UBA Coordinator
Name: Amrutha. R
Email:  amrutha@kcgcollege.com
Phone Number:  9962224184

Sr. No.




1 Pulikundram



2 Puliyur/ Pattikadu
3 Echoor
4 Acharapakkam
5 Irumbedu


List of Activities

Infrastructure development at Pattikadu/Puliyur

The school was in desperate need of a stage . The construction was taken up and sponsored by KCG College of Technology. The renovation of rest rooms is now under progress.

Teach to reach at Echoor Village

35 school students benefited in the event. Students were given take away a low cost emergency light with its operation. Then students learned basic computer operations.

First Aid Awareness Program at Pulikundram

PulavarManickam, District Secretary, Red Cross Society, Kanchipuram District was the resource person to demonstrate the first aid measures for various situations like road accident, heart attack, snake and other insect bites, electric shock, seizures, fire accident etc.,. 70 people from the village and 15 rotaract volunteers participated in the programme.

Technology demonstration to the farmers of Acharavakkam

The field demonstration was planned in order to create awareness for the farmers on the technologies that will alleviate their problems on the field and also understand the real-time problems they face frequently at their farmlands.The college team demonstrated the “Smart Irrigation system” to the farmers of the village. The team briefed on the applications of the system and how helpful will it be for the farmers, installation of “solar lamps” and its uses at night in agri fields and the working of Drones and its prolific applications in agriculture advancements.

Women Empowerment to the women of Irumbedu

The women’s folk consisted of ladies of different age group who can adapt to different levels of skills even though they have farm and agriculture land in their house that income is not sufficient to run the family, so the women requested us to identify suitable occupation with multiple levels of skill set suitable for their women’s community. So the women requested us to identify suitable occupation with multiple levels of skill set suitable for their women’s community.

Next Action Plan

Sr. No.

Activity to be conducted

1 Completion of rest room construction at Puliyur/ Pattikadu and provide further support.
2 Skill training the women at Irumbedu and other villages
3 Train the school children in computer literacy and spoken English-
4 Organise health care camps in all villages
5 Help the farmers procure and use the technologically helpful products.