Library & Knowledge  Resource  Centre

The library is an integral part of intellectual power of our college. Library has an area of 11000 sq.ft and seating capacity for about 150 readers. At present the library houses a collection of above 43,840 books, 905 back volumes, 2629 project reports, previous year question papers and more than 1962 multimedia packages like CD’s and DVD’s. The library subscribes to 127 print journals, 36 magazines and 6 newspapers. Digital library services unit has 18 advanced Apple computers and 12 i-pads with high speed internet connection. Our library acquires more than 1000 books every academic year. Our library subscribes to E-Resources Packages such as IEEE Journals online, ASME Mechanical Package, ASCE Civil Package, Elsevier Journals Package, Springer online journals, ASTM Digital Library, McGraw Hill Reference and E- Books. Knowledge exploration happens as around 300 students use the library every day. Also our college Library has institutional membership with Anna University Library, British Council Library, American Library , DELNET , MALIBNET and NDL(National Digital Library).

  • Strict silence should be observed inside the library.
  • Library functions from  Monday to  Friday from  08.30 am  to 07.00  pm  and  Saturday  from  08.30 am to 12.30 pm.   The library remains closed on Sundays and    government holidays
  • Library users should sign the gate register before entering the library.
  • Users are  required to  deposit their  bags  / belongings at  the personal belongings rack.
  • Students must wear  their  ID cards  when they  are  inside  the library.
  • Students will be allowed to make use of the reference books in the library only on submission of the identity card.
  • Misuse   of   library   facilities   is  an   offence  and   calls   for punishment as decided by the competent authority.
  • Users are required to keep the library neat and tidy.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched off in the library.
  • Students may approach the librarian and other members.

  • Users should verify the  physical  condition of the  books  (for missing  pages, chapters, pictures, etc.) before borrowing the books.
  • Users can borrow books as per the following norms:
    Sl.No. Particulars No. of Books Lending Period
    1 UG Students 4 15 days
    2 PG Students 7 30 days
    3 Teaching Staff 8 90 days
    4 Non Teaching Staff 4 30 days
  • Books borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.
    In case  of delay,  a late  fee  of Re.1/- will be  charged per  day
    (including holidays)
  • The loan  period may  be  renewed for the  period of another fortnight. Books can be renewed if there are no reservations.
  • Books that are  in special  demand, the  borrower will have  to return them immediately..
  • Books will have to be physically presented for renewals.
  • Only one copy of a book will be issued to a user.
  • All members are hereby informed that they must replace the library  resources like  books, CDs, DVDs, question papers, periodicals etc., if that are   lost or damaged. However,  in case of internal / external members, if they are not  able to replace the above mentioned items (original), they are required to pay three times   of  the   latest price  of  the   resources including processing charges  and   overdue charges  if  any.     Loss  of book(s) must be reported immediately.
    • No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the borrower; the book will have to be replaced by the borrower.
    • Reference books, projects, back volumes of journals, Journals, magazines are only for reference and will be issued only for overnight during working days.
    • When the students finally leave the college, they should return all the library books borrowed by them. They should obtain ‘No Dues’ certificate from the librarian before collecting the certificate from the office.

  • Students must write their names and registration numbers in the library register book both while entering and leaving the digital library.
  • They should use the  Internet for only education, training, placement and publication purposes.
  • Students are  not  allowed to use  the  digital  library during class hours.
  • The systems and accessories should be handled properly.
  • Downloading of software, songs, and unauthorized files is strictly not allowed.
  • Students are  not  allowed to  change the  settings of  the system.
  • Unnecessary movement of the  monitor or CPU is strictly prohibited.
  • CD / DVD / PEN DRIVE can be used  with special  permission from the librarian.

The library department also runs the Hindustan Book Bank Scheme for the students. Hindustan Book Bank Scheme is a library that allows students to borrow books which they can keep for the entire semester. When the next semester begins, the books borrowed must be returned and the next set of books can be borrowed.