About the Department

  • The Department consists of four divisions: Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics
  • The Science and Mathematics division of the department provide knowledge on the applications of basic sciences in engineering and technology.
  • The division of Physics has been recognized by the Anna University as a research centre providing opportunities for prospective scholars to pursue doctoral research and also promote interdisciplinary research activities.
  • The English division focuses on honing the language skills of the students and makes them industry ready by giving training on Soft Skills
  • The Mathematics division enhances the analytical and logical thinking of the students by providing training on quantitative aptitude.
  • The department encourages every first-year student to become a member of one of the twenty one clubs of the college and participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • The Chemistry division focuses on imparting the knowledge of applied chemistry to students and also stimulates the importance of interdisciplinary research.
Programmes Offered
The Physics Division of the Department of Science & Humanities is a Recognized Research Centre by the Anna University & it offers the following Programmes.
Ph.D / M.S (Full Time) – 2 Years | Ph.D / M.S (Part Time) (Started in 2015) Regulation – 2015
Faculty & Staff

Head, Department of Science and Humanities
Teaching Experience: 20 Years
Specialization : Functional Analysis
Mail id: hodsh@kcgcollege.com

Faculty Members

Faculty Members
Student Name Class Event and Place


Aravind Mechanical 1st year 1st place in Paper Presentation International conference and Innovations and Discovery in Science, Engineering and Technology, KCG College of Technology
Janhavi Information Technology 1sy Year 1st Place in Fresh Face Times of India
Janhavi Information Technology 1sy Year Jaya Singer Jaya TV
Ameer Hassan Mechanical 1st year Photography, 2nd Place VIT, Chennai
Sathish Kumar Mechanical 1st year Quiz, 1st Place Techosummit, Sathaybhama University
Milton David Electronics and Instrumentation 1st year 3rd Place, Judo competition Anna University Inter Zonal
Value Added Courses

There are two different exams and the students take one exam based on their language abilities. The students with higher language abilities take up the B1 Business Preliminary offered by Cambridge. B1 Business Preliminary, formerly known as Cambridge English: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary),helps one get the practical language skills needed to start doing business in English.

The Average students take the Versant test offered by Pearson. The Versant testing system allows you to evaluate all of your candidates on an equal basis with objective, unbiased scoring. It complies with the legal and professional guidelines in the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures and the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures governing the use of tests for high-stakes decision-making in organizations.

Department Events

Events Conducted



Science Day 28, February, 2018
Orientation Program 29, August, 2018
Fresher’s Talent Hunt 13, October, 2018
FDP on Physics for Civil Engineers and Materials Science 10-12 January, 2018
FDP on Linear Algebra 29, June, 2018





Name of the Applicants/Assignee name Name of the Inventors


1. KCG College of Technology Ms Tamilselvi S

Ms Sumathi R

Dr Amrutha R

IOT integrated Solar Radiation Prediction Using Five Elements of Nature
2. KCG College of Technology Dr.D.Easu,Dr.R.Amrutha Suspension system using MRF damper and Hyrbid Magnet
3. KCG College of Technology Dr.V.Andal Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Automobile Radiator using CuAl 2 O 4 Nanofluids

Scholars Pursuing Research with Internal Guides in KCG Research Centre


Supervisor Name Name of the Scholar Working Place of the Scholar

University Name

1. Dr R Amrutha Ms Linu Sam KCG College of Technology ManonmaniamSundaranar University
2. Ms Haripriya AdiPrasakthi Engineering College Bharathiar University
3. Ms Felcia Merlin KCG College of Technology Anna University
4. Ms Thilagavathy Jerusalam Engineering College Anna University

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