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Research Recognitions

The college has been recognized as a “Scientific and Industrial Research Organization” (SIRO) by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. The college has been granted with “12B” status of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

These recognitions have enhanced funding opportunities from government and other agencies to conduct research and development that are of national relevance and importance.

KCG College of Technology encourages interdisciplinary research and exchange of ideas and knowledge in various related fields.  Admissions to Ph.D. programs at KCG College of Technology – Anna University approved Research Center are conducted twice a year, for January and July sessions. A Ph.D. program is offered in two modes- Full Time and Part Time. Coursework, participation in various interactions, submission of progress reports through presentations etc. on regular basis has to be carried out during the program.

The Ph. D regulations can be found at the following link: Regulation 2020

Research Events

Dr. Deepa Jose – Head Research at Fifth International Congress and Expo on Biotechnology London, UK

Proceedings release during inaugural session of ICIDSET

Valedictory function of ICIDSET

Proceedings release during inaugural session of ICICA


Dr. Emilin Shyni, Professor, Department of CSE at IEEE International Conference RAETCS, Allahabad

Dr. M. Krishnamurthy, Professor, Department of CSE at International Conference on IHIS, Kuwait

The Centre is looking after the recognition of Departments  and for collaborative research with Industrial Units/R&D centres. It is also providing a platform for the faculty members to interact with other experts in their area of specialization within India and abroad which provide an opportunity for others to understand the research quality of KCG College of Technology and also pave way for scientific collaboration. Research Center was established with the aim of accelerating research, publications, consultancy and to get funded projects in various areas. The collegeis actively involved in research and development. Funds have been received by the college from variousfunding agencies namely -All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Micro, Small andMedium Enterprises (MSME), Department of Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology(TNSCST), National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Department of Science and Technology (DST),Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment(CVRDE), Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and from professional societies- IET, IEI, IEEE. Research collaborations with foreign universities is also being carried out.

Around 74 research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. programme at the Center. Around 16 teaching staffs/experts are recognized as approved supervisors by Anna University for guiding research scholars.

Events Conducted by KCG Research Centre

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Sl.No. Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the Guides Title of the Thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD
1 Ms.S.Umamaheswari Dr.J.Raja Paul Perinbam ECE Improved performance for irregular network-on-chip architectures. 2009 2015
2 Ms. BennilaThangammal C Electrionics and Communication Engineering Dr. Raja Paul Perinbam A cross layer approach for energy Efficient secured data transmission In wireless sensor network 2009 2015
3 Mr.D.Joseph Jeyakumar Dr.J.Raja Paul Perinbam ECE Algorithms for low power implementation of hearing aids 2009 2016
4 Mr.T.Manikandan Dr. N. Bharathi EEE A study on computer aided diagnosis systems for lung cancer detection and its three dimesional visualization using machine learning techniques 2010 2017
5 Mr Viswanathan. R Dr Ramesh S MECH Turning Investigation and Performance Analysis In Machining Of Magnesium  Alloy 2013 2017
7 Ms. Z. Brijet Dr. N. Bharathi EEE Modeling and Design of Controllers for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit 2010 2018
8 Ms. A. Lakshmi Sangeetha Dr. N. Bharathi EEE Performance Analysis of cascade control system through variousnetwork Architectures 2010 2018
9 Mr. Subburam V Dr. S. Ramesh MECH Some studies on electrochemical
machining of alloys and composites
2009 2018
10 Mr. K. Suresh Kumar Dr. M. Krishnamurthy CSE A Novel Framework Design For Mutual Authentication Using Image Captcha 2011 2019
11 Mr.L. Prince Jeya Lal Dr. S. Ramesh MECH Effect of inclusion of nano-silica ad
mechanical behaviour of glass epoxy
2015 2019
12 Mr. Anbarasan Dr. M. Krishnamurthy CSE Improved Secure Communication in MANET Using Trust Enhancement for Reliable Routing 2016 2019
14 Mr. Balu. P Dr. M. Kannan MECH Study of Thermal behaviour of Synthetic
Fiber Composite Materials
2013 2019
15 Mr. Paramaguru G Dr. M. Kannan MECH Experimental and Theoretical Analysis on Biomass Gasification System using Biomass Wastes 2015 2019
16 Mr.Arun Kumar Dr. M. Kannan MECH Performance studies on Diesel Engine with Castor seed and pumpkin oil methyl ester
using exhaust gas recirculation
2015 2019
17 Mr. Sharath Babu Dr.M.Kannan MECH Performance studies on diesel engine with castor seed and pumpkin oil methyl esterusing exhaust gas recirculation 2015 2019
18 Mr. S.N.Sivaraj Electrical Engineering Dr. N. Bharathi Certain Investigation on  Advanced Control strategies for Nonlinear process 2012 2019
19 Ms. Sivakamasundari Dr. N. Bharathi EEE Analyzing the Performance of Nanoparticles DispersedTransformer Oil Under Non Standard Transient Voltages 2010 2020
21 Ms. Monisha M Dr. V. Thulasi Bai ECE Classification Algorithms for Effective detection and Prevention of the Melanoma and Benign skin Lesion 2017 2020
22 Mr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Suresh. A Dr. Thulasi Bai Professor (Joint-Supervisor) ECE Video summarization using human behavior analysis         2009 2020
23 Mr. Anand Dr. M. Krishnamoorthy CSE An Efficient Energy Optimization Routing Protocol for Enhancing Network Performance in Mobile Ad-hoc Network 2011 2020
24 Mr. M. Madhan Dr. G. Prabhakaran MECH Self-Healing Behavior of Microwave Sintered Al2O3/SiC Structural Ceramics 2014 2020
25 Mr.Syam Narayan.S Dr.Asad ahmed MECH Experimental investigation on the effect of fluid structure interaction in mav (micro air 2016 2021
26 Mr.Vidyasagar.B.S Dr. M. Krishnamoorthy CSE Analysis of Resource Mangement Schemes Using Bio-Inspired Algorithm for Hadoop Cluster in Cloud Computing 2015 2021
27 Mr.I.Babu Dr.Deepa Jose ECE Hybrid fusion of Machine learning algorithm and Chaotic countermeasures for Side-channel attack using Reconfigurable architecture 2017 2021
28 Ms.R.Gayathri Dr.P.DeivaSundari EEE Influence of the titania nanoparticles and surfactant in the mixture 2017 2021
29 Dr.S.Bairavel Dr. M. Krishnamoorthy CSE Unstructured Data Analysis of Social Network Reviews Using Sentiment Analysis 2008 2021
30 Mr.A.Maheshkumar Dr.M.Kannan MECH Experimental study of the performance emission and combustion characteristics of thermally insulated diesel engine fuelled by waste orange peel oil 2015 2022
32 Ms.Ammal Dhanalakshmi Dr.P.DeivaSundari EEE Feasibility analysis of wind driven modular compresses air storage system for microscale application 2017 2022
33 Dr. Asad Ahmed Aeronautical Dr. Thanigai arasu Jet control studies using slanted perforated tabs 2010 2014
34 Dr. R.Murugan Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr. M. R.Mohan Improved Algorithm for Thermal and Co-generation System 2007 2014
35 Dr. Amos H Jeeva Oli Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr. R. Rani Hemamalini Efficient FPGA implementation of wireless Transceiver 2010 2014
36 Prof. Dr. P. Siva Ramakrishna Das Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Dr. Vishwanathan Fuzzy algebraic structures 2012 2015
37 Dr. Easu. D Mechanical Dr.A.Sidharthan Vibration isolation of single and two degree of freedom quarter car model with the use of hybrid magnet and magnetorheological damper 2007 2015
38 Mr. M. Narasimha Mechanical Engineering Dr. S Ramesh Experimental Study about Effect of Coating on Carbide Inserts 2012 2016
39 Ms. G. Jayanthi Electrionics and Communication Engineering Dr.V.Thulasi Bai A Security Framework for Enhancing Security in Virtual Private Network 2009 2016
40 Ms. J. Mohana Electrionics and Communication Engineering Dr. V. Thulasi Bai Biometric Monitoring System for Multi Sensor Multi-modal Node Architecture 2011 2016
41 Dr. Nalini Jayanthi Science and Humanities (Physics) Dr. Prabhakaran Growth and characterization of Non-Liner Optical TLH,GCS, MCS, and LHP Crystals 2011 2016
42 Dr. Bhuvaneswari Aravind Science and Humanities (Physics) Dr. G .Sasikala Growth and Characterization of theorem based transition metal complexes for NLO applications 2010 2016
43 Dr. N. Vanathi Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Dr. A. Praveen Prakash Fuzzy Analysis of  Occupational hazards of traffic police and its impact on individual and society 2012 2016
44 Dr. Kanimozhiraman Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Dr. A. Praveen Prakash Fuzzy Analysis of  old age problems for Quality Life 2012 2016
45 Dr. R G Geethu Mani Science and Humanities (Physics) Dr. Basheer Ahamed Distributed Feedback laser based on energy transfer between a mixture of dyes in liquid and solid media 2009 2017
46 Dr. Narenshankar Aeronautical Dr. Thanigai arasu effect of lip thickness and bypass rato on characteristics of co-flowing jets 2011 2017
47 Dr. Deepa Jose Electrionics and Communication Engineering Dr. P. Nirmal Kumar Integrated Framework For Design Of Adaptive And Reliable Fault Tolerant System-On-Chip Using Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration 2010 2017
48 Dr. N. Jose parvinpraveena Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Dr.A.Praveen Prakash Construction of a new fuzzy number by means of its Hex decagonal shapes due to uncertainty 2014 2018
49 Dr. M. Geethalakshmi Science and Humanities (Mathematics) Dr. A. Praveen Prakash Optimal Path through Trident and Sub-Trident Forms using Fuzzy Numbers 2014 2018
50 Dr. Sankar S Computer Science and Engineering Dr. S Nagarajan High Performance Compression Scheme and Scanning Pattern for Secure Data Transmission 2011 2018
51 Dr. Balaji A Information Science & Technology Dr. S. Sendhilkumar Semantic Approach for Tracking scientific Research Progress 2013 2018
52 Mr. Praveen Joe I R Information and Communication Engineering Dr. P. Varalakshmi Facilitating Web Servie Selection Through Clustering Approach 2013 2019
53 Ms. K. Nirmala Devi Information and Communication Engineering Dr. J.Sundararajan Integrated Innovative Performance Improvement For NoC Architecture Of Dynamic Routing In SoC 2010 2019
54 Ms. Hemalatha Mechanical Engineering Dr. N. V. Mahalakshi Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Flow through Wide Angle Conical Diffusers with and without Inlet Swirl 2010 2019
55 Ms.Kavitha  Balamurugan Information and Communication Engineering Dr.K. Chitra Cross Layered Routing Protocol Using Multielement Transceivers for FSO Manet 2011 2019
56 Ms. R. Ramya Information and Communication Engineering Dr. T. Sasikala Performance Enhancement of Secured Consistency Based Information Storage in Cloud Databases 2014 2020
57 Ms Gayathri Electrical Engineering Dr. S. Sekar Induction Motor Stator Inter-Turn Short Circuit Fault Detection Using Artificial Neural Network 2020
58 Linu Sam S&H- Physics Dr. Amrutha, Abinitio study of some Biological Derivatives and Experimental Study of Acorus Calamus 2015 2020
59 Ms. R. Ramya Information and Communication Engineering Dr. T. Sasikala Performance Enhancement of Secured Consistency Based Information Storage in Cloud Databases 2014 2020
60 Ms. K. Subha S&H- Chemistry Dr. D. Easwaramoorthy r Biogenic synthesis of Silver nano particles and their potential application 2003 2020
61 Ms. Poorani B S&H Maths Dr. Thilaka Studies in Application of Queueing model to wireless Sensor Network 2015 2020
62 Mr. Cloudin S Information and Communication Engineering Dr. Mohan Kumar P Driver behavior based intelligent decision making system for VANET 2009 2020
63 Mr. R. Selvam Electrical Engineering Dr. Velavan R Design of Multi-Objective Energy Management System for Renewable Energy Sources Based on Intellectual Optimization Method 2013 2020
64 Mr. Prabakeran S Information and Communication Engineering Dr. T. Sethukarasi Attack Detection Mechanism for preserving security during data communication in large scale network 2015 2020
65 Ms. Femina M A             Computer Science Engineering Dr. Rajagopalan S P Study and Identification of Early Fetal Heart Chambers from Ultrasonic Images using Swarm Intelligence Techniques 2012 2020
66 Mr. Yuvaraj S Mechanical Engineering Dr. Malayalamurthi R Assessment on the Haptic and Perceptional characteristics of an anthropomorphic soft fingertip for robotic grippers 2015 2020
67 Mr. Nithyanandam Aeronautical Dr.G.Anitha Design and Development of Flying Mode Foldable Arm Quadcopter 2013 2021
68 Mr. V. Gopal Mechanical Dr. Alphin M.S A Novel Design of Asymmetric and cartwheel Flexure Hinges for Achieving Precision Rotational Movement in Complaint Mechanism 2014 2021
69 Ms. TamilSelvi Physics Dr.R.Samuel Selvaraj A study of chaos and its application in atmospheric phenomena 2015 2021
70 Mr. K. Karthikeyan EEE Performance Analysis and Investigation on Solar Powered DC Fan 2013 2021
71 Mr. Baskar IT Dr.T.Mohankumar Optimal Query Plan Selection using metaheuristic Algorithms in crowd sourcing systems 2016 2021
72 Mr. K. Karthikeyan EEE Dr. S.K. PatnaiK Performance Analysis and Investigation on Solar Powered DC Fan 2013 2021
73 Anumula Swarnalatha Aero Dr.G.Anitha Vision Based Autonomous navigation of Unmanned aerialvehicle 2013 2022
74 Minu Susan Jacob CSE Fake product review classification using fuzzy artificial bee colony- based CNN-LSTM and semantic feature 2018 2022
75 Rammyaa, B ECE K. S. Vishvaksenan Investigation on the performance of MIMO MC CDMA for cognitive radio networks 2015 2022
S.No Supervisor Recognition No. Supervisor Name Department Name Research Area
1 2330037 Dr.P.Deivasundari Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics
2 3030007 Dr.Anuradha.T Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Systems, Smart Grids
3 3410008 Dr. Vandhana Devi V  Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering, Hydrodynamic modeling, Water & Wastewater treatment, Geographic Information systems
4 2620007 Dr.R.Asad Ahmed Mechanical Engineering Aerodynamics, CFD, Jets, Mav
5 2320158 Dr.M.Kannan Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer, Ic Engines, Energy, Heat Pipe
6 3120012 Dr.T.Mothilal Automobile Engineering Thermal, CFD, Heat Exchanger, Optimization
7 2720027 Dr.T.Raja. Mechanical Engineering Composites, Materials, Design, Manufacturing
8 3920003 Dr.S.Syam Narayanan Aeronautical Engineering Aerodynamics, Flapping Wing, Fluid-Solid Interactions, Wind Turbines
9 4120067 Dr.A.Tony Thomas Mechanical Engineering Fluid Power Systems, Mechatronics, Robotics
10 2520016 Dr.K.Vijayaraja Aeronautical Engineering Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Thermal, Aircraft Materials
11 2740054 Dr.V.Balaji Electronics and Communication Engineering Wireless Networks, Mannet, Image Processing, Wireless Communication
12 2840046 Deepa Jose Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design, Signal and Image Processing, Soft Computing, Communication Systems
13 3540013 Jose Anand Electronics and Communication Engineering Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Image Processing
14 2840063 Krishnamurthy M Computer Science and Engineering Data Mining
15 4140026 Prasath R Computer Science and Engineering Image processing,computer vision,Multimedia
16 2840058 Selvi Rajendran P Computer Science and Engineering Natural Language Processing
17 2440402 Thulasi Bai V Electronics and Communication Engineering High Performance Networks,Telemedicine,Embedded Systems Mobile Adhoc Networks
18 3940024 Uma Kumari C R Electronics and Communication Engineering Fiber Optic Sensors, Optical Communication, Internet of Things
19 3070025 Dr.Geethumani Physics Laser Physics
20 3370068 Dr.Gladwin Physics Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Integrability, Nonlinear Electronics
21 2170006 Dr.Amrutha Physics Theoretical Physics
22 2670060 Dr.Andal Chemistry Nano materials, Materials, Inorganic Chemistry, Biomaterials
23 2670059 Dr.Lakshmipathy Chemistry Chemistry
24 4070031 Dr.Maya Joby Maths Stability  of dynamical Systems
25 3750006 Dr.Clement Electronics and Communication Engineering Nanotechnology, Renewable energy, Solar Cells, Supercapacitors
26 3550002 Dr.Mohammed Zakkriya Fashion Technology Technical Textiles And Apparels, Nonwovens, Composites
27 4020012 Dr.Gopinath.S Mechanical Engineering Energy, Thermal, Solar, Optimization Techniques
28 4120071 Dr.Vigneshkumar.M Mechanical Engineering Tribology,Additive Manufacturing, FEM,corrosion
29 4170044 Dr.Bhanurekha Fashion Technology Natural Fibre Composites, Medical Textiles, Sanitary Napkins, Eco-
Friendly Textiles
30 4170042 Dr.Jessie Abraham Maths Embedding and Graph Layout, Node Set Optimization, Topological
Indices, Graph Entropy Measures
S.No Supervisor Name Name of the Scholar Working Place of the scholar Mode of Study
1 Dr.Amrutha.R Thilakavathy R Jerusalam College of Engineering Part-Time
2 Dr. Asad Ahmed Praveen Kumar U Jeppiar Engineering College Part Time
3 Haston Amit Kumar Jeppiaar Engineering College Part Time
4 Manikandan S Jeppiaar Engineering College Part Time
5 SenthamizSelvam Full Time
6 Ashish C K C G College of Technology Part Time
7 Dr. Deepa Jose G. Sivakani Full Time
8 P. Vanmathi Full Time
9 R. Rajagopal R M D Engineering College Part Time
10 S. Soumya Meenakshi College of Engineering Part Time
11 V. Priyanka KCG College of Technology Part Time
12 Manam Mujahid KCG College of Technology Full time
13 Dr. G. Prabakaran Pradeep kumar.S Velammal Engineering College Part Time
14 Rajkamal.S Velammal Engineering College Part Time
15 Pradeep.G.M Velammal Institute of Technology Part Time
16 Silambarasan. S Velammal Engineering College Part Time
17 Sharmila. B Velammal Engineering College Part Time
18 Arul Inigo Raja M KCG College of Technology Part Time
19 Gobivel. K KCG College of Technology Part Time
20 Dr. T. Raja G. Kamali Jayam College of Engineering Part Time
21 R. Manikandan A M S College of Engineering Part Time
22 Sukumar J J College of Technology Part Time
23 Arul Inigo Raja KCG College of Technology Part Time
24 T. Prabhu Full Time
25 Dr. M. Kannan G. Loganathan Akshaya College Engineering Technology Part Time
26 R. Vinoth Kumar E S Engineering College Part Time
27 Dr. M. Krishnamurthy D. Sudha K C G College of Technology Part Time
28 Thirupugal Kumar M Full-Time
29 Jagadeesh GRT College Part Time
30 Jebasheela SRM Valliammai Engineering College Part Time
31 N. Lakshmi Full Time
32 Maheswari R PERI Institute of Technology Part Time
33 Anju A KCG College of Tecgnology Part Time
34 Joint-Supervisor YasodhaK J N N Institute of Engineering Part -Time
35 yasodha.B MNM Engineering College Part Time
36 Sivakumar K Rover Engineering College Part-Time
37 Dr. P. DeivaSundari A. Arvin Tony K C G College of Technology Part Time
38 A. V. Suganya K C G College of Technology Part Time
39 BrindhaSakthi K C G College of Technology Part Time
40 Jitha Varghese K C G College of Technology Part Time
41 S. Balaji K C G College of Technology Part Time
42 Dr. V. ThulasiBai B. Thyla K C G College of Technology Part Time
43 Mr. M.Mohamed Yaseen K C G College of Technology Part Time
44 K. Sivachandar K C G College of Technology Full Time
45 M. Benisha Jeppiar Institute of Technology Part Time
46 Ms.G.Premalatha Prathyusha Engineering College Part Time
47 R. Meena Prathyusha Engineering College Part Time
48 S. Sadasivam K C G College of Technology Part Time
49 Aida Jones KCG College of Technology Part Time
50 JaralineKirubavathy K KCG College of Technology Part Time
51 Saranya G KCG College of Technology Part Time
52 Dr. V. Balaji Tina Susan Thomas KCG college of Technology Part Time
53 Bharathiraja S AVC College of Engineering Part-Time
54 Crispin M V Meenakshi Engineering College Part-Time
55 Eric Clapten J Chennai Institute of Technology Part-Time
56 Tamilselvi A Chennai Institute of Technology Part-Time
57 Dr.T.Anuradha Bindu. Vadlamudi Full Time
58 Mr.Rangarajan.V Velammal Engineering College Part Time
59 Mrs.Vijayalakshmi.R Veltech Engineering College Part Time
60 Dr.Jose Anand Ms. Mahalakshmi Chennai Institute of Technology Part-Time
61 Ms. M. Shanmuga Sundari Chennai Institute of Technology Part-Time
62 Ms. Nisha Chennai Institute of Technology Part-Time
63 Ms. Augustince C GRT Engineering College Part-Time
64 Gori Mohamed Dhanakshmi Srinivasa Engineering College Part-Time


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