraordinary and 385 participants comprising of students (84.2 %) and faculty (15.8 %) all over India took up the quiz and submitted the responses. All the participants who secured 50 % or more points were provided with the e-certificates.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Start-ups: Opportunities and Challenges

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) of KCG College of Technology in association with EDII IEDP HUB, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Anna University organized a session on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Start-ups: Opportunities and Challenges for students on 7th June 2021. Mr. Rajkapoor, Field Coordinator, EDII IEDP Hub, CED, Anna University was the resource person of the session.

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC 2.0) was launched by MHRD Innovation Cell(MIC) with systematic implementation of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-up activities on campus. Dr. Bhanurekha and Dr. R. Lakshmipathy attended the orientation session of IIC 2.0 organised by MIC on 31st July at VelTech University, Chennai. On 3rd September, members of Institutions Innovation Council comprising of internal faculty and external experts from industry, IP firm and start-up unit was formed as per the guidelines of MIC. The members of IIC met on 14th September to discuss the implementation of IIC activities on campus lucratively on quarterly basis as suggested by MIC.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) organized an Ideation workshop on “Where do ideas come from?” for students to inspire and inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity on 26th September 2019 at S13 Seminar hall. In order to motivate and enthral the students on innovation, Mr. Dorai Thodla, Technopreneur, Mentor and Teacher was invited to chair the workshop. A total of 62 students across the disciplines from first year participated in the workshop.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) organized an Entrepreneurship motivational talk for students to inspire them and pursue entrepreneurship as a career on 28th September 2019 at 10.30 am in S13 Seminar hall. In order to motivate and enthral the students towards entrepreneurship and innovation, Ms. Suryasree Rao Chowdhury, Entrepreneur and Alumna of our college was invited to deliver the motivational talk. Ms. Sruyasree is the founder and CEO of CityWiz start-up which is incubated by NASSCOM start-up 10000. A total of 93 students from Mechanical and ECE departments were present for the motivational talk.

October 15th – the birth anniversary of former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was celebrated as Innovation day on our campus. Various activities pertaining to Innovation and Entrepreneurship were carried out on campus.

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) organized a field exposure visit to a village and school on 24th October 2019. Pattikadu village near Tirukalkundram was selected for the visit. Firstly, Students visited a government secondary school in the village and engaged in conversation with students. The interaction with school students helped our students to identify the problems the school students are facing with lack of basic facilities and amenities. Secondly, the students were taken to the hefty rainwater harvesting system installed in the village which supplies drinking water for the entire village. The students had the chance of understanding the process of rainwater harvesting. Lastly, the students were involved in developing a conversation with village people and farmers and tried to identify the technical problems the farmers are facing in the agricultural fields. Overall, a total of 31 first-year students across the disciplines and 7 faculty members actively participated and interacted with the villagers and secondary school students and got exposure to the village ecosystem.

As part of community outreach programs under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan, KCG Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) organized a field demonstration of innovative technologies developed by students and faculty of KCG for the farmers of Acharapakkam village on 7th December 2019. The field demonstration was planned in order to create awareness for the farmers on the technologies that will alleviate their problems on the field and also to understand the real-time problems they face frequently at their farmlands.

The MHRD Innovation Cell (MIC) is organizing series of Innovation Ambassador training on Innovations and Design Thinking, IPR and Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship Development Program and Pre-incubation and Incubation Management for Institute nominated Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) members. The Innovation Ambassador training for SRO region was held on 8th and 9th January 2020 at RMK Engineering College, Chennai. The following faculty who is part of IIC were nominated to attend the training series.

S.No Name and Designation IIC Role Training theme
1 Dr. Jose Anand, Associate Professor, Dept. of ECE Innovation coordinator Innovations and Design Thinking
2 Ms. Brindha Shakthi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE IPR coordinator IPR and Technology Transfer
3 Dr. Mohamad Zakriya, Assistant Professor, Dept. of FT Start-up coordinator Entrepreneurship Development Program
4 Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, Assistant Professor and IEDC Coordinator Convenor Pre-incubations and Incubation management

The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) has organized a one-day IPR and IP Management awareness session for students and faculty on 14th March 2020 at F14 Seminar hall. Mr. O. Prasad Rao, Deputy Controller of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, IP Office, Chennai was invited as a speaker for the session. There were a total of 87 participants comprising of faculty and first-year students from across the disciplines attended the session and got benefited.

MHRD Innovation Cell organized 17 online sessions during the lockdown to foster the innovation and entrepreneurship and students and faculty of our college actively participated in the sessions and received certificate of participation.


26th June & 27th June 2018
Entrepreneurship is a key factor for economic development. There is an increased rate of students across developed and developing countries considering the issue of self-employment. Whether you start your own company or choose to ascend the corporate ladder, maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurship all along the way is essential. This goes far beyond just making money. It is about creating value and ideas, about possessing internationally convertible leadership skills and about cultural diversity. So we planned to give INTRODUCTION ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP to the students.

Dr. Rosy Fernando addressed the students about the concept of entrepreneurship on 26.06.2018 & 27.06.2018. The main objective of this session was to motivate students towards entrepreneurship as it can create employment for the future generations. The lecture was organized to raise basic awareness of entrepreneurial concepts and to enable students to identify and learn how to make a mindset to take up entrepreneurship as a career.

She mentioned that the reason that people do not start their new ventures in a country like India is due to non-awareness amongst the population of India and decides to go for jobs in private or government sector so as to minimize the risk. She also explained in detail about the various attributes of successful entrepreneurs such as drive, communication skills and technical skill. In addition, she gave basic information about various schemes offered by MSME, NSDC, NSIC and DIC.

Four sessions were conducted on 26th& 27th June 2018 about 400 students from Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical & Electronics & Electronics & Communication Engineering attended the Programme.


23rd July 2018 to 25th July 2018
Dr. Rosy Fernando addressed the first year Management Quota students about the concept of entrepreneurship on 23.07.2018 to 25.07.2018. The main objective of this session was to motivate students towards entrepreneurship as it can create employment for the future generations. The lecture was organized to raise basic awareness of entrepreneurial concepts and to enable students to identify and learn how to make a mindset to take up entrepreneurship as a career.


Memorandum of Understanding between KCG College of Technology, Chennai & FORGE Limited, Coimbatore held in Conference Room-KCG on 10th September, 2018 was signed by Dr.Annie Jacob, Director, KCG College of Technology, Hindustan Group of Institutions & Mr. Viswanathan Sahasranamam, Co-Founder & CEO, Forge Accelerator.


10th September & 11th September, 2018
Workshop was conducted on Design Thinking “i-Start” by Forge Accelerator for two days on September 10th& 11th 2018 at KMC Auditorium. About 120 students participated in the workshop.

Seminar was started by Mr Viswanathan Sahasranamam, Co-Founder & CEO, Forge Accelerator.
Sessions on MUP 101 (Minimum Usable Prototype) – To learn the significance of prototyping by Dr.B.L. Lakshmi Meera, Program Director, Forge Accelerator. Hacking MUP Tools by Mr.Dhinesh, Program Manager, Forge Accelerator. The participants worked in teams of 3 on a problem statement of their choice on how to use MUP tools & techniques & prepared a solution.

Session held on DESIGNING & TESTING VALUE PROPOSITION followed by HACKING MUP Tools # 1 & # 2 sessions. MUP PITCH – Students teams in cohort pitch/presented their MUP concepts using the 3 minutes MUP Pitch template to the experts. Event ended with Student Feedback & Testimonials.

The two days Entrepreneurship programme provided students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills on how to successfully develop captivating products and services to solve challenging problems in a highly uncertain environment, often under considerable time constraints with very limited resources. Students will be able to apply these skills in the context of both new ventures as well as in established companies. Students understood different innovation and entrepreneurship theories and their implications.


13th October 2018
The Skype Call meeting with Dr.B.L. Lakshmi Meera, Program Director, Forge Accelerator was conducted on 13th October 2018. Selected students for i-Camp participated in the Skype call meeting and discussed about the preparation for the i-camp. Dr V Bhanu Rekha, Faculty Co-ordinator & Dr.B.L.Lakshmi Meera discussed with the students during the Skype call.


21st November 2018
Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India has established ‘MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC)’ to systematically foster the culture of Innovation amongst all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

MIC has envisioned the creation of ‘Institution’s Innovation Council (IICs)’ across selected HEIs. A network of these IICs will be established to promote innovation in the Institution through multitudinous modes leading to an innovation promotion eco-system in the campuses. Out of the 1600 applications, around 1000 institutions have been selected to establish the IIC’s in their respective institutions. KCG college of Technology, Chennai is one of the institutions.
Union HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar through video conferencing launched the ‘Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program under Innovation cell of MHRD, on 21st of November 2018 at the AICTE head quarters, New Delhi.

Dr. V. Bhanu Rekha, Associate Professor, Department of Fashion Technology and S. P. Sathya Prashanth, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering attended the inauguration of IIC. The certificate of the same has been attached.


Innovation Cell and Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) launched by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to foster culture of innovation in Higher Education Institutions.

For India to emerge as a global innovation hub, the youth of our country, especially in higher education institutions (HEIs) need to play a crucial role to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem. Hence, ideally all HEIs should have a comprehensive and functional mechanism to convert research into innovations. This ecosystem will encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes resulting in innovative activities in their formative years.

To ensure that Innovation is primary fulcrum of all HEIs, MHRD, Govt. of India is introducing ‘Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA)’ to systematically rank education institutions and universities primarily on innovation related indicators. ARIIA considers all major indicators which are commonly used globally to rank most innovative education institutions/ universities in the world. We have successfully submitted MHRD Innovation Cell Declaration form on 15th October 2018.


4th October 2017
KCG IIEC a Technology incubator was inaugurated by our Chairperson on campus on 4th October 2017. This is recognised and the incubates will be supported by MSME. The KCGIIEC will function as an important tool in the economic development of the area that would be a means to create job opportunities for the students, local residents, community SMEs to better leverage intellectual property from the college and colleges in the vicinity and other research institutes, create job opportunities, contribute to the growth and success of emerging technology businesses. KCG IIEC will support students / alumni of KCG, Student / Alumni of Institutes in and around Tamil Nadu, existing entrepreneurs/start-ups and local community Entrepreneurs from idea stage to market ready business.

It offers Wi-Fi enabled, air-conditioned work space with shared office facilities and business and professional services to promote, nurture and support early stage growth of technology and technology based enterprises in the areas of Software, Electronic products, Mechanical Design & products, and Renewable energy. This will empower innovators and entrepreneurs with MSME Funding. Currently operates with 3 Alumni Start-ups.


19th December 2017 to 22nd December 2017
46 students across all the departments from II & III year attended Intel IoT Training Program organized by KCG –Intel Centre of Excellence in IoT, on Intel Galileo Boards and Edison boards from 19th December 2017 to 22nd December 2017. The participants presented their ideas and they were mentored by the team from Intel Corporation during the process of project development.


6th January, 2018
WF 100 Entrepreneurial Experience online NEN course was started on 6th January 2018 and  40 students across the departments attended. This is MOOC based Certification Course, which cover the areas of entrepreneurship, idea generation, evaluation and value proposition. The course encouraged students to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship. All the 9 modules were taken by the students. This course/module enhanced their understanding and sharpens the knowledge of Ecell, 5 M Model of Entrepreneurial Styles, barriers to implementation, design thinking, customer profiling, milestone, risk management etc.


 9thFebruary 2018
The “Innovation challenge 2018” the event organized by the Innovation and entrepreneurship development center is a platform for the students to explore their projects ideas and to express their innovative ideas. This, in turn, channelized their knowledge and energy towards becoming active partners in the economic development process.

The zeroth review of “Innovation challenge 2018” was conducted on 9thof February 2018 in IoT Lab. Mr. Dorai Thodla (Founder iMorph), Dr.Sumathi Poobal (Vice Principal), Mrs.Anju (Assistant professor/IT) were the panel members. Around 35 batches had participated in the first level and 16 batches were shortlisted for the semi-finals which took place on 15th Feb 2018. Students were judged on various basis such as innovation, technology, social impact, feasibility, etc., They were also trained on the presentation skills.

On 23rd Feb, the final round took place in KCG TBI, Mother Teresa Block where the students showcased their ultimate skills in their projects. The final round of the challenge was judged by Mrs.N.Alamelu (Sole Proprietor-ANSI Technique/IIT PALS Team), Mr.Pragadish Nandakumar (Founder-Operation Manager, Snap Consulting- Alumnus 2014), Mr.S.D.Kishore Kumar (Sales Manager, Flexible Automation System Private Ltd – Alumnus 2002), Mr.Dorai Thodla (Founder iMorph) and Dr.Sumathi Poobal (Vice Principal). Out of 16 batches, three batches have been announced as winners of Innovation Challenge 2018. They were appreciated with cash prizes and certificates during College day function held on 1.3.18.



  1. Project Title: Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Natural Course Aggregate with Plastic Aggregate

 Ranjith Prassana S R, Satharkhan R, Vignesh S, Venkatesh B – Civil Dept

  1. Project Title: BIM Modelling using Alternate Realities

Vijayaraghjavan M, Pradeep A, Vinod Krishna C, Joshua Ebenezar – Civil Dept

  1. Project Title : Learning Module for Kinesthetic Dyslexia

Joseph A, Jemi Anugraha, Joel Andrews – ECE Dept


February 10th to 16th, 2018
E-week 2018 was celebrated during 10th February – 16th February in a very grand manner living up to the expectations both inside and outside our college campus. Our E-cell team with our sincere efforts made sure the theme of the E-week reached every participant and the public.  We have attracted more than 500 students through our E-week events and reached out to hundreds of civilians, teaching them about entrepreneurship the best way they can understand.

We kick started E-week celebration with start-up carnival, where successful Entrepreneurs met and spoke to the students the different ways they can develop the entrepreneur in them.

We also conducted walkathon in the public, and helped the onlookers and side walkers understand the theme of E-week. Number of flash mob were also conducted in the college campus promoting the E-week.

One day in the week was specially dedicated to discover the entrepreneur in the women through, women entrepreneurship program. Cloud10 also reached out to 3 schools in the sub urban and educated over 200 students about entrepreneurship and conducted various activities, presented them with gifts to motivate and inspire them. Our team also reached out to a rural area, Kannagi Nagar in the outskirts of our city and delivered talks and played videos to help them understand the real difference an entrepreneur can make in this society. “An Entrepreneur sees profit and market in everything he sees.” That’s exactly what was expected when our participants were given a chance to make product out of wastes and they totally nailed it. Winners were presented with Books and Gift coupons.

We brought people from the travel & tourism sector who taught the students about how their organizations work and also offered them with internships. Who can inspire students than students themselves? One day was entirely dedicated to the devoted entrepreneurs cum students in our college to share their entrepreneurial story and how they are living their dream. The participants were promised internships and even jobs if they really impressed the student Entrepreneurs.

We made sure every participant of the E-week take the E-week pledge to break barriers, create wealth and change India. Thus, our E-week 2018 was nothing short of wonderful opportunities, exposure, educating people and spreading Entrepreneurship. We also never compromised on attracting the netizens and made sure we spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp with our videos and posts. E-week 2018 let lot of students and people live their entrepreneurial dream.


2nd & 3rd March, 2018 
“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”. Cloud 10, the Entrepreneurship Cell of KCG College of Technology, organized the Cloud 10 KCG Bazaar, an annual event lasting for two days that aims to kindle and bring out the entrepreneurial skills dwelling within the students. It aims to do so by providing a platform to showcase their skill, ability, imagination, entrepreneurship and eventually make money out of it. Each team of students was given a defined space with required amenities to run a shop for two days and students put to good use to take home a good chunk of profit from their shop through their hard work, dedication and entrepreneurial skills.

Mr. Subbian Seetharaman Asst. Vice President, Wind & Solar Engineering, Siemens – Gamesa, the chief guest for the occasion declared the bazaar open on 2nd of March 2018 at 9:30 am. He then paid a visit to all the stalls along with Dr. G. Prabhakaran Principal and Dr.Sumathi Poobal IEDC co-ordinator. The dignitaries actively interacted with every stall put-up and eventually motivated the young student entrepreneurs for their effort. Shops varied from boutique to snack outlets, with students showcasing their skills in marketing, oratory, cutlery, and creativity. The sales of each shop started to take a turn after their co-students arrived. But the participation was not just limited to college staff and students but parents of students, inhabitants of the locality and the participant and the coordinators of the national drone flying competition that took part simultaneously also attended the bazaar.

The same continued on 3rd of March, the second day of Bazaar. The student entrepreneurs opened a new chapter as they learned from their previous day’s mistake to fetch more profit.  Students reported that the two days taught a lot to them in a way books couldn’t. The bazaar closed at 4.00pm marking a success and a promise to return next year.


On the third day of E-week, our E-cell team set out of the college campus to three different schools in the city. One of which is an primary school and other two were high schools. Our target for the day was to educate students about Entrepreneurship according to their level of understanding.

In the first high school, Nehru Govt. Hr. Sec. School, we conducted an activity called, “Mock Sales”. A finished product is available at the market for different selling price and at different qualities. Identifying the best product you would get at the best possible price is a art and it plays a crucial role in today’s scenario. This particular activity aimed on educating students exactly about this. Students were put in a mock situation of buying the best product at the right price. This event helped the students to learn the skill of being a responsible buyer as well as a sensible entrepreneur. Two sensible buyers were selected and prizes were distributed.

Karpaga Vigneswara Mat. Hr. Sec. School, was our next school. Here, we explained students about the role of Entrepreneur in today’s society and also conducted an activity called, “ Idea Box”. In this activity, we split the class into 8 teams and asked the team to think of an product, name it and also the different marketing ways they would adapt. We gifted two teams that stood out of the rest. We also presented a student with the book, “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson for boldly explaining to her mates about Entrepreneurship.

The third school we visited was a primary school. We grouped two classes into one and questioned, answered, explained them about marketing and entrepreneurship the best way they can understand. We also presented three little emerging entrepreneurs for beautifully interacting with their peers and our team.
E-week pledge was also taken at all the three schools, lead by, Anirudh H, Head programs and events, Cloud 10.


12th Feb, 2018 
Tuesday evening saw our campus beaming with whole new level of of excitement and vibrancy as it witnessed “FLASH MOB” by our college’s dance team, “The immortals” on the third day of E-week. This is our second flash mob performance in regards to the E-week. The open air theatre witnessed a huge gathering of students and faculty members watching and getting to learn about the struggles experienced by an entrepreneur expressed elegantly through our dance team’s performance. At the end of our dance team’s performance, one of our Alumni, former E-cell member came on the stage and briefed the gathering about Entrepreneurship and the upcoming week. The message was very well received by the audience.

Faculty Training

  • Dr.Rosy Fernando and Dr.Sumathi Poobal attended  an awareness workshop conducted by EDI, Chennai to participate in incubation, R&D and other developmental schemes of Government of India, on 13th June 2016.
  • Mr. Presenna Prabu attended NEN Entrepreneurship Educator Program during 30.6.16-2.7.16 at Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal, Mr.Jose Anand Associate Prof, ECE visited Michelin Tyres Ltd to discuss about their CSR activity on 5th July 2016
  • Mr.Presenna Prabu conducted the ‘Train the Trainers programme on Online Course offered by NEN’ to e-cell coordinators of all departments.
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal and Mr.Dorai Thodla were review panel members for HTBI Campus Company  on 21-07-2016, at Hindustan University
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal and Dr.Krishnamurthy HoD CSE attended National Summit on “Sustainable Institute Industry Partnership – SIIP 2016”  held at the India International Centre, New Delhi on  22nd July, 2016 and received SIIP-2016 award on behalf KCG College of Technology.
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal, Mr. Presenna Prabu AP Mech, Ms. RN Sharmila, AP IT, Mr. Bairavel, AP CSE, Mr. R.Sankar,AP S&H, Mr.Akin AP Civil, Mr.Prabu, AP Aero, Mr.Thomas Lenoid, AP ECE,  conducted NEN Learnwise WF100 lecture at e-cell, KCG College of Technology from 27th Aug 2016
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal, was a mentor and Jury member at Epiphany 2016 , an ideation boot-camp conducted by NIT, Trichy, at Anna University on 21st Oct 2016
  • Dr.Rosy Fernando and  Dr.Sumathi Poobal conducted Orientation Programme for I year students on 29th Sep 2016
  • Mr. Akin AP Civil attended ‘MVB Boot camp on 7th &8th October 2016 conducted by Forge Accelerator, Coimbatore.
  • NEN E-Leaders  Workshop was conducted on 25th & 26th October 2016  by Ms.Vishnu Priya, Regional Manager, Tamil Nadu & Hyderabad/Telangana, Wadhwani Foundation(NEN)
  • Mr.Presenna Prabhu, A.P, Mech, attended a FDP on Entrepreneurship Development from 15th December to 28th December, at Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, Chennai
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal , Mr.S.Cloudin, and seven students from CSE III year attended IET-IOT Congress from 6-8 Sep 2016 at Bengaluru.
  • Mr.Dorai Thodla, Mr. A, Balaji AP CSE & Ms.Minju P George conducted a ACM ICPC training programme for programming club students on 24th Sep 2016


  • About 15 teams of students from CSE , IT and MCA attended CII HACKATHON on 17th Sep 2016 at Tech Mahindra Premises, Chennai
  • Mr. Dorai Thodla conducted training for shortlisted candidates of Zoho Corporation.

Centre of excellence

  • Established KCG-Intel Centre of Excellence on IoT in association with Intel Corporation on 22nd Sep 2016

Proposal Presented& Approved

  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal & Dr. R. Lakshmipathy A.P(Sr), S& H, presented a proposal to MSME  on HI/BI in Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators’ MSME on 27th July 2016 at New Delhi and approved by MSME on 9th August 2016. This grant will nurture the Incubatees with a financial support of Rs.6.25 lakhs for a period of one year.
  •  Entrepreneurship awareness camp sponsored by EDII, Ahmedabad was conducted on 16.8.16
  • Submitted a proposal for Atal Incubation Centre under the aegis of NITI Aayog, New Delhi on 21st July 2016

Awareness programme on Social entrepreneurship

An awareness programme cum workshop on social entrepreneurship – start a business and change lives on  28.03.17 with the support of Canara Bank under women empowerment. Practicing /teaching Social entrepreneurship were the resource persons for this programme.

Session Guest Speaker
Inauguration &
Role of social entrepreneurs in nation building
 Dr.C.Madhumathi, Group head, HR,Hand in hand India
Need for Social Entrepreneurship Ms Latha Suresh
Centre for Social initiative and management
Fund raising for social Entrepreneurs Ms Marie Banu
Centre for Social initiative and management
Social Enterprise Opportunities & Business Models Mr.James Rajanayagam, Project Consultant
Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship(CSIE)
Kuthambakkam  Social Enterprise Model Village Mr R.Elango
Former Panchayat President, Kuthambakkam

Intel Mou Signing ceremony

  • MoU between Intel Corporation and KCG College of Technology was signed on 7.2.17 to train our students and faculty on IoT product development.

Intel workhop on Intel Galileo

  • A workshop on Intel Galileo Gen 2 board, held between 07.02.17 to 10.02.17. There was a brief explanation about Intel Gallileo Gen 2 board. The explanation included hardware construction and procedure for connecting it. The basics of Arduino and simple programs were taught as apart of the programme. The following day was a class on sensors in IOT. In 3rd day program in python to enable Wifi was taught. The last day was evaluation day and the students were asked to pitch the ideas.
  • The workshop was attended by 10 faculty members and 60 students . Fourteen projects were presented and they will be developed by the teams and presented.
  • The project presentation was reviewed every week.

Consultancy Work

  • Discussion on Consultancy work in software development with MELSS is in Progress. Mr.Sankar, Associate Professor, CSE Dept., is identified to take up this work.
  • Dr. Sumathi Poobal , Mr. R.V.Sankar, Dr.Deivasundari,Ms. Jayashree, Ms. R.N.Sharmila attended TiECON 2015 on 31st October 2015
  • Mr. R. Sankar is a certified NEN Trainer on Mentoring Skills Finishing School.
  • Mr.R. Sankar attended a four modules of ‘Capacity Building Programme on BI ‘ conducted in association with PSG college of Technology and EDI, Chennai between Dec 2015 to March 2016
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal attended ‘CII Startupreneurs ‘ on 10th Feb 2016 at Leela Palace , Chennai
  • Mr. Presenna Prabhu , AP, Mechanical Engineering attended ‘NEN Kick-Starting the Entrepreneurial Campus’ conducted by NEN at Sri Ramachandra College of Management, Sri Ramachandra University on 19th Feb 2016
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal was the resource person for the ‘NEN Kick-Starting the Entrepreneurial Campus’ conducted by NEN at Sri Ramachandra College of Management, Sri Ramachandra University on 19th Feb 2016
  • Eweek celebrations ( Content is already sent to you which contains the information about Bazaar also)
  • NEN awarded ‘E week Runner up award’ for the support given to our next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders at college campus , on 5th March 2016
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal attended NEN Member Institutes Directors’ &Principles Roundtable on 19th April 2016 at IITM Research Park


As the innovation and entrepreneurship go hand-in –hand, and the IEDC matured to grow as Technology Business Incubator (KCG Innovation , Incubation and Entrepreneurship centre) entirely supported by our Management on 2nd February 2015, to house technical startups by aspirant entrepreneurs at C Block, HIET Campus, Chennai with thrust areas in IT and IT services, Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics.
The experience of operating a campus company has enriched the skills to become their own boss. This achievement of i-cell and e-cell made our management to invest in setting up a Technology Business Incubator- KCGIIEC in 2015. Today this TBI houses 6 businesses operated by entrepreneurs from the community as well as an alumnus of KCG College of Technology. KCGIIEC provides opportunity for students to intern with the incubatees.

Plant Walk

July 27th commemorates the exciting “Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day”. Plant owners proudly stroll their plants through the streets, exchanging hellos, plant-care tips and general merriment. KCG IEDC along with COWE joined hands to conduct a Plant Walk in Karapakkam Government School. The event gave a significance and importance of growing plants to the young minds

Entrepreneurship awareness programme by NSIC Technical Services

All the final year students were given an awareness programme on entrepreneurship by Mr. Arun Prabakar and Mr.Sampath Kumar of National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC) on 21st and 23rd July 2015. The guest speaker for the day, Mr. Arun Prabakar is the Assistant Manager (Technical) in National Small Industries Corporation. He started the program by enlightening the student on the importance of entrepreneurship. He also gave details about the courses and internships offered to the students. He spoke about various projects carried out at NSIC. He highlighted on the different schemes and programs provided by the Government of India for micro, mini and small scale businesses. He briefed on how to start an industry &narrated it step by step followed by thedetails of Incubation Centre present in NSIC. NSIC has taken a lot of initiatives in entrepreneurship development. Apart from these they also arrange for a Job Mela where all the MSME companies recruit the eligible engineersassociated with NSIC. He concluded the event by conducting a few activities for the students.

Why Waste Waste

An awareness talk on ‘Waste management and waste as resources’ was conducted in association with COWE on 11th August 2015 by Dr.Mangalam Balasubramaniam, Socio Enviromentalist and President COWE. About 40 student members of KCG-COWE attended the meeting.
In today’s world disposal of garbage is a major issue for which she had intrigued us with her speech on waste management and how usefully it can be converted into a byproduct without polluting the environment. Dr. Mangalam showed us a presentation on how garbage creating a menace for which she gave us the solution, her magic word “Segregation at source” is the answer to it. Then a small activity was conducted where students were asked to list out the kind of wastes which they come across in their everyday life. After an active discussion for about ten minutes there were a total of 21 wastes listed by the students. Using these wastes as a resource she had explained the useful byproducts which can be obtained like the briquettes from the dried leaves which can be used as a fuel for cooking, plastic pellets for laying roads and so on. On hearing this students were enthralled and volunteered themselves in implementing this process in our college campus.

Startup walk

Mr.R.V.Sankar , Asst.Professor, S&H Dept., went on a Startup Walk on 18th Aug 2015, to Check out the spaces, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look at the most innovative companies in Chennai.
Meet-up for the student entrepreneurs conducted by NEN was attended by Ms.Divya.S, IV year EIE, on 19th Sept , 2015

Webinars by NEN

Students attended webinars on topics

  • Student Onboarding Webinar’ FY 15-16” on 29th July 2015
  • How to facilitate blended MOOCs’ on 3rd Sep, 2015
  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew before Starting up’ on 10th  Sep 2015
  •  Should I worry about my Business Model or Business Plan?’ on 9th Oct 2015

Online training programme by NEN

About 30 students started attending MOOC to explore the importance of entrepreneurship and start their journey to become a successful entrepreneur offered by NEN.

Software Training

A course on ‘MIT Scratch software’ was taught by Mr.Dorai Thodla to the KCG Progamming club students on 22nd &23rd August 2015.

Apps for Chennai

  • About 40 students from III and IV year CSE, IT, ECE , EEE and EIE attended a lecture on apps development
  • About 6 teams registered their ideas for apps for Chennai on 15th Aug 2015
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal, Mr.S.Ramanayagam,Ms.Shinyand Ms.Sonia attended the finale of apps for Chennai at IITM Research Park, Chennai on 8th Oct 2015. KCG College of Technology was one of the sponsors of the programme.

In 50 Hours

Kishore KJ, GV Pranay Naidu IV Year participated in “In 50hours” and won third prize worth a cash award of Rs. 25,000 and the MediaTek IOT prototyping kit worth Rs. 15,000 21st -23rd Aug 2015

YMC 2015

The Young Mind Challenge 2015 (YMC2015) is a project competition was held on 29th September, 2015 organised by IET and i-CELL, designed to identify research projects and to be funded by KCG Management, IET, i-CELL, and other funding agencies for the best innovative , cost effective project ideas on IoT. The panel of judges officiated are Mr. Dorai Thodla, Founder & CEO, iMorph Inc. and Dr. Sumathi Poobal, Vice-Principal.


Five teams participated in Asia Chennai First Round Online Programming Contest (2015) held on 28th October 2015

TiECON 2015

Mr.DoraiThodla, Dr.Sumathi Poobal, Dr. Rosy Fernando, Dr.P.Deivasundari, Mr.S.Ramanayagam, Mr.R.V.Sankar, Ms. R.N.Sharamila, Ms.Jayashree attended TiECON 2015on 31st Oct 2015 . They attended sessions like Inspirational Track, Master class for TBI in institutions, Outsourcing, founders.

Ingenious 2015

Eight students were interns with the event management team of Times of India , at Ingenious 2015- an inter school competition, conducted at KCG College of Technology on 30th Oct 2015.

Innovations in Engineering and Technology (IET’16)

The Zonal Contest Innovations in Engineering and Technology (IET’16) organised by Recruitment Analysis Council(RAC) was conducted on 13th Feb, 2016. 31 projects were presented in total by the students from various colleges. There were 3 venues identified for the presentations covering projects related to Aeronautical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, EEE,ECE, CSE , IT Engineering domains and won prizes at various category.


A week from 21to27 Feb 2016 was dedicated to celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship among the E-cell of different colleges in the country. E- week award was a great recognition which kick started us to conduct many unique events this time. The topic being Innovative ideas, we planned things in sectors like healthy lifestyle, nutritious foods, helping in saving turtles, digital marketing, awareness on road safety & entrepreneurship, technical talk on aerospace and more. NEN e-week-2016 Runners –up award was received which is to recognize institutes who inspire, develop and support our next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders – young people who will take India to the next level of development and growth.

  • M.N.Pragadish, presented a project CII Innovator 2014 on 24th & 25th of July 2014 at KCG College of Technology, Chennai
  • The recorded programme of one our students project (Solar Vehicle by Pragadish of Final year Mechanical, Snake Robot by Balasubramaniam, IV year ECE, Wave and wash by Venkateshwaran IIIYear ECE and Elanthamizhan, II year Aero, Electro Chlorinator, by Ganesh Kumar, III Year Civil was telecasted in Vasanth TV.
  • V.Vignesh and Naveen Honest Raj II year EEE won II prize in All India Project presentation at Adhiyaman Engineering College, on 15-16 September 2014 by Institute of Engineers .
  • V.Vignesh and Naveen Honest Raj II Year EEE won First place in IEEE Paper presentation , conducted at KCG College of Technology on 22.9.2014.
  • Nijandhan. N , II year EEE won I Prize in project presentation in National Conference at Veltech, Chennai on 21st August,2014
  • Nijandhan. N , II year EEE received special appreciation  in international Conference at SRM University, Chennai on 25-26 August, 2014
  • Nijandhan. N , Purushothaman and Priya Dharshini II year EEE won II Place in project presentation in National Technical symposium at RMD Engineering College on 11th August 2014.
  • Venkateshwaran, IV Year ECE, Elanthamizhan III year Aero conducted a work shop at KCG College of Technology on 2-D Animation under the banner of their startup Haavani on 11-12 July 2014
  • Venkateshwaran, IV Year ECE, Elanthamizhan III year Aero conducted a work shop at Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering on Robotics using Arduino under the banner of their startup Haavani on 11-12 August, 2014
  • M.N.Pragadish, presented a project CII Innovator 2014 on 24th & 25th of July 2014 at KCG College of Technology, Chennai
  • The recorded programme of one our students project (Solar Vehicle by Pragadish of Final year Mechanical, Snake Robot by Balasubramaniam, IV year ECE, Wave and wash by Venkateshwaran III Year ECE and Elanthamizhan, II year Aero, Electro- Chlorinator, by Ganesh Kumar, III Year Civil was telecasted in Vasanth TV.
  • Dr.Kulasekaran, S&H Department and students attended a programme conducted by NEN on ‘Student –Entrepreneur-Support: High impact Programs’ on 2nd September ,2014, at Anna University.
  • Dr.Lakshmipathy and Mr.Sankar of S&H Department attended a programme conducted by NEN on ‘Innovation &Incubation’ on 30th September 2014 at Great Lakes Institute of Management


  • Students and faculty attended a webinar on ‘Learning it by doing it at your campus’ conducted by NEN on 19.8.2014
  • Students and faculty attended a webinar on Inculcating an Entrepreneur Mindset conducted by NEN on 9.9.2014
  • Students and faculty attended a webinar on ‘Essentials of Mentoring’ conducted by on 14 October, 2014.


  • Three workshop on “ONLINE TRADING’ was conducted by Mr. T.R. Arul Rajhan of ECTRA, Chennai in association with Canara Bank, for about 35 students drawn from I & II Year MCA  ,    III CSE , IV ECE and IV EEE starting from 20th ,28th FEB   and 1st Mar, 2014
  • Training programme on Textile Printing’ for women students sponsored by Canara Bank
  • I Year Orientation on E-cell & i-cell activities for all batches
  • Foot Prints’ an entrepreneurship awareness program for First year students on 29.9.14
  • Awareness programme on startup and business strategy for all final year students.


4th IEDC Advisory committee meeting was conducted on 27th September,2014.The members reviewed the projects completed in the year 2013-14 and selected the projects to be completed in the year 2014-15


As KCG college of Technology is maturing from IEDC, KCG-TBI is established at HIET Campus on 2nd Feb 2015


KCG College of Technology has been selected for E-week 2015 awards by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). This award was given by NEN to acknowledge KCG College of Technoloogy as one of the elite group of institutions, doing extraordinary work in building support for engaging young minds to develop future entrepreneurs.


E-week is promoted by National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) in partnership with educational institutions to create an entrepreneurship ecosystem for student community and to kindle the growth of startup ventures. Every year NEN comes out with a theme in alignment with nation’s vision and this year’s theme was ‘Creating Job For Millions’ and it was experienced during 14 Feb-21 Feb 2015. Around 10 events were organised for E-week 2015. Each event focused on building entrepreneurial skills in different sectors. The following events were held during e-week 2015.

Visit to Pammal Green project:

We started with a visit to Pammal green project. Wherein students were exposed to various fields of solid waste management and biogas plants. They gained a lot of ideas on “How waste could be a raw material for business”. This was followed by a talk on Solid Waste Management by Dr.Mangalam Balasubramanian. At the end of the session, students formed a group to work with the resource person on their future projects.

Paper Quilling workshop:

Ms.Kavitha Gopalakrishnan, an alumna of KCG College of Technology trained the students on the art of paper filigree otherwise called quilling. Students learnt to roll, shape and glue paper together to create decorative designs. The students rolled, looped, curled, twisted the manipulated paper to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greeting cards, pictures, boxes and jewels. The students enjoyed the session and were eagerly learning the business skills for promoting paper quilling accessories.

A talk on Career Opportunities:

Mr.Dorai Thodla started off the session by differentiating knowledge from skill. He continued by explaining the students on what interviewers expect from candidates applying for a job. Students gained knowledge on the various career opportunities that are available other than engineering field.

Tamil as a career

Ms.Chithra enlightened us on how to use our knowledge in language to make a business. She started off with screenplay writing and opportunities of language in the field of film making. The beauty of the language is well seen in poetry. She taught on how to write poems in an impressive way. She explained us about the wide opportunities available in the field of news reading and content reading and how Tamil language can also be used to make applications for android powered and for blogging

A talk on stock trading:

The Stock Trading workshop was very useful in the manner that it not only included various ideologies about pursuing the finance sector for job opportunities, but also brought out the entrepreneur in everyone. Mr. Sekar spoke about the various factors to be practiced on starting a new venture. He emphasized on the importance of holding a share in a company and the various advantages it possesses. The various nuances of an industry could be easily understood with the help of a share in the company. He gave us a detailed and clear view of holding a share in the market and how stock trading can be carried out as a business.

Kitchen Garden workshop:

Mr. S Kathiresan, an organic farmer explained to the students about the various techniques involved in roof gardening and organic farming. The information and the pictures he shared were very intriguing. We were mind boggled to know about easy gardening techniques with zero percent investment. He also taught how to make organic manure from kitchen wastes. Almost all the students joined hands to help and setup a kitchen garden in our campus.

Photography workshop:

Mr.Gowrishankar Sivabala, an alumus of our college conducted a seminar on Photography. He started learning professional photography and is currently running his own crew and they are into all genres of photography. He explained about various modes of operations available in a DSLR Camera and its functionalities. The session was very interesting and he also guided the students on how to set their own crew. He gave us a lot of information on how we need to adjust the shutter speed and aperture for good quality pictures, how to launch a fashion calendar and various opportunities for photographers in fashion, food and events. Students understood that it is more of a one man battle and they need to work smart and always stay in touch with the people in the same field.

Comic as a learning tool:

Mr.Murari started with “Octofeb – Education through Comics”. Octofeb is a concept that spreads education through visual narratives and storytelling through comic characters. The Power of visual communication was clearly thought to the students. He gave a humble request to the students to improve the Indian education system through comics and he assured to assist them. He started the session by narrating his life through comic strips. Then, he asked the students to try to make their own strips and narrate the story. Students realised that even boring stories could be made interesting through comics. Interesting fact was that, some of them chose to make comic strips as their career.

Career as RJ/VJ/ Event Producer

Ms. Aruna is a freelancer who conducts several training programs for students who are interested in the field of media. She is a vibrant and a passionate script writer. She started the session by explaining the importance of radio. She also explained the opportunities in field of dubbing since there is no new voice coming into the industry. She also emphasised on various opportunities in media for passionate and interested students. Students were asked to do their own show. Almost 10 students tried their hand at radio jockeying, a few even came up with concepts and they even interviewed IEDC of the college. As the workshop concluded, a radio club was formed to make sure students can try out their skills.Overall, the e-week gave an enthusiastic boost to the students to improve their entrepreneurial skills in various fields. The workshops not only gave the business ideas but also illustrated how to make a business out of zero investment and how their venture can solve social needs. Students were excited about the prospect of starting their own company. The most admiring part was that the resource persons also assured to offer internships to the interested candidates and to support their firm in all needs.As a part of the elite group of institutes, doing extraordinary work in building support for entrepreneurship, engaging young minds, growing the number of India’s new and future entrepreneurs and creating “buzz” for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship cell of KCG was awarded ‘National Runners-up Eweek 2015’ by NEN.

Cloud10 Bazaar 2015

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre of KCG College of Technology, made, 14th & 15th March, 2015 the most memorable day for students who wished to take the path less travelled ie starting a business.
The bazaar was well received by the aspiring budding entrepreneur’s over 200 students operated stalls. The student entrepreneurs began their preparation ambitiously for trying their hands on doing business. A wide variety of products were offered for sale ranging from Leather items, Foot wear, Home accessories, Jewellery, 3D Bags, Clothing, Ethnic wear, Handmade products, Photography, Pasteries, Icecreams and wide range of Food items .
Dr Vasanthakumari, Director, INCAD Foundation officiated the opening ceremony of Cloud10 Bazaar on 14th March, 2015 at 10:00 am. She was astonished at the efforts taken by the boys and girls in bringing the right choice of products keeping the prospective customers in mind.
The bazaar left behind a strong message as said by the business tycoon Dhirubai Ambani ‘ If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs’. The two day bazaar left the enterprising dreamers with a sales turnover of Rs 4,12,975 and appreciation for their efforts by 5450 visitors which will fuel their desire to enhance their skills towards innovation and entrepreneurship.

Certificate Program for students on Empowerment of Entrepreneurship Government of India) Ministry of MSME

The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) is an apex body under the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India established in 1983 for coordinating and overseeing the activities of various institutions/agencies engaged in entrepreneurship development particularly in the area of small industry and small business.
It was established with one of its objective to organize, conduct and co-ordinate training programs for Entrepreneurship development in collaboration with various institutes and organizations. The entrepreneurship wing of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development centre of KCG College of Technology conducted the training programme by Shri. A.Din. Pangotra, NEDC to promote entrepreneurship among the students of Professional Colleges on 29th January, 2015.
The course introduced the foundation of Entrepreneurship using the 3S
(Scale, Speed and Skill) principle of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, to the students. They enjoyed the session as the lecture was interwined with humor and real life stories connecting every aspect of entrepreneurship and the expected traits of an entrepreneur. The session on the various schemes of the government implemented by various agencies was an eye opener for the engineering students to think of the great opportunity in entrepreneurship.

Students Achievements

  • Venkateshwaran, IV Year ECE, Elanthamizhan III year Aero conducted a work shop on Robotics using Arduino under the banner of their startup Technobreed on 23-24 Jan 2014.
  • Venkateshwaran, IV Year ECE, Elanthamizhan III year Aero completed a project on Modular Robotics – 4 Legged spider- under the banner of their startup Technobreed
  • S Venkateswaran, III year ECE and S Elanthamizhan II year Aero won second and third place in load pulling and rope pulling conducted by South Indian Robo – Championship league, Chennai.
  • S A E WORLD CONGRESS: A paper on “Design, Fabrication and testing of a regenerative strut” by M N Pragadish, IV year, Mechanical, has been accepted for SAE World Congress, Michigan, USA in April, 2014.

e-week 2014

e-week was celebrated to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship among school and college students the following events were conducted during the period 1.3.14-7.3.14
Innovation in schools, 50 rupees activity ,Startup showcase, Innovative talk , Future of Engineering, Online Trading, Hacking , Think Design, Design opportunities in civil Engineering

Cloud10 BAZAAR 2014

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of KCG College of Technology organized the Cloud10 Bazaar on the 15th and 16th of March, 2014. The planning for the Bazaar began six months ahead of the event.
Cloud10 Bazaar, the annual event of the IEDC was held on 15th and 16th March, 2014 serving as a platform for the Engineering students to hone their business and trades skills. The Bazaar attracted 240 students to test their entrepreneurial potential. The Bazaar showcased products ranging from clothing, accessories, gaming, photography and mouth smacking delicacies. The Bazaar had footfall of over 4600 visitors who encouraged the budding entrepreneurs with a purchase to the tune of Rs.2.50 lakhs. The profit soared to Rs.1.05 lakhs which marked 42.35% on sales.
The budding entrepreneurs left their sales venue with confidence that they would be contributing to the economy a few years from graduation as entrepreneurs.

TBI Initiatives

  • Mr. Dorai Thodla, Dr.Sumathi Poobal , Dr.Rosy Fernando, Mr. S.Ramanayagam attended a webinar on TBI organized by NEN on 4th Feb, 2014
  • Mr. Dorai Thodla, Dr.Sumathi Poobal , Dr.Rosy Fernando attende a meeting on TBI funding addressed by Mr.Jamkhandi (Director, MSME) on the 19th Feb 2014


S.Ramachandran II Year Mechanical engineering, is doing Trading Business with Sri Lakshmi agro foods , Chennai.


The Aavin parlour “Mega Bites” an initiative of IEDC commenced operation on 4th October, 2013. Mr. Vignesh and Mr.Sri Prakash IV year BE CSE, are the founders of the Aavin operation. This serves as the platform for interns to hone their true skills.


  • M.Tamil Magan, Vignesh, Yogeshwaran, Ramkumar, VijayaKumar,Anatha Krishnan, Dwarakesh of IV Year ME are doing a project on ‘Solar Concentrator’, at SECO –India, Chennai
  • T.S.Manikandan , C.Gokul, Karun S.Ravi, A. Mohamed Mudasir IV year EEE are doing a consultancy project on Low RPM DC generator for windmill at SECo-India, Chennai
  • Patrick, Payal Dasharma, Emmanuel Morais IVyear EEE are doing a consultancy project on Concentrated Photovoltaic cell at SECO-India, Chennai
  • Automated Greenery’ a prototype developed by Haavani (a student start up) is being improvised for Green waves , Chennai


9 students attended the E-Leader workshop conducted by NEN at Shri Sunderlal Shasun Jain College for Women, T.Nagar, on 18th October, 2013.


The start-up internship series had its first start up internship.event. Mr Anoop Nishanth, Founder and Designer of Maxx Speed addressed 70 students of B.E. CSE, Mechanical & ECE. 7 students will be working as interns in his organization.


  • Students entrepreneur Mr.Vignesh and Mr.Sri Prakash  of IVB.E. CSE running their business “Landmark Caters” participated in the Global student entrepreneur award at Bangalore on 24th August, 2013 and ranked fourth at the Regional level.
  • Students entrepreneur Mr. Gautam K , CEO, Enchanter Corporation , participated in Finals of the Global student entrepreneur award at Raipur,  on 24th August, 2013
  • Diya Labs a student startup by M N  Pragadish, IV year, Mechanical  conducted a workshop on Robotics  for students of MIT on 29th September, 2013 and for the kids of  Safe India, Kalaiselvi Karnalaya, Chennai on 22nd September, 2013 as a CSR activity.


Venkateshwaran, IV Year ECE, Elanthamizhan III year Aero developed Automated Greenery, Wave & Wash.


M N Pragadish IV year, Mechanical, applied for provisional patent for his innovation ‘Hybrid Shock Absorber’ – ‘4306/CHE/2013’.


  • Python programming training was conducted for i-cell students
  • Mr.Venkatesh, alumnus of MCA , conducted a workshop on php for MCA students.
  • Brain Storming sessions, ideation sessions and identification of IEDC Projects  2014-15

YMIC 2014

Believing in the power of youth, this year the IEDC jointly in association with the student startup “Enchanter Corporation” organised the National Level competition titled “Young Minds Innovation Challenge” on the 24th and 25th of January 2014. The challenge provided a platform for school and college students to converge their research ideas into new products and prototypes. We believe that this platform will ignite and inspire the spirit of research, innovation and creativity among students.


A lecture on ‘New Era of Innovation in Global Science and Engineering’ by Prof.Subra Suresh, President, Carnegie – Mellon University, USA, on 18th July, 2013 was attended by Dr.Sumathi Poobal and Mr.Dorai Thodla, Mentor, I-Cell, KCG College of Technology at IIT Chennai.


Dr.Rosy Fernando and Mr.Dorai Thodla were resource persons for many of the NEN Programmes on ‘Entrepreneurship’,’Innovation’ and ‘e-leaders workshop’ conducted during this period.


Best projects were displayed at The New Indian Express Education expo at Chennai trade centre on 19th and 20th April, 2014


  • M.Tamilmagan, M.Vignesh, K.Yogeshwaran are doing a consultancy project Urban Cooling System with SECO- INDIA, Chennai
  • M.Ananda Kumar, N. Vinod, S.Gayathri, P.Shruthi are doing a consultancy project Oxygen Analyser with SECO- INDIA, Chennai.
  • R.Surya Kumar , T.Hemalatha, R. Keerthana, R. Mohan raj are doing a consultancy project on Solar energy with SECO- INDIA, Chennai


Dr.Sumathi Poobal, Mr.Dorai Thodla attended National IEDC Advisory Committee meeting at Coimbatore on 10-11 April 2014. In this meeting they bagged the web portal development for IEDC as a consultancy work for NSTEDB, DST, GOI

  • IEDC Advisory committee meeting was organized to select projects for the academic year 2012-13 on 16.7.12.
  • A WORKSHOP ON ROBOTICS was attended by II year III year students of ECE and EEE during 21.7.12- 25.08.12 Conducted by i-cell  in association with CREATE
  • Students of Social causes club of i-cell visit regularly to Olcott memorial school , Besant Nagar and Venkata Ramana Primary School as an outreach in education in association with DEEPAM
  • Python Programming course conducted by Mr. Dorai Thodla, founder, imorph, USA for MCA I year students .
  • Gowtham Raj, IV IT , has been selected for II level in NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours -2013 for his project ‘Robo Teacher’ .
  • Gowtham Raj,  and  Jatin Chabbariya, IV IT attended Global Student Entrepreneurship awards- South Asia  2012 , on 25th August 2012, at Ahmedabad .
  • Gowtham Raj,  secured Third place at Global Student Entrepreneurship awards- South Asia  2012 , conducted on 25th August 2012, at Ahmedabad .
  • i-cell students have attended, an online programming course conducted by ‘unclassroom’
  • i-cell students have participated College Talent, an online programming contest conducted by ‘unclassroom’ on 13.10.12.
  • Mr. Somya Kundu (IV EEE), Mr.V. Harikrishnan (III EEE) attended three day course at Centre for Wind Energy Technology, during 18th-20th July, 2012
  • i-cell in association with IET (India), conducted a project competition’ IET Young mind Challenge-2012-Green Technology’ on 1.8.2012 and five projects were selected for execution.
  • Python Programming workshop was conducted for MCA and IT Students.
  • Social Causes club members visited schools as an out-reach programme and worked with the students teaching them the use of technology and engaged them with e- learning tools. This activity has motivated several students to aspire to become IT Professional.


  • NEN Orientation program on 16.6.12 at Sheri SS Shaun Jain College of Women, Chennai -17 by MS. J.Jeyagowri, Ms.K.Radha (ECE ) Ms. A. Niranjana Singh (EEE), Ms.S. Anuradha(CSE), Mr. R.V.Sankar (S& H).
  • NEN Building Tech Ventures, was attended by  Ms.K.Radha (ECE ) Ms. A. Niranjana Singh (EEE), Ms.S. Anuradha(CSE) at VIT ,Chennai during 16-18th August 2012
  • Mr. Pawan Gnana Raj(IV ECE), Mr. A.Naresh( IV MECH),  Mr.Sasikumar ( IV MECH),   Mr. Vijay( IV MECH),  attended NEN Building Tech Ventures, at VIT ,Chennai during 16-18th August 2012
  • Mr.R.V.Shankar (S& H) , attended NEN Kick starting Programme during 19th -21st July at Bangalore
  • TEDx Chennai was attended by 10 students , Mr.Prabu Sankar, Placement officer and Dr.Sumathi Poobal on 30.9.12


  • 3 Day Entrepreneurship awareness program by KITCO attended by 10 Students from each branch of study including MCA from 5th Sep-7th Sep, 2012. The speakers for the programme were Mr Satish Kumar, Deputy Director MSME-DI Chennai, Mr T.Vasudevan,  Lead District Manager, Indian Bank, Zonal Office, Kancheepuram, and Mr Mariappan S. Entrepreneur, SGM Technologies, Chennai
  • ‘Talk Your way to Success’ was delivered by Dr Geetha PremKumar, Director, Vector Indojanix (P) Ltd., Chennai , on 17th Sep., 2012 and  attended by 10 Students from each branch of study including MCA
  • On 21st Sep., 2012 , III year MCA attended a lecture on the ‘Opportunities in Internet marketing’ by Ms Sundari, Asst.Dean National Management School, Chennai
  • NEN Successful Leaders workshop was conducted by Ms. Vishnupriya, Senior Consultant, NEN for students from KC Tech and other NEN associated institutions on 7th – 8th Sep 2012.
  • Gautam K, III yr IT student, Founder of   “Enchanter Corporation”  a student startup was adjudged as one of the top -5 Student start-up companies at the national level by NEN First Dot on Jan21st 2013.
  • Gautam K, III yr IT student was also a finalist at AUDACIA 2013, a national level business plan competition conducted by Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai .

The following events were conducted as a part of the e week celebrations.

Sl No Date Event No of Participants Speaker
1. 11.2.2013 Talk on Social Entrepreneurship 30 MrBhargavChandrababu – Bhoomi
2. 12.2.2013 Food for Thought 30 MrDoraiThodla -Entrepreneur
3. 12.2.2013 Ignite Minds (Sponsored by Canara Bank) Chief Guest – Mr R Devaraju, Deputy General Manager, Canara Bank 75 Mr T. Jeyaraman, Entrepreneur

MrArun, Entrepreneur

MrKarthikeyan, Entrepreneur

4. 12.2.2013


App Building 17 MrDoraiThodla
5. 13.2.2013 Startup Challenge 40 Students from over 6 colleges participated
6. 13.2.2013 The Colosseum 26 Mr Srinivasan

Assistant, DRD.

7. 14.2.2013 I Expo 60 Mr.Kannan, Entrepreneur
8. 14.2.2013 Youth Parliament 33 Mr.Abraar Ahmed

Mr.Krish Raj

9. 15.2.2013 Talk on Energy Conservation 36 Dr.Kulasekaran

Prof KCG

10. 4.2.2013- 13.2.2013 Edukate ( e week @ schools) 2000 Students from 9 Schools
  • 20 Hr Workshop on ‘Be your Own boss’ was conducted for 46 students from all the departments participated.
  • As an experiential learning One day on campus Business was organized by two teams of students.
  • Cloud10 Bazaar on 16.3.2013 & 17.3.2013. A platform for Budding Entrepreneurs to hone their enterprise skills. Nearly 40 stalls were operated by the students. This event was open to the public and expects a foot fall of over 5000.


  • Dr. SumathiPoobal, Vice Principal, KC Tech ,Mr.JoseAnand, Associate Professor, ECE, Mr. V Gopal, Assistant Professor, MECH ,Mr.Kasiram, II MCA, Mr.V.S.Vignesh, III CSE ,Mr.Prakash, III CSE attended the EDI  – Aavin Business Model for Students , Campaign on 9th February at Anna Institute of management.
  • Dr. SumathiPoobal attended TEDxHindustan on 16th Feb, 2013.
  • TiECon Chennai -2012 was attended by Dr.Sumathi Poobal and Dr. Kulasekaran on 4th December, 2012
  • e – cell activities 2011 – 12, were inaugurated and the new team sworn in on 13.07.2011.
  • Press visited the e-cell to focus on Campus Companies and the article featured in “The Hindu’ on 21.7.11
  • NEN Kick Starting programme on entrepreneurship was attended by Ms. T. Lavanya Suja MCA Dept., Mr. R. Prabhu Aeronautical Engineering Dept., during 28th – 30th July, 2011.
  • Mr. A.R Srinivas III Year MCA, attended NEN Kick Starting programme on entrepreneurship during 28th – 30th July, 2011 and won a prize in ’50 Rupee exercise’.
  • Recycle week was celebrated at KC Tech from 8th – 12th August, 2011.
  • Recycle rally was organized by e – cell on 12.08.2011 to bring awareness on recycling.
  • Video screening and entrepreneurial games were conducted for e-cell students by Dr.Namita Gopal
  • Guest Lecture by Mrs. Saundarya Rajesh, President AVTAR, career creators and the certificates were distributed to the students, who successfully completed the entrepreneurship experiential course on 25.08.2011.


  • NEN orientation program was attended by Dr. Sumathi Poobal, Dr. R. Amrutha, Ms. T.Lavanya Suja, MCA Dept, Ms. S. Kavitha, IT Dept, Mr. R. Prabhu, Aero Dept on 25.06.2011 at Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai.
  • Dr. Sumathi Poobal attended an advanced level faculty course ‘Getting to Market’ conducted by NEN at Bangalore during 1st – 3rd July, 2011.
  • High Impact Impedance – IEDC – Course conducted by NEN was attended by Dr. R. Amrutha, Mr. S. Ramanayagam, Ms. S. Kavitha (IT) on 26th & 27th Aug, 2011.
  • Dr. Sumathi Poobal, Mr. Ananda Narayanan, Mr. Krishna, Mr. Krishna Kumar (Iyr ME) attended a workshop an organic farming and agri marketing conducted by e – farm, Chennai on 24.09.2011.
  • Varun, Paul Chandran, Gowtham Raj, Goutham, Mohammed Nyem, Jatin, Preetham, R. Vignesh, Asif of e-cell attended Tata NEN First DOT Workshop Business Model on 30.09.2011 at MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai.
  • III Year e-leaders Varun, Krithika, Jatin , Govindan  attended TATA First DOT Leaders Workshop at  on 01.10.2011.
  • Dr. E. Baskaran addressed the students of Cloud 10, on Govt. Policies on entrepreneurship on 27.09.2011.
  • Orientation on entrepreneurship was conducted for the First year students by e-cell leaders and faculty on 11.10.11
  • Coffee shop’ workshop was conducted for the Second year e-cell students by Ms.Lavanya suja, A.P.,MCA and Mr. Prabu, A.P., Aeronautical Engg. on 26.9.11 and 13.10.11
  • Ananthakrisnan, Jagan, Arvind of I Year ME attended ‘Idea Conference’ at Anna University , Chennai on 15.10.11
  • Dr.Namita Gopal is certified as an entrepreneurship educator by NEN and Stanford Technology Ventures program (STVP).
  • State level Entrepreneurship Conference conducted by EDI ,Tamilnadu was attended by Dr.SumathiPoobal and Dr.Rosy Fernando on 21st Jan 2012
  • MMA Annual Convention was attended by Dr.SumathiPoobal at Hotel TajCoromandal, Chennai, on 2nd Feb 2012
  • Course on Python programming was started on 30.07.2011.
  • Workshop on ‘Presentation Skills’ was conducted by effect works, for students and faculty on 06.08.2011.
  • Ms.Kiruthika Somasundaram III year EEE, Mr.Sunny ,II Year CSE participated in ‘50hours Startup’ during 12.8.11 to 14.8.11
  • Mr. Ve. Sakthivel, IIIyr ECE attended Py con, at Pune during 16th – 18th Sep, 2011.
  • Sunny III sem CSE, Varun V sem ME, Naresh V sem ME attended 32 hours start up SSN Lakshya on 24.09.2011 & 25.09.2011.
  • Ve. Sakthivel attended ‘Hacking event’ at IIT Sastra on 29.09.2011 & 30.09.2011.
  • Guest lecture on Robotics was delivered by Mr.Naresh ,Lema Labs, Chennai for the First year students on 12.10.11
  • Workshop on php was conducted by Mr.Shrikrishna Shrin on 20.8.11
  • Workshop on ‘Nanotechnology’ was conducted on 21.10.11 by Quantum nanoscience, Australia-Chennai.


  • P.S.Paul Chandran, R.Vignesh,V.S.Vignesh,Sri prakash, Preetham II Year alongwith Mr. M.Elangovan, AP, ECE  had an entrepreneurial experience by putting-up a Fruit juice stall at Nehru stadium, Chennai during  Tamilnadu state level Inter–School Athletic Event, on 3.8.2011
  • Business Plans submitted in various Forums:
  • A.R.Srinivas submitted business plan for ‘ Eureka’ at IIT –Bombay, and ‘Wantrepreneur’ at Villgro.


  • Siranjeevi. J and Sathish Kumar Final year ECE R won 1st prize for their innovative project ‘Kitchen guard and Wireless Flame Adjustment Control System. ‘ at Veltech Engineering college.
  • Govindan Induchoodan, III Year Aeronautical Engineering submitted his innovative project ‘Cyclopes ‘ to  NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2012 and moved to the Level II phase.
  • Ganeshram, Final year ECE submitted his innovative project ‘Chronos EZ430’ to ‘Engineer Infinite 2012 Student Project Competition- EI12 ‘conducted by IEEMA
  • Siranjeevi. J and Sathish Kumar R Final year ECE submitted their project  ‘Kitchen guard and Wireless Flame Adjustment Control System to ‘Engineer Infinite 2012 Student Project Competition- EI12 ‘conducted by IEEMA .

IEDC Advisory Committee meeting

IEDC expert advisory committee meeting was held on 16.07.2011 to approve the fire DST funded project of 2010-11 and recommend the new fire projects for 2011-12 to DST.


17 MCA students attended a six week workshop, organized jointly by KCG College of Technology & KITCO (Kerala Industry and Technical Consultancy Organization), Chennai on ESDP (Entrepreneurship skill development program), from 20 Dec ’11 and to 1 Feb’12.
These students received hands-on knowledge and experience in marketing, finance & various other businesses like auto spare parts etc.

Mentor Program on IEDC

Vinoth kumar, Alumni (2011) is being mentored for his innovative ,entrepreneurial venture by i-cell and e-cell. He attended the mentor mela conducted in association with IBM on 6.8.11


KCG College of Technology and MSME –DI jointly organized a 6-week ESDP for SC Women –taking its first steps towards CSR – at KC Tech campus. The objective of this event was to train 20 underprivileged SC women on agro-based skills so that they are empowered to start their own business and earn a decent livelihood.
The event started on 4 Nov’11 at 11.00 a.m. with a motivational talk on ESDP. Training was given from 7 Nov’11 to 16 Dec’11.In the first two weeks, the participants were trained on basic managerial skills like time management, planning, organizing, customer orientation, quality controls, etc. In the next four weeks, they learned how to prepare agro based products like pickles, appalams, jams, etc. and also, household chemicals, candle making, paper cup/plate making.The event was a grand success and the enthusiastic participants left the campus with determination to earn a decent living.


  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal attended a meeting  on Pico-Satellite at ‘National Design and Research Forum’, at Institution of Engineers(India), Bangalore on 5th Nov.,2011
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal attended TiECON 2011,Chennai on 24th Nov.,2011 ct Chennai Trade Center, Chennai
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal and Mr.Dorai Thodla Presented talk on “Collaborative Students Projects & Funded Program of NSTEDB” at “Transformation of Students into Industry suitable talent, enhancement into employability and beyond (TRANSEE), CLT, IITM, Chennai o 25th Nov.,2011
  • Dr.Sumathi Poobal and Mr.S.Ramanayagam, attended Connect 2011, held on 21 December 2011, at Chennai Trade centre, Chennai .
  • A NEN ‘Orientation program’ was attended by  Dr.A.Kulasekaran (Professor S&H) and Mr.M.Elangovan (Asst.Professor ECE) at Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai on 10th, July 2010.
  • A NEN Faculty Development Course on ‘Kick-starting the Entrepreneurship Campus Essentials’ was attended by Dr.A.Kulasekaran (Professor S&H) and Mr.M.Elangovan (Asst.Professor ECE) at Sri Ramachandra College of Management, Chennai from 23rd – 25th, July 2010.
  • An Orientation program was conducted for about 400 students from 2nd and 3rd year of B.E. and B.Tech of KCG on 18.08.10.
  • On 25th August, an entrepreneurship program was conducted in KCG campus and 28 bed packages (bed-pillow-bucket-jug) were sold to new students who were occupying the hostel.

Awards Won

  • Yuvaraj Pandian (CSE) has been selected as “student rock star of the week” by Twenty 19
  • Aditya Vasan (CSE) and ALAGU MURUGAPPAN(CSE)  Won Second Prize In Paper Presentation For The Topic “Fibre Reinforced Polymer” Held In Sairam Engg College
  • Aditya Vasan (CSE)And Alagu Murugappan (CSE) Won Third Prize In Paper Presentation For The Topic “Matrix Application” Held In Sairam Engg College
  • Naresh And Natraj (Mech) Won Second Prize In Paper Presentation For The Paper “Nanomaterials” Held In Sairam Engg College(2010)..
  • Aditya Vasan(3rd year-CSE) and NARESH(3rd year-Mech) presented paper on “Renewable Energy” in state level symposium held at Manakula vinayagar Engineering College, Pondicherry won 2nd prize.(2011)
  • Aditya vasan(3rd Year-CSE) has been selected as “campus ambassador” for KC TECH by TWENTY19.
  • Russel Nickson (4th year-CSE) is selected as intern to work in 3G simply for Blackberry applications .
  • Aditya Vasan (3rd year-CSE) is selected as intern at  I-Logo for designing T-Shirts
  • Nitin Mathew (4th year-ECE), Vivek Kumar and Raghavendra (2nd year-ME) demonstrated a prototype of the IEDC project.
  • Yuvaraj  Pandian (4th-year CSE) was selected to Participate in Google Summer Of Codes.
  • Naveen and Neelagandan (AERO) secured 3rd prize in Bottle Rocketry held at P.B College.
  • Yuvaraj Pandian (III CSE) organized and Barcamp Chennai, on 27June ’10.
  • Marsh (3rd year-Mech) won for THE BEST IDEA conducted by Barcamp held in ebay PayPal.
  • Yuvaraj Pandian (4th-Year CSE) also participated in Yahoo Open Hack Day 2010 and presented two hacks.
  • Yuvaraj Pandian(4th-year CSE)  has mentored IIT Madras students for their Mini-Projects during the winter Break.
  • V.Natraj,  Naresh  and  Ashwin  (Mech)  presented  a  paper  on ‘Direct  Methanol  Fuel  Cell’  in  an  International  Conference  organized at Hindustan College of Arts and Science.
  • Yuvaraj Pandian (4th year-CSE) presented a talk on “Using Python to  Build  Multimedia  Applications”  ( 2010/talks/61-building-multimedia-applications-using streamer-and-python), in PyCon India , Bangalore, on 25-26 Sep ’10.
  • Yuvaraj Pandian, Kishore and Nachiappan, (CSE) were placed 50th in the Regional Finals of ACM ICPC, (International Collegiate Programming Competition) in Dec’10.
  • Jagadish Chandrasekar(4th year-CSE) is selected as intern at I-Morph on Facebook Applications
  • Yuvaraj Pandian (4th year- CSE)  delivered a talk and conducted workshops on Open Source Technologies (GNOME & GTK) during Pragyan at NIT  Trichy in Feb’11


An initiative of the NEN Entrepreneurship Cells in Chennai and the NEN Trust, the First Dot, brings together student start-ups from across the country, providing them an opportunity to showcase their products and services to a panel of successful entrepreneurs, expert mentors, national print and electronic media, as well as a large number of peers.

This year the showcase took place at the SSN College of Engineering in Chennai on January 10th and 11th, 2011. This grand event saw 600 start-ups competing. From among these only 200 start-ups were shortlisted to be showcased on 9 and 10 Jan’12. It was a prestigious moment for e-cell KC Tech as 3 of our student start-ups reached the last 25 and one of them – telvegy by Gautam, II IT , was adjudged as one of the top 5! (, other start-ups BUK It by Vijayaraghavan IV EEE, and Water gun marketing by III IT

  • The College is a member of National Entrepreneur Network(NEN) E-Cell have been regularly conducting discussions and meetings. These are well attended by staff & students with lots of interaction. Entrepreneurs from all industries are invited to share experience.
  • Two students Gowrishanker final year mech and S.Vignesh final year ECE have received the Certificate of Leadership 2008 – ’09 by NEN for ‘significant contribution to developing a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurship on campus’.
  • E-Cell launched its website – – on 12th Jan 2010.
  • The website was launched by Mr.Venkat Rangan CEO Market Simplified USA. This websites aims to provide information regarding E-Cell activities to all its members.
  • E-Week was organized by the E-Cell between the 6th and 13th of February, 2010. The following events were organized:-
    • Perspective of the Education System in India – This was a survey conducted to identify the poor areas in our present education system.
    • Panel Discussion – A gripping session with a host of experts who represented the stakeholders of the education system.
    • Bridge the Divide – An effort to reach out to the economically disadvantaged children in collaboration with ‘Deepam’, an NGO.
    • Book Drive – A book donation drive was conducted throughout the campus to collect books of all types to be donated to various community libraries and welfare centers.
    • Virtual Talk – La Gesse, Director of Customer Development at Rackspace Hosting, USA delivered a virtual talk to around 150 of our students.
    • Entrepreneur Talk – Mr. M Venkata Subramaniyam, Founder, Matchbox Solutions and eFarm gave a talk on his experiences after being in the IT industry for 12 years.

The innovation cell, popularly known as KC Tech i-cell, was launched on 6 May 2009 with the aim of guiding and encouraging the members of the cell to take up projects that evolve with new ideas.