The main objective of the college is to assist the students in bringing out the best of their abilities and to train them to become successful professionals.  To achieve this, the college endeavors to provide them with these facilities.

  • An excellent academic atmosphere to enable students to acquire a broad engineering background to meet the changing needs of the industry and to ensure an attractive placement immediately on completion of studies.
  • An opportunity to help them to acquire all-round development and to inculcate sympathetic attitude to the needy and to the underprivileged.
  • A Technological and Management Consultancy Centre (TMCC)
  • A Research and Development Centre (RDC) for advanced studies in specialized areas of management, science, engineering and technology.
  • Continuing Education Programmes (CEP) by conducting refresher and short terms courses in current technology for practicing engineers.
  • A computer centre to develop software and serve the industries and other agencies in-and-around Chennai.
  • Innovation Cell (i-cell), Entrepreneurship Cell (e-cell), Placement Cell, Training Cell, Higher Education Cell, Literary Clubs, Quiz Club, etc.

Further, the college strives to encourage the students not only to be involved actively in their course work but also to take part in many different extra-curricular activities.