About the Department

  • The Department offers best Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering course in Chennai, and course is 4-year, undergraduate courses: namely, B.E Aeronautical Engineering and B.E Aerospace Engineering. The department is permanently affiliated to Anna University and is also accredited by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

  • In the Department of Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering, we believe that the sky is our limit – We teach the fundamentals of Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering and bring to the fore the capabilities of students to build futuristic flying machines. Our Department features well experienced and highly capable faculty; and state of the art, modern lab facilities that will sow seeds of desire in the students to learn and launch into the field of Aeronautics. Apart from the curriculum, the Department also organises National and International conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, symposiums and industrial visits in the field of Aviation under the guidance of Dr.Anand Jacob Verghese, Director & CEO, Hindustan group of Institutions; and Vice President, Aeronautical Society of India.

Vision & Mission


The Department envisions becoming a center of excellence, equipping the students with value and skill based education, pursuing globally relevant research and producing professionals committed to nation building.


  • Impart quality technical education and unique interdisciplinary experiences
  • Develop the analytical, computational and design capabilities to provide sustainable solutions
  • Expose the students to the current trends and opportunities in the global Aerospace industry
  • Inculcate professional responsibility based on an innate ethical value system

Programme Educational Objectives

The graduates will:

PEO 1 Apply knowledge in emerging and varied areas of Aeronautical Engineering for higher studies, research, employment and product development.
PEO 2 Communicate their skills and have a sense of responsibility to protect the environment and have ethical conduct towards their profession and commitment to serve the society.
PEO 3 Exhibit managerial skills and leadership qualities while understanding the need for lifelong learning to be competent professionals

Program Outcomes

Engineering graduates will be able to :

PO 1 Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals,  and  an  engineering  specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
PO 2 Identify, formulate, research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics,  natural  sciences,  and  engineering  sciences.
PO 3 Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design  system  components  or  processes  that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration  for  the  public  health  and  safety,  and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
PO 4 Use research based knowledge and methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and  synthesis  of  the  information  to  provide valid conclusions.
PO 5 Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT  tools including prediction and modelling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of  the  limitations.
PO 6 Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities  relevant to the professional  engineering  practice.
PO 7 Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions  in  societal  and  environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
PO 8 Apply  ethical  principles  and  commit  to  professional  ethics  and  responsibilities  and  norms of the  engineering practice.
PO 9 Function  effectively  as  an individual,  and  as  a  member  or  leader  in  diverse  teams,  and  in multidisciplinary settings.
PO 10 Communicate effectively on complex  engineering  activities with the engineering  community and with society  at  large,  such  as,  being  able  to  comprehend  and write  effective  reports  and  design  documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO 11 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering  and  management  principles and  apply these to one’s own work, as a member and  leader  in  a  team,  to  manage  projects  and  in  multidisciplinary environments.
PO 12 Recognize  the  need  for,  and  have  the  preparation and  ability  to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadcast context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO No. Description of PSO
PSO 1 Design and investigate complex problems in Aircraft structures, Aerodynamics, Flight dynamics and Aircraft materials
PSO 2 Use FLUENT/GAMBIT and ANSYS tools for design, simulation and analysis of Aeronautical and Mechanical systems
PSO 3 Follow the AIAA Code of Ethics in their future career
Programmes Offered
UG (Under Graduate)
B.E (Aeronautical Engineering – 4 Years)
(Regulation 2017 | Course Mapping)
B.E (Aerospace Engineering – 4 Years)
(Regulation 2017)
PG (Post Graduate)
M.E (Aeronautical Engineering – 2 Years)
(Regulation 2021)
Faculty (Regular)

Padma Bhushan Dr. A Sivathanu Pillai
Emeritus Professor
Former Chief Controller(R&D), DRDO
Founder CEO & MD of BrahMos Aerospace

Dr. K. Vijayaraja
Professor & Head
Member of Syllabus Sub Committee in Anna University
PhD – Gas dynamics
ME –Thermal Engineering Profile

Prof. R.R. Elangovan
M.Tech – Aerospace Engg (IIT Kharagpur)
D.MIT – Aeronautical Engg

Dr. C Chinnaraj
PhD –  Thermal Engineering
M.E – R & A.C

Dr. R. Asad Ahmed
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator (Aero)
Member of Syllabus Sub Committee in Anna University
PhD -High speed Jets
MS –Aerospace (State University of New York at Buffalo)

Mr. A Jayababu
Associate Professor
M.E – Aerospace Technology
B.E – Aeronautical Engineering

Dr. Konark Arora
Associate Professor
PhD. Aerospace Engineering (IISc, Bangalore)
M.E. Aerospace Engineering (IISc, Bangalore)

Dr. KalaivananThirupathi
Assistant Professor(SG)
PhD- Material Science (University of Miskolc, Hungary)
MS- Aerospace Engineering (University of Manchester, U. K)

Dr. Syam Narayanan S
Assistant Professor (SG)
PhD – Micro Air Vehicles
ME – Aerospace Technology

Dr. K.K.Nithiyanantham
Assistant Professor(SS)
Ph.D – Avionics
ME –Avionics

Mr. S.Venkatramanan
Assistant Professor (SS)
PhD (pursuing)- High speed Jets
ME –Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. R. Prabu
Assistant Professor(SS)
PhD (pursuing) – Aerodynamics
ME – Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. A. Adhil Sharief
Assistant Professor(SS)
M.E- Aeronautical Engineering
BE – Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. V. Manishankar
Assistant Professor(SS)
M.Tech–Aeronautical Engineering
BE-Aeronautical Engineering

Mrs. J Anbarasi
Assistant Professor(SS)
ME-Engineering of Flight Vehicles
BE –Aeronautical Engineering

Assistant Professor
ME-Rocket Propulsion
B.Tech-Aerospace Engineering

Mr.Aashish Chandra Mouli
Assistant Professor
M.E – Avionics
BE – Aeronautical Engineering

Ms. Ashvini P Desai
Assistant Professor
ME – Aeronautical Engineering

Dr Anumula Swarnalatha
Assistant Professor (S.S)
Ph.D – Avionics
Mr S Ramabadran
Captain Alpha Rajan
Dr. K. Vijayaraja, Professor & Head
Dr. R. Asad Ahmed, Associate Professor
Dr. Syam Narayanan S, Assistant Professor (SG)
Mr. S.Venkatramanan, Assistant Professor (SS)
Names of the Members Designation (with department if applicable)
Dr. K. Vijayaraja Professor & Head
Dr. R. Asad Ahmed Associate Professor
Dr. K M Paramasivam Professor
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai
Mr. T Ponnurangan Sr. General Manager
Siemens Gamesa, Chennai
Mr. Sudhakar Propulsion Engineer
SHAR- ISRO, Shriharikotta
Mr. Anand Raj Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-3
Air India –Bangalore
Mr.Dinesh Babu M Parent
Mr.Karuppasamy S Parent


Infrastructure & Facilities

Lab Facilities

Link Flight Simulator Cessna 172L Aircraft Avionics Lab
Subsonic Wind Tunnel Lear Jet Aircraft Supersonic Jet Facility
APU – TK12 Brake Torque Load System UTM
Wagner Beam Beam Setup Polariscope
Hele – Shaw Apparatus Tiger Moth Aircraft  Engine Maintenance Lab
Turbo Propeller Engine NK-12 Lycoming Piston Engine Free Jet Apparatus CFD Workstation
Anna University Rank Holders
2020 - 21

Vignesh V
Rank 4

2020 - 21

Ravi Kumar M
Rank 5

2020 - 21

Aakash Suvaraj K R
Rank 8

2020 - 21

Thejshri A
Rank 15

2020 - 21

Nishanth L
Rank 18

2020 - 21

Solomon Jerald A
Rank 18

2019 - 20

Rank 13

2019 - 20

Rank 4

2018 -19

Rank 26

2017 - 18

Rank 7

2017 - 18

Rank 16

2017 - 18

Rank 20

2017 - 18

Rank 26

2017 - 18

Rank 35

2017 - 18

Rank 27

2017 - 18

Rank 15

2016 - 17

Rank 14

2016 - 17

Rank 13

2016 - 17

Rank 19

2016 - 17

Rank 21

2016 - 17

Rank 27

2016 - 17

Rank 28

2016 - 17

Rank 36

2016 - 17

Rank 32

2016 - 17

Rank 42

2016 - 17

Rank 45

Ongoing Projects

DRDL Sponsored Project

Base Drag Reduction Studies by Experiment and CFD at Low Speeds Boat Tail Base Configuration

DRDL Sponsored Project

Investigation of Pressure Field over inner surface of Jet tab fixed to the supersonic nozzle exit

KCGSAT-ISRO Guided Project

Development of an Experimental Satellite (KCGSAT) by Hindustan Group of Institutions

Centre of Excellence-Drones

Design and Development of unmanned aerial vehicles Drone for civil and Military Applications

Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

Design & Development of VAWT and HAWT with Optimized Aerodynamics Performance

Nano Composite Analysis

Fabrication of Nano Filler Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic with Stealth Effect for Fighter Aircrafts

Development of Gyrocopter

Design and Development of Indigenous Gyrocopter for Multiple Application

Flapping Wing Analysis

Experimental Analysis on Lift Generation of Flapping Wing MAVs

3D Printing Technology

Analysis Of Direct Metal Laser 3D Printing With Conventional Materials


MoU signed  with Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd.

MoU signed  with GMR Aero Technic

Training & VAP
Flight Training Program at IIT Kanpur for Final year Students UAV Pilot Training for Second Years Flight Simulator Training for Third Years
Aircraft Maintenance Training at HIET for Third Years CFD Training for Third Years
Space Odyessy II With Russian Cosmonaut Industrial Visit to INS Rajali Aero DAB Meeting
Space Odyessy I With NASA Cosmonaut AK-EDUSAT Competition Drone PitStop
Drone Racing Competition Seminar on Aircraft Maintenance Seminar on composite Materials
Abdul Kalam Memorial Day Space Odyessy III with NASA Scientist MoU With Skyport-MMC
Webinar Series
Future of Drones in Farming
Gas Turbine Engines Tech.
Combustion Fundamentals
Modern Avionics & Air Safety
Composite Materials
Future of Aviation Careers
Notable Alumni Achievements

Team Lead Boeing India

The staff and resources at KCG college of Technology helped me fulfill my dream My department helped me mould my attitude to become a leader through the opportunities I was grateful to have earned. I will always owe my success to my professors who helped me become the person I am today. KCG always holds a very special place in my heart and it’s the place where I have utilized the best 4 years of my Life.

Propulsion R & D Officer, IITM

The place that helped me recognise my true potential and transformed me into a successful Aerospace Engineer is the Department of Aeronautical Engineering. The guidance and support that I got from our faculty and staff was tremendous. With the kind of knowledge, skills, exposure and experiences that were made available to us, was very fortunate to get a job in my field of education  with ISRO on Rocket Propulsion

Alumni Webinar Series
Virtual Lab


Experiment Name: Flow characteristics of convergent divergent nozzle at supersonic and subsonic speeds
Lab Name: Propulsion Laboratory

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Kavinaam of Tayaran - March 2019

Kavinaam of Tayaran - March 2020

Kavinaam of Tayaran - March 2021

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