Do you get a sense of accomplishment when you build something? Do you often think of easy practical solutions for problems around you? Do you like to be your own boss, having complete freedom to plan and execute? Do you dream of setting up your own company?

IEDC was established at KCG to mentor and support students like you, who dream of becoming entrepreneurs, of starting their own venture. It is a great dream but there is a lot to learn before you take the plunge. The four years at KCG can lay the foundation of your dream.

Entrepreneurs are people with great innovate skills who can identify potential demand and voids in society and creates a business to fill the void. Entrepreneurs bring ideas to life with their creativity, imagination, thirst for work and risk-taking mind-set. Great entrepreneurs are curious and tasked to discover new solutions to problems, able to identify niche opportunities, possess strategic thinking skills and are resilient. Entrepreneurship is core to any country’s economy and great entrepreneurs support the rise of the economy. Often a question raises “Are entrepreneurs, born or made?” A few decades ago, it was generally accepted that entrepreneurs were born from the success stories of popular entrepreneurs. With the globalization and advent of the digital revolution, individuals can hone his/her skills such as think and win attitude, leadership, vision and analysing power to become a successful entrepreneur. The stories of new-generation successful entrepreneurs clearly shows entrepreneurs are made. The deft of entrepreneurs can be inherited by education, experience and appropriate platform and support.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) at KCG College of Technology plays a pivotal role in imparting the required skills to students and faculty of the institution. The E-Cell and I-Cell wings under the umbrella of IEDC help the young minds to hone their entrepreneurship skills by organizing various essential workshop, training and field visits. The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) functioning in the college under the aegis of MHRD Innovation Cell, Govt. of India bolsters the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among the young minds by running pertinent programmes on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and IPR. The Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IIEC) frequently called as Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at KCG helps the students to start their own firms and start-up’s and handholds until the firms become self-sustaining. The Aavin parlour on campus is run by the students in order to hone their entrepreneurship skills. Every year, the E-cell organizes a unique and first of its kind event “Cloud10 Bazar” on campus for students to sell their products and get hands on experience of some of the skills required to become a successful entrepreneur

The untiring efforts of IEDC are always prolific and many students have chosen entrepreneurship as their career. It is enthralling to see the alumnus and alumna of KCG flying high in society. To name few, our alumna Ms. Suryasree Rao is the founder and CEO of CityWiz start-up that caters the relocation problems, especially for working bachelors. The start-up is also incubated by NASSCOM start-up 10000. Mr. Pakalavan has founded Swotter technologies Pvt Ltd a leading software company in Chennai. The company offers a wide range of services starting from website design to branding. IIS Technologies a start-up on professional training and coaching was founded by Mr. Vinod kumar alumnus of KCG. The start-up was supported and
incubated at KCG-IIEC. Mr. S. Gowri Shankar is the founder of SpaceNXT aviation and Aerospace Research firm that specializes in Drones/Unmanned aerial systems. He is also the co-founder of Deccan Airsports Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pragadish Nandakumar is one of co-founders of Diya Labs a popular educational and training centre in Chennai. The firm has a MoU with KCG to offer internships for students and also provide necessary industrial support for developing innovative solutions for societal problems.

Creating and sustaining the start-up culture, IEDC of KCG incessantly bolsters the start-up ecosystem and inculcates the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.

Dr. M. Vignesh Kumar, IEDC Coordinator

We want to welcome each of you to KCG College! You are about to begin one of the most exciting journey in your life, and we would like to make your “KCG Experience” a memorable one.

You often hear that KCG is a special place, and it is! Its depth of character, traditions, diversity, commitment to academic excellence, as well as its beautiful natural surroundings contribute to making KCG such an exemplary academic environment. We want you to enjoy the campus and take full
advantage of everything KCG offers and, in doing so, we encourage you to take appropriate personal and collective precautions when living, learning, working, and playing at KCG.

The integration of world markets and mass sharing of information –has left virtually no part of life in the 21st century unaffected, Engineering Education and the professions linked to it are facing various challenges and are at the cross-road. Technologically advanced countries see it as an opportunity for positioning themselves as knowledge super-powers, whereas countries like India are striving towards knowledge capital, know-how, skilled-manpower, for big investments and entrepreneurship.

India has done phenomenally well in creating large infrastructure across the country to disseminate engineering education to lakhs of aspirants in every State year after year. However, to be able to cater to the next-generation of engineering skill requirements, we need to facilitate quality and accredited technical education at scale. In order to support the efforts, put in to reform engineering education, one has to study the current state of engineering education and formulize short and medium term perspectives and recommendations.

As graduate students, you are the change-makers, the knowledge-creators. But you can’t do it alone and you can’t do it perfectly. Graduate students who succeed—and that will be you—seek out several mentors to support them through the (sometimes bumpy) stages of their program. At KCG, we are here to support your learning and development, whether you are thinking of a Career as soon as you graduate or looking at higher education or any another field, we will be with you every step of the way. You must have asked yourself this question a lot of times, “what do I do after I graduate?”. If you have
any concerns our student counsellors are available to help you find the answer. What works most efficiently is careful evaluation of your interests and your strengths.

In the present era, campus placement holds a great importance for students. It helps a student in building a strong foundation for the professional career ahead without facing the real-world job struggle, peer-competition or family pressure.

KCG has a placement record of 90% and above eligible students being placed. Campus placements provide the students with a foot-in- the-door opportunity, enabling them to start off their career right after they have completed their course curriculum. Furthermore, they get to interact and engage with the
industry professionals during the placement drives, which further help lay a foundation for their prospective career in the future as they familiarize with potential contacts from their chosen career field.

Campus Placements drives gives you the opportunity to be discovered by the industry and vice versa you. Being able to get that dream job is not easy and we ensure that every student is prepped coached and counselled so that they are ready for what lies ahead. Our training and placement team ensure that
all students obtain the required knowledge to get through the toughest of interviews. Training in Aptitude, Communication, Group Discussion, Technical Coding Test, Technical Interview, Personal Interview etc, are imparted from semester one.

Campus Placement Drives are an exciting phase of your life at KCG. More than 250 companies visit the campus every year and more than 95% of the eligible students are placed with a minimum salary of Rs.3 Lakhs. campus drives are organized every year across the Departments. During the final year students
have multiple opportunities to sit for placement. This academic year 2019 – 2020 was a fruitful year to the candidates as well as the college, as we achieved close to 95% Placements, before the Lockdown. The Lockdown did not stop us from conducting Placement Drives, we took those drives online and
interviews were held through Skype/ Zoom/ Telephonic, etc…

Some of the companies that hired our students were, Airbus, Cisco, Virtusa, GAVS Technologies, Sopra Steria, Coding Mart Technologies, e-Con Systems, Johnson Controls, Emerson, Belcan Aerospace, Velciti Consulting Engineers, Besten Engineering, Zoho Corp, Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, Hexaware, etc. The salaries offered varied from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum.

Students who got offered Rs. 5 Lakhs or more CTC followed these simple guidelines:

  • Work hard, work smart
  • Maintain a good CGPA score (7.5 and above)
  • Train, Train, Train practice makes perfect.
  • Update your resume regularly
  • Publish a few research papers
  • Take part in competitions
  • Read and keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world

Students who would like to pursue Higher studies can contact our “Higher Education Cell and Centre of International Affairs”

Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Engineering is a milestone, but what if you feel when you finish your undergraduate studies that you’ve merely scratched the surface of your education? Pursuing your higher studies is a big step and you need to prepare for it from day one of your engineering studies. Many
students who finish B.E opt for a master’s degree either from a foreign university or an Indian university or an integrated course with a dual degree program which is offered by some universities including Hindustan University.

KCG’s Masters Programs are on par with some of the best in the country. If you wish to pursue your higher education outside the country, our higher education cell will be able to assist you in preparing for GATE/CAT, GMAT etc.

Whatever your aspirations, we will be able to help you achieve them. “If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Once again welcome to KCG College of Technology, we look forward to personally welcoming you and We are confident that you will find this a truly exciting place to pursue your graduate studies and sow the seeds of your future