• To create awareness at grass root level on eye problems
  • To screen and prevent diabetic retinopathy at early stages
  • To eradicate eye problems caused by diabetes mellitus
  • To enable last mile connectivity thereby reaching the rural community
  • To develop innovative devices for preventive healthcare and mass screening
  • To explore research opportunities in futuristic technology like IoT, AI and Block Chain on healthcare applications
  • To engage in technology dissemination to students and involve them in outreach programmes

Project: LEXI CHECK – A learning module for Dyslexic Children developed by team TECH GUYS of ECE

Camp 1: Eye Camp in Basin Bridge Kondikuppam Police Quaters in association with Sankara Nethralaya

Camp 2: Eye Camp at Vasudevan Nagar,Jafarkhanpet, Chennai in association with Sankara Nethralaya


  • To enhance hands-on training for about 150 students every year
  • To acquire consultancy works and research projects
  • To train and produce students who are industry ready
  • To motivate students and researchers to publish quality papers in the field of data analytics in reputed international journals and conferences
  • To conduct a variety of events in the field of data science and data analytics

KCG College of Technology has launched a Technical Center by name EFY KCG Tech Center, in collaboration with Electronics For You, a very popular technical magazine catering to the needs of Electronics hobbyists. EFY–KCG Tech Center will provide Hands-on technical training in the latest fields such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded System, PIC Microcontrollers, VLSI Design and Basic Electronics. On successful completion of the course, the trainees will be provided the coveted EFY Certificate, which is recognized by the industry all over India.

Courses Offered

                                                                                                          Arduino Workshop
Pre – Requisition

  • Elementary knowledge of computer programming
  • Brief idea about the working of microprocessor
  • Knowledge of different type of sensors
  • Working knowledge of using LED & LCD Display units
  • Exposure to motors, relays and other electron mechanical components


  • Knowledge of utilizing various types of sensors
  • Ability in designing various applications using the sensors
  • Capacity to use the Arduino platform for various applications
  • Extending the knowledge gained on Arduino for industrial applications
  • Knowledge of HW and SW for building up circuit blocks

PCB Workshop

Pre – Requisition

  • Elementary knowledge of electronics
  • Exposure to simple electronic components
  • Knowledge on how to solder electronic components
  • Knowledge of using hand tools like electric drill and multimeter
  • Exposure to motors, relays and other electron mechanical components


  • Ability to design a simple PCB using CAD software
  • Capacity design PCB layout for electronic projects
  • Knowledge of debugging and rectifying the assembled circuit
  • Confidence in designing the optimum size PCB for any industrial project.

Raspberry pi and its Applications

Pre – Requisition

  • Elementary knowledge of computer programming
  • Brief idea about the working of microprocessor
  • Knowledge of different type of sensors
  • Working knowledge of using LED & LCD Display units
  • Exposure to motors, relays and other electron mechanical components


  • Familiarize students with the Raspbian Operating System, and basic Linux commands
  • Familiarize students with basic programming concepts using Python on the RPi
  • Ability to run Python program and use variables, arrays, conditional structures, iterative structures, and functions
  • Knowledge to interface the RPi to a variety of sensors: distance, light, temperature, pressure, touch, sound, etc

KCG-CDCE-MSME Centre of Excellence was inaugurated in 07th Feburary 2017 by Mr.S.Arunachalam Plant Head, IFB Automotives Pvt Ltd, Chennai. KCG-CDCE has a vision to provide the budding engineers an opportunity for industrial exposure. This gives a regular theory-oriented Rigmarole filled student a fresh perspective, the urge to build & the skill to achieve it. We provide hands – on training from professionals in industrial automation & robotics.

KCG-CDCE product profile consists of Manufacturing of Special purpose machines, Test rigs, Assembly stations, Conveyor systems, Work stations, Electrical panels, Automation panels, LT Panels, PLC Panels, Robotics, Jigs and Fixtures. KCG-CDCE Centre of Excellence does Consultancy projects for Automobile Industry, Food Industry, ETP, STP, Engineering and Chemical Industries.


  • Build the experimental knowledge about sensors, transducers, hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits.
  • Identify the basic components of the PLC and how they function
  • Develop the interfacing circuits necessary for the various applications
  • Explain the Barcode automation system and its function
  • Build the experimental knowledge about machine vision system and its function

Consultancy Projects
Project 1: Revamping of End cover assembly poke yoke system for M/s. Sintex BAPL India Ltd for their assembly line

Project 2: Poke Yoke systems with Barcode automation inspection machines for M/s. Sintex BAPL India Ltd

Project 3: TVS Head lamp housing assembly machine for M/s. Sintex BAPL India Ltd

Project 4: 106kW Asynchronous Servo drive system for Ashok Leyland

The importance of using Renewable sources of energy is getting more and more relevant to sustain Greener Environment and Pollution free atmosphere in the urban areas. KCG College of Technology is a recognised training partner by Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ), National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). KCG has installed 100kW Rooftop Solar Power Plant in campus to fulfil the goal of National Solar mission to achieve a target of 100GW by 2022. KCG has also signed an MoU with National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE).


  • To promote environment friendly power generation
  • To train the students with Solar PV Installation
  • To give hands on training exposure to the students in the area of Solar and Wind energy
  • To support initiatives in Solar Energy and wind energy
  • To fill the gap and helping our country to become a clean and green energy nation
  • To design courses in green jobs


  • Students after gaining knowledge through the solar training have done many projects in solar energy and participated in many competitions
  • Most of our students got placed in various industries and solar sectors
  • Two of our students have emerged as Entrepreneurs in this sector and are incubated in our in-house Technology Business Incubator (KCGTBI) sponsored by MSME
  • A funded project titled Wind Driven Air Storage System is in progress from NIWE


100kW Solar Plant Visit

NSDC Solar Grid Engineer Training Practical Session

NSDC Solar Grid Engineer Training

Solar Lab

Solar Tree as Street Light in College Campus

Solar Tree as Study Lamp and Mobile Charger

International Technical Talk 

Special Talk by Mr. Eize De Vries

  • One day International Technical Talk by experts from Greece, France, Argentina and UK was organized in the campus on the topic “Introduction to Wind Empowerment & Experiences with Small Wind Turbine across the World” for more than 200 participants from various colleges
  • Mr. Eize De Vries, Technology and Market Trends Consultant from Netherlands delivered a special talk for the students on “International Seminar on Wind Turbines”
  • IET sponsored Two-Day Knowledge Enhancement Programme (KEP) on “Future of the IoT in Renewable Energy” was organized in the campus
  • NSDC certified training on Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer- SGJ/Q0106 for a batch of 239 students
  • Our campus utilizes 28% of power consumption through 100 kW Solar Power Plant with Grid Tied Inverter which is installed in the college premises to enlighten the students mind with go green environment
  • IET sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Green and Energy Efficient Buildings with Emphasis on Power Management
  • AICTE sponsored Two-week Faculty Development Programme on Analysis of Power System Protection and Automation – Current Scenario
  • Three Day Hands-on Workshop on Solar Photo Voltaic System and Installation
  • Two Day Hands-on Workshop on Solar Powered ON Grid and OFF Grid Systems
  • Faculty Development Programme on Case Studies in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • Guest Lecture on Wind Energy Systems was organized for the final year B.E. (EEE) students by Industrial Expert
  • Guest Lecture on Solar Energy Utilisation was organized for third year B.E. (EEE) students by expert
  • Two Day Workshop for Polytechnic Students on Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV system for a Strength of 102

Substation automation and smart grid Centre of Excellence (CoE) exposes the art and science of latest protection engineering, substation operation and control to the engineering graduates, post graduates, research scholars, industry professionals and technicians. Substation automation offers an opportunity to increase the plant productivity with the aid of enhanced protection schemes as well as condition monitoring for generators, power transformers, bus bars, etc. Numeric relays and Intelligent Electronic Devices are an integral part of the substation automation system.

Under the CoE, the State of Art Power System Protection Lab facility is established. This lab is commissioned with the GE make Numerical Relays viz., Distance Protection Relay, Transformer Protection Relay, Bus bar Protection Relay, Generator Protection Relay, and Motor Protection Relay.

Highlights of the Lab

  • Numerical Relays are housed in four separate panels for various Protection Applications along with Backup Electromechanical Relays
  • Bay Control Unit (BCU) for Remote control of Isolator/ Breaker
  • GPS system for time synchronization of all these numerical relays
  • All numerical relays are connected to a common server through Ethernet & Fibre Optic cables for monitoring the relay operations
  • OMICRON make computerised Relay Test kit for state of art testing
  • Electrostatic Discharge flooring for safety of solid state components in relays
  • ETAP software in a separate system provided for relay coordination, Power System Analysis & Fault Analysis studies
  • The ambience of the lab gives the true feel of industry and substation control room environmentg
  • Power Quality Analyser for studying harmonics


  • To collate resources and industrial expertise in order to upgrade knowledge and professional skills of students and industry professionals
  • To provide opportunities for scholars to pursue research activities in the area of Power Systems, Substation Automation, Digital Protection and all Smart Grid components
  • To facilitate expert talks, conferences and hand on workshops in the field of protection and substation automation in order to bridge the skill gap between the industry and academia
  • To prepare Electrical Engineering students for the job market in the field of Power Systems, Automation and Smart Grid Technology

Instructing to the Students

Three Panels Corner View

Three Panels Straight View

KCG College of Technology is always at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. As the traction is now towards IoT, the ecosystem in the institution nurtures student innovations through Special interest Group on IoT and IoT Club.

To fulfill the vision of our Founder Chairman Dr. K.C.G Verghese, to lead the institution towards the global technology, the Centre of Excellence for IoT- an initiative of KCG College of Technology, Chennai in association with Intel Corporation is expected to promote an IoT ecosystem, which is vibrant and at the same time innovative, which will help our students and faculty to develop prototypes and products.

Inauguration of Center of Excellence in IoT

On 22nd September 2016, KCG – Intel Center of Excellence in IoT was inaugurated by Dr.S Ganesan, Registrar, Anna University, Chennai in the presence of Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, Director and CEO, Hindustan Group of Institutions, Dr. G. Prabhakaran, Principal, Dr. Sumathi Poobal, Vice Principal, Dr. C Chinnaraj, Registrar, KCG College of Technology.


  • To collate resources and industrial expertise in order to upgrade knowledge and professional skills of students and industry professionals
  • To provide opportunities for scholars to pursue research activities in the area of Power Systems, Substation Automation, Digital Protection and all Smart Grid components
  • To facilitate expert talks, conferences and hand on workshops in the field of protection and substation automation in order to bridge the skill gap between the industry and academia
  • To prepare Electrical Engineering students for the job market in the field of Power Systems, Automation and Smart Grid Technology


Signing of MoU and Opening of Lab

The MoU between Intel and KCG College of Technology was signed on 7th February 2017 in the presence of Mr. Pradeep Gnanapragasam, Associate Vice President, FICE, Training Partner for Intel, Dr. G. Prabhakaran, Principal, Dr. Sumathi Poobal, Vice Principal and Mr. Dorai Thodla, Founder and CEO, iMorph. The lab for the Centre of Excellence was also opened on the same day by Mr. Pradeep Gnanapragasam.

Trainings offered
Hands on Training on Intel Galileo boards was given to our faculty members and students.

Training 1: 07.02.2017 to 10.02.2017
No. of students participated: 59

Training 2: 19.12.2017 to 22.12.2017
No. of students participated: 46

Projects developed in the centre

• Hy-Qual- A Cloud based Water Surveillance
• DigiTrack- GPS Based Bus Tracking System
• TurbityAnalyser
• IoT Based Gas Leakage Detection System
• IoT Development Kit
• Sensor Breakout Shield for Intel Galileo Board
• Safety belt monitoring system for construction application
• Forklift Safety System

Experts Visit

Dr Frank Johnson, President, Ottawa Instrumentation Ltd.,Ottawa, Canada visited our CoE on 20.04.2017 Prof. Wayne Fallon, Western Sydney University, Australia visited our CoE on 22.05.2017 Mr.Rajiv R G, Principal-Technologist, DXC Technology  visited our CoE on 21.07.2017 Mr. Dileep Paruchuri, Project/Program Manager, Intel Technologies, Bengaluru visited our CoE on 22.07.2017


Aircraft simulators or flight simulators try to replicate and reproduce the experience of flying an aircraft. They are now extensively used in the aviation industry for design and development and the training of air crew for both civil and military aircraft.Aircraft simulators have proven to be an essential element for flight training for individual general aviation pilots and airline flight crew.Flight simulation involves the representation in a simulator environment of the flight and systems characteristics of an aircraft.

Purpose and form

The primary purpose of flight simulation is to train a pilot to achieve, test, and maintain proficiency in the operation of an airplane without risk to person or property and at a lower cost to training in the air.

Major Advantages as a training device

Flight simulators are used as a training device because of their overall effectiveness and efficiency in training pilots.

Some of the advantages of using flight simulators include the following:

  • Permit novice pilots to experience simulated flight without risk to him or her or to valuable aircraft.
  • Availability – that is, flight simulation is not dependent on particular environmental conditions (good weather), or availability of a real aircraft. Correspondingly, it is possible to generate particular conditions without them having to be sought out in the real world.
  • Accessibility – simulation does not require a full flight progression (pre-flight, take-off, flight, landing, post-flight), but permits repeated practice of a particular stage of flight, such as an ILS approach.
  • Cost-effectiveness – savings in crew time, fuel, maintenance to real aircraft, revenue that would be lost using a real aircraft, and environmental impact.

About Smart Fly – Advent

This is also called as Aviation training Device with high performance single piston engine aircrafts mainly representing Cessna 172, Cessna 152 & Cessna 177RG(Retractable gear) . Major features include 140Deg Horizontal Field of View (FOV), High definition synthetic instrument gauges with silky smooth response which aids for accurate training. Major attraction is this simulator is equipped with Garmin type GPS (G500model) which helps to learn about flying on GPS and has HD terrain warning display.

Simulator include latest state of art Instructor operating station which challenges the students ability and has following major features like Live tracking map, Nav waypoints as per real world data, Weather control, ILS CAT1 to CAT3 visibility setting, Set the season , day/night flying, Failure of engines, instruments, etc.

Autodesk Centre of Excellence in the department of Civil Engineering is intended to impart knowledge and skills on various Autodesk software to our young Civil Engineering graduates and prepare them for the real job market as required by the Engineering design industry. Our training courses focus on project based productivity enhancement training to employ the immediate trained students to meet the demanding requirements of the engineering industry.Through CoE, the department has accomplished various programs like,

  • Faculty development programs on emerging technologies
  • Workshops for students
  • Student expert programs
  • Student design competition by Autodesk
  • Latest technology update for faculties

The CoE facilitates the Civil Students to be trained and certified by Autodesk according to Industry Standards and Industry Workflows. The design studio is provided with latest software updates, makes it unique and offers a wide range of research and training for students and also assists them with individual design projects. Autodesk Certified Trainers are deputed to handle the training for the students trained through CoE and also are provided with E-Books & Certificates from Autodesk. Periodical assessment of the students’ progress is monitored during the training program.The focus of this centre being teaching, training, research, skill and technology excellence, it is possible to generate ignited and innovative talented students.

KCG College of Technology and Virtusa Corporation have partnered to launch a Centre of Excellence on Java and new-age technologies on 4th December 2018. Through this initiative the students and faculty of the college will get the benefit of industry-oriented training and exposure to new-age technologies that are sought after at today’s workplace.

Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT outsourcing services, will bring to the table its expertise in updating students of KCG College about emerging technologies that are trending in the IT Industry. Virtusa will do this by providing hands-on exposure and training to the students on these technologies thereby making them industry ready during their period of study at the institution.

This initiative will also help provide students and the faculty an update on the needs of the industry. Given that students with the right talent and skill in exploring new technologies are preferred in organizations today, Virtusa will be at the forefront providing them with an extensive platform to excel and unlock the endless scope of new-age technologies and benefit from it.

Virtusa will provide training to the faculty members of KCG in the areas of microservices, big data, machine learning, block chain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.  In turn, the KCG-Virtusa Centre of Excellence will train students on Java-based current technologies aiming at creating a student talent with industry-ready skills.


10 Students have received offer from Virtusa in 2019.

Student Day Participation

KCG as academic partner with Oracle continues to conduct java fundamentals certification course for both CSE and IT Students and around 200 students are Oracle academy certified. Oracle Academy is an educational program that advances computer science globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. The program supports continuous computer science learning at all levels by providing a variety of free resources including technology, curriculum and courseware, student workshops, educator training, and Oracle industry certification.

KCG students also actively participated in the student day organized by Oracle academy featured with cutting-edge topics, created and presented by Oracle employees sharing their knowledge of the latest in technology as well as their personal career journeys within the IT industry.