Establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee

As per AICTE regulations regarding establishment of Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Technical Institutions, Regulations 2012, the College has appointed an Ombudsman and formed a Grievance Redressal Committee for the purpose of redressal of grievances of the students and parents.

Appointment of Ombudsman

Ms. N Uma Maheswari, Retired District Judge in 2020, has been appointed as OMBUDSMAN to address the grievances of students and parents.

General Student Grievance Committee

Grievances of students related to academics and personal grievances of students within campus and hostel may be addressed to Dean, Student Affairs.

Email id :

S.No Name Designation Email
1 Dr. M. Muthukannan Principal
2 Dr Edward Kennedy Head – IQAC
3 Ms D Revathy Student Counsellor
4 Ms Aparna P Student

Maintenance of Registry

  • A Registry is available at the office of Dean (Student Affairs) of this Institution to record the complaints (if any) of the aggrieved students or parents. The students or parents seeking redressal of their grievance can approach the Secretary to Dean (Student Affairs) and record the same in the register.
  • On receipt of the compliant, the Dean (Student Affairs) shall inform the Grievance Redressal Committee within two days.
  • After conducting a detailed enquiry, the Grievance Committee shall communicate the decisions within 10 days of receipt of the compliant to the Dean (Student Affairs) who will inform the same to the aggrieved students or parents.
  • The students and their parents if they are not satisfied with the decision of the Committee, they can make an application through the register in the Dean (Student Affairs) office for redressal of the grievance by Ombudsman.
  • On receipt of the appeal for redressal by the Ombudsman, the Dean (Student Affairs) shall forward the same within five days of receipt of the appeal to the Ombudsman for his perusal and necessary action.
  • For speedy redress of grievances, the Ombudsman shall exercise the powers vested on him to hear those grievances and will ensure the disposal of the grievances within one month.
  • The students and their parents are requested to utilize the above mentioned grievance redressal mechanism made available at KCG College of Technology to seek relief for their grievances.