Dr. M. Muthukannan

Welcome to KCG College of Technology! As the Principal of KCG College of Technology, it gives me immense pleasure to extend a warm greeting to all those who have taken the time to explore our digital presence.

At KCG College of Technology, we assure in providing an exceptional educational experience that nurtures the intellectual, emotional and social development of our students. We strive to create an environment where individuals can flourish and reach their full potential. Our commitment to academic excellence, combined with a holistic approach to education, prepares our students to become well-rounded global citizens and future leaders.

Nestled in the heart of Chennai, KCG College of Technology (Autonomus) is a prestigious institution offering twelve undergraduate and five postgraduate programs. With permanent affiliation under Anna University for six undergraduate programs and accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for five undergraduate programs, the college upholds academic excellence. It holds an A+ Grade accreditation from NAAC and ranks in the 201-250 band among engineering institutions in India by NIRF. Recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) by DSIR, the college fosters cutting-edge research and innovation. It is also eligible for central assistance under the UGC Act and serves as a training center for skill development councils. KCG College of Technology provides a transformative educational experience in an intellectually rich environment.

We proudly offer various courses designed to cater to diverse interests and aptitudes, fostering a passion for lifelong learning and personal growth. Our state-of-the-art facilities and resources also facilitate hands-on learning experiences, enabling our students to acquire practical skills and knowledge.

As the Principal, I assure you that the welfare and success of our students are our top priorities. We prioritize their overall development by emphasizing values such as integrity, empathy, and respect, instilling a sense of social responsibility in them. Our dedicated faculty members are committed to providing a stimulating learning environment and engaging classroom experiences that encourage critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

We also encourage active parent and community involvement, recognizing their invaluable role in supporting our students’ educational journey. We foster open communication channels and encourage feedback from all stakeholders, as we believe that collaboration and partnership are essential for the holistic development of our institution.

We appreciate your interest in KCG College of Technology. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and embarking on a transformative educational journey together.

Dr. M. Muthukannan