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About the Department

  • The Department consists of four divisions: Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics
  • The Science and Mathematics division of the department provide knowledge on the applications of basic sciences in engineering and technology.
  • The division of Physics has been recognized by the Anna University as a research centre providing opportunities for prospective scholars to pursue doctoral research and also promote interdisciplinary research activities.
  • The English division focuses on honing the language skills of the students and makes them industry ready by giving training on Soft Skills
  • The Mathematics division enhances the analytical and logical thinking of the students by providing training on quantitative aptitude.
  • The department encourages every first-year student to become a member of one of the twenty one clubs of the college and participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • The Chemistry division focuses on imparting the knowledge of applied chemistry to students and also stimulates the importance of interdisciplinary research.
Programmes Offered
The Physics Division of the Department of Science & Humanities is a Recognized Research Centre by the Anna University & it offers the following Programmes.
Ph.D / M.S (Full Time) – 2 Years | Ph.D / M.S (Part Time) (Started in 2015) Regulation – 2015
Faculty & Staff

Head, Department of Science and Humanities
Teaching Experience : 20 Years
Specialization : Functional Analysis

English Faculty Members

Dr. R. Jaya
Associate Professor
Research Interests: English Language Teaching

Ms. Nagalakshmi Sastri Sreedar
Assistant Professor (Sr. Sc.)
Research Interests: English Language Teaching

Dr. V. Saranya
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: English Language Teaching (ELT)

Mr. Cerin P. Simon
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:English language teaching

Ms. Susan Jacob
Assistant Professor(S.S)
Research Interests:Franchisee

Ms. U. Pushpalatha
Assistant Professor – S.G
Research Interests: English Language Teaching (ELT), African American Literature, Comparative Literature.

C Parimala
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:Indian Writing in English

Maths Faculty Members

Ms. M. B. Bindu
Assistant Professor (S.G) & Head
Research Interests: Functional Analysis

Dr. N.Vanathi
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Fuzzy Analysis, Fuzzy Models

Dr. Kanimozhiraman
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Fuzzy Analysis, Fuzzy Models

Dr. M. Geethalakshmi
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Fuzzy Optimization

Assistant Professor (S.S)
Research Interests: Stochastic Models and Queueing Models

Mr. S. Narasimhan
Assistant Professor(Sr.Sc)
Research Interests: Queueing Models

Mr. N. Vijayaraghavan
Assistant Professor Sr. Sc.
Research Interests: Formal Languages and Automata theory

Ms. Aarthy Sundar
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Inventory models

Ms. J. Felcita Regina
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Graph Theory

Ms. A. Jamal Barakath
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Graph Theory

Dr. A. Jessie
Assistant Professor(S.S)
Research Interests: Theoretical computer science, Graph embedding, Topological indices

Ms. Tephilla Joice.P
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Fuzzy Graphs

Physics Faculty Members

Dr. Linu Sam
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Computational Simulations

Dr. R Amrutha
Research Interests: Computational simulations, Rheological Studies

Dr. S. Nalini Jayanthi
Assistant Professor (S.G)
Research Interests: Crystal growth

Dr. R. Gladwin Pradeep
Assistant Professor(S.G)
Research Interests: Nonlinear Dynamics, Integrability

Dr. R G Geethu Mani
Assistant Professor (S.G)
Research Interests: Laser Physics

Dr. Tamil selvi
Assistant Professor(S.S)
Research Interests: Atmospheric Physics

Dr. G. Johnsy Arputhavalli
Assistant Professor(S.G)
Research Interests: Magnetic thin films, Nanomaterials

Chemistry Faculty Members

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Materials Chemistry, Catalysis, Sensors, Electrochemistry

Dr. R.Lakshmipathy
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Environmental and Analytical Chemistry

Assistant Professor (S.S)
Research Interests: Material Science

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Nanomaterials

Assistant Professor (S.S)
Research Interests: Environmental Chemistry

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Bio-inorganic Chemistry

Ms.Priya Bijesh
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Material Science

Ms.C. Renugadevi
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Polymer chemistry
Faculty Members
Student Name Class Event and Achievement
Geetha Priya Mechanical 1st year Won Gold medal in Anna University Inter Zonal Boxing Championship, Pavai Engineering college, Namakkal.
Shaik Taheer Mechanical 1st year Team member of Inferno Racing Team, winner of overall trophy at FMAE FFS 2023 held at Kari Motors speedway, Coimbatore, 1st Feb -6 Feb 2023
Sushmitha CSE 1st year Winner of South Zone Junior National Throwball Championship 2022-23
Dinesh R ECE 1st year Won 3 first places in Open Champion Kata, Open Champion Kumite, Individual Champion Kata in the 2nd National Level Open Karate Championship-2023 held at Santhome Higher Secondary School [Montfort Indoor Stadium], Mylapore, Chennai
Dinesh R ECE 1st year Won second place in Individual Champion Kata in the 2nd National Level Open Karate Championship-2023held at Santhome Higher Secondary School [Montfort Indoor Stadium], Mylapore, Chennai
Dinesh R ECE 1st year Won third place in Senior Champion Team Kata in the 2nd National Level Open Karate Championship-2023held at Santhome Higher Secondary School [Montfort Indoor Stadium], Mylapore, Chennai
Thrunraj M,
Vijayaraj A,
Jerem Mathew,
CSE 1st year Qualified in the e-Yantra Prototype Model
Samuel N EEE 1st year Won third place in Zonal level cricket tournament conducted by Anna University
Buviniranjan S K ECE 1st year Participated in Anna University Inter Zonal Archery Championship conducted by S AEngg college, Avadi.
Value Added Courses
Quantitative Aptitude Soft skills

Quantitative Aptitude measures students’ numerical ability and problem solving skills thereby enabling the students to improve their speed in finding solutions to the problems. Nowadays, for any recruitment in IT industry, online screening test includes questions pertaining to Quantitative Aptitude.

From first year, our college students are trained in various topics of Quantitative Aptitude and logical reasoning till their final year.. Based on the syllabus for the recruitment in various companies, the syllabus for Aptitude has been devised and course material is prepared. To enable the faculty to have a wide knowledge in Aptitude skills,a FDP on the same is organized.

Soft skills are interpersonal qualities, also known as people skills, and personal attributes that one possesses.To live to the challenge of globalization which is in line with the era of information economy, the strength of a nation is strongly dependent on the ability of its citizen to be highly intellectual and skillful. Henceforth, employers wish to select, retain and promote young individuals who are dependable, resourceful, ethical and good communicators who are willing to work under pressure.

To meet up with the requirements of the employers from various companies, our students are trained on Soft Skills. This will bring out the innate quality of each student through the activities planned for each skill. This is again an in-house training where faculty of various departments who had been trained by Infosys for Soft Skills through FEP(Faculty Enablement Programme) work as a team and enable our students to learn and possess these skills. Through this training, our students get improved in interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, team building skills, communication and group discussion.

Department Events

Events Conducted



Orientation for the students of the Batch of 2023-2027 11th September 2023.
Workshop on Nuclear Science and Sustainability, Dr. R. Ramanathan, Dr. C.V.S. Brahmananda Rao, IGCAR 14 March 2023
A talk on understanding prevention of sexual harassment (PoSH) Act 4th March 2023
Virtuoso 23, Freshers day celebration 12 January 2023
Illusion and Reality, Magic with Science 6 January 2023
Heritage tour and beach visit for first year hostel students 19 November 2022
Educational tour to Dakshinchitra 12 December 2022
Aerobics 2022 for KCG Techians 6 May 2022
Student Empowerment Series
Critical Thinking
Mr. George Koshi, AGM – Head of Learning and Development, Hyundai Motor India Ltd
10, April, 2021
Student Empowerment Series
Overcoming Phubbing and Building interpersonal skills
Ms. Jacqueline Gun Chin Hun, Senior Lecturer, Sunway University
09, April, 2021
Student Empowerment Series
Social acceptance
Ms. ArthyJayavel, Clinical Psychologist, Consultant at Apollo hospital
08, April, 2021
Student Empowerment Series
Coping with stress
Ms. SavithaSriram, Coordinator, SCARF – Cities rise youth project
05, April, 2021
Student Empowerment Series
Goal setting and Attainment
Ms. DeepaGangadharan, Happiness and Life Coach, Speaker, Co-lead campus to career CII IWN
31, March, 2021
Vision Program by FACE 29, March, 2021
Guest Lecture – Expectations of industry and empowering with knowledge – by Mr. K. Suresh Krishna, Co-Founder – Dot and Dash Engineering, Datascience Intern, Learnbay (IBM) 07, March, 2021
Guest Lecture – Power and Future of AI – Ms. N. Hemamalini Technical Lead, Inspirus solution (Alumna) 31, December, 2020
Orientation towards multidisciplinary projects by Dr. Satheesh Kumar, SSN 26, December, 2020
Orientation sessions on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 21,22, 24, 28 December, 2020
Virtuoso 2020 Freshers Day 212 December, 2020
Webinar on Life Skills 19, November, 2020
World Mental Health Day 17, October, 2019
AICTE Recommended 3 Day Induction Program 12-14, August, 2019
Orientation Day 3, August, 2019
Project Display 2, August, 2019
Science Day 28, February, 2018
Orientation Program 29, August, 2018
Fresher’s Talent Hunt 13, October, 2018
FDP on Physics for Civil Engineers and Materials Science 10-12 January, 2018
FDP on Linear Algebra 29, June, 2018





Name of the Applicants/Assignee name Name of the Inventors


1. KCG College of Technology Ms Tamilselvi S

Ms Sumathi R

Dr Amrutha R

IOT integrated Solar Radiation Prediction Using Five Elements of Nature
2. KCG College of Technology Dr.D.Easu,Dr.R.Amrutha Suspension system using MRF damper and Hyrbid Magnet
3. KCG College of Technology Dr.V.Andal Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Automobile Radiator using CuAl 2 O 4 Nanofluids

Scholars Pursuing Research with Internal Guides in KCG Research Centre


Supervisor Name Name of the Scholar Working Place of the Scholar

University Name

1. Dr R Amrutha Ms Linu Sam KCG College of Technology ManonmaniamSundaranar University
2. Ms Haripriya AdiPrasakthi Engineering College Bharathiar University
3. Ms Felcia Merlin KCG College of Technology Anna University
4. Ms Thilagavathy Jerusalam Engineering College Anna University

Faculty completed doctorate during the academic year 2020-21

1. Dr. Tamilselvi, Assistant Professor in Physics obtained doctorate from Bharathiyar University on 26/03/21

2. Dr. K. Suba, Assistant Professor in Chemistry obtained doctorate from Bharathiyar University on 30/12/20

3. Dr. Linu Sam, Assistant Professor in Physics obtained doctorate from ManomaniamSundaranar University on 28/09/20

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Air Pollution

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