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International Conference On Knowledge Based Computing Technologies

International Conference on Knowledge based Computing Technologies

About the Department

  • The department of Information Technology was started with the vision to become a globally acclaimed centre of excellence offering quality education and enabling innovative research, in the field of information Technology.

  • The department was ranked one among the Top 21 Institutes by AICTE – CII and recogized in PLATINUM Category.

  • The department attained permanent affiliation to Anna University and the program (B.TECH – Information Technology) was accredited by NBA in the revised norms since June 2017.


  • To cope up with the emerging challenges, various add on courses and other activities are offered to students apart from the curriculum syllabus specified by the Anna University. This includes Oracle Big Data, Oracle JAVA Fundamental, Full Stack Developer supported by Virtusa, Network Engineer supported by CCNA, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning supported by DELL EMC and Cyber Security.

  • The Special Interest Groups for Programming, Networking and IoT provides a comprehensive platform for the students to explore their technical skills in their specific area of interest.

  • The various e-cell and i-cell activities of the department helps in moulding budding entrepreneurs.

  • The department had a tremendous achievement of filing five patents in the last academic year.

  • The membership activities in professional bodies are in full swing and the students are members of the Computer Society of India (CSI) and Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

  • The Department Received Rs.2,91,000 from AICTE to conduct Short Term Training Programme (STTP) under AQIS 2019-20 during the financial year 2020-21.
  • The Department was granted Rs.19,30,000 for completion of Skill and Personality Development Program Centre for SC/ST students (SPDP) Scheme by AICTE during the financial year 2019-2020.
  • Programming skill competitions, technical paper presentation, poster presentation and project presentations are conducted to give an opportunity to the students to showcase their talents.

  • As a result of all these activities and initiatives, the Department of Information Technology was able to pull out success both in academic and allied activities. The students of the department secured 13 Anna university ranks consistently in all the previous years and 100% campus placements.

Highlights of the Department

Our final year eligible students got job offers in more than one company Ample opportunities of Internships and PPO’s
All final year students have obtained at least one Scopus indexed publications Broadening the horizon and making students Industry-ready by Industry Interface sessions
Robust hand-holding and guidance by eminent alumni of the department Problem focussed Value-added program in collaboration with DELL, CISCO etc.
Holistic development of man-body and spirit Dedicated Infosys campus connect program
Vision & Mission


The department of Information Technology aspires to become a globally acclaimed center of excellence offering quality education and enabling innovative research in Information Technology department by producing competent Information Technology graduates to contribute towards nation building


  • Impart knowledge of fundamentals as well as emerging trends in Information Technology
  • Inculcate innovative and entrepreneurial abilities as well as ethical values among the students
  • Establish computing facilities and research activities to enhance the knowledge
  • Enhancing competency of faculty with the advanced technologies in Information Technology

Programme Educational Objectives

The Graduates of B.Tech (Information Technology) will

PEO 1 Outstand as technically skilled professionals in Information Technology and relevant sector.
PEO 2 Devise, Implement and Deploy software solutions for computational problems.
PEO 3 Build software solutions for the challenging problems in industry and research.
PEO 4 Manifest the ethical values and exhibit social responsibility.

Program Outcomes

The Graduates of B.Tech (Information Technology) will be able to:

PO 1 Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals,  and  an  engineering  specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
PO 2 Identify, formulate, research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics,  natural  sciences,  and  engineering  sciences.
PO 3 Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design  system  components  or  processes  that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration  for  the  public  health  and  safety,  and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
PO 4 Use researchbased knowledge and methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and  synthesis  of  the  information  to  provide valid conclusions.
PO 5 Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT  tools including prediction and modelling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of  the  limitations.
PO 6 Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities  relevant to the professional  engineering  practice.
PO 7 Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions  in  societal  and  environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
PO 8 Apply  ethical  principles  and  commit  to  professional  ethics  and  responsibilities  and  norms of the  engineering practice.
PO 9 Function  effectively  as  an individual,  and  as  a  member  or  leader  in  diverse  teams,  and  in multidisciplinary settings.
PO 10 Communicate effectively on complex  engineering  activities with the engineering  community and with society  at  large,  such  as,  being  able  to  comprehend  an write  effective  reports  and  design  documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO 11 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering  and  management  principles and  apply these to one’s own work, as a member and  leader  in  a  team,  to  manage  projects  and  in  multidisciplinary environments.
PO 12 Recognize  the  need  for,  and  have  the  preparation and  ability  to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO No. Description of PSO
PSO 1 Design system to solve complex IT related problems using algorithm analysis, database technology, multimedia, web design, networking and principles of Software Engineering, to face the challenges in corporate and industries.
PSO 2 Communicate and function efficiently as an individual and as a member or leader in multidisciplinary teams in software development process.
PSO 3 Identify the need for sustainable development in software industries and follow the professional code of ethics.
Programmes Offered

UG (Under Graduate) Curriculum
B.Tech – Information Technology – 4 Years (Established in 2001)  B.Tech – IT R(2021)  B.Tech – IT R(2017)  Course Mapping
Specialization in:
Data Science
Full Stack Development for IT
Cloud Computing and Data Centre Technologies
Cyber Security and Data Privacy
Creative Media
Emerging Technologies
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Anna University Intake

Year Intake
2020-21 60
2021-22 60
2022-23 60
2023-24 120
Faculty & Staffs

Dr. S. Muthuselvan
Associate Professor & HOD – IC
Ph.D. – Computer Science and Engineering
M.E. – Computer Science and Engineering

Teaching Experience: 18.5 Years
Specialization : Software Engineering, Software Testing & Agile Methodologies

Dr. S Palaniappan
Associate Professor
Ph.D. – Computer Science and Engineering
M.E. – Bio – Informatics

Dr. S Bairavel
Associate Professor
Ph.D. – Information and Communication Engineering
M.E. – Computer Science and Engineering

Dr.Babymol Kurian
Associate Professor
Ph.D. – Computer Science and Engineering
M.E. – Computer Science and Engineering

Ms. R. Adline Freeda
Assistant Professor – Selection Grade
M.E – Computer Science and Engineering
B.E – Computer Science and Engineering

Ms.Anju A
Assistant Professor – Selection Grade
M.E – Computer Science and Engineering
B.Tech– Computer Science and Engineering

Mr. Narendran Muthusamy
Assistant Professor
M.Tech – Information Technology
B.Tech – Information Technology

Ms. Krithikaa Venket V S
Assistant Professor
M.Tech – Information Technology
B.Tech – Information Technology

Assistant Professor
M.E. – Computer Science and Engineering
B.E. – Computer Science and Engineering

Reddy Selvam Mamatha
Assistant Professor
M.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering
B.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering
Infrastructure & Facilities

Research Lab (Intelligence lab)

The laboratory has 66 systems with Intel core™i5-10400 configuration installed with the following OS /React JS / Express JS / Angular JS / MATLAB / NS2 / Python, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, statmodels, seaborn, bokeh / Spyder / Jupiter / R- Lang / MONGO DB / XAMPP/ JS / Ms-Office, K7 Antivirus

Research area: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Full Stack web development, IOT, Cyber security, Big DATA, Networks.

Steve Jobs Technology Lab

The laboratory has 30 systems with i3 configuration installed with the following OS/Software/Tool/IDE/Security – Windows/Fedora, Visual Studio, Eclipse, JAVA/Dev C++, Adobe Reader/Ms-Office, K7 Antivirus

The following Course are handled in the Laboratory 

  1. Networks Laboratory
  2. Security Laboratory
  3. Project Development

Watts S.Humphrey Software Engineering Lab

The laboratory has 30 systems with i3/i5 configuration installed with the following OS/Software/Tool/IDE/Security -Windows, Visual Studio/Rational Rose, Net Beans/Eclipse, JAVA/Dev C++, Adobe Reader/Ms-Office, K7 Antivirus

The following Course are handled in the Laboratory 

  1. Data Structures Laboratory
  2. Object-Oriented Programming Laboratory
  3. Object-Oriented Analysis And Design Laboratory
  4. Internet Programming Laboratory

Department Library

Department Events


The Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of technology to enhance the students’ “basic knowledge of Engineering”. The generic objective of many industry augmented training programmes in the campus is to provide value-based education to the budding scientists and engineers. Both the students and faculty members do get great opportunities for participating and conducting various technical events. In nutshell, the department facilitates avenues which cover a wide range of technical concepts and ideas, series of technical talks, hackathons, symposiums, STTPs etc.


The department advisory board acts as the kingpin authority in designing, developing, and executing productive industry engagements and training curriculums apart from the regular course structure.


The department gives specific opportunities for its students to display their technical acumen and creative potential through symposiums and technical fests. This acts as a productive platform for budding engineers in our department.

Evaluation Of Mini Project Challenge By The Alumni

The knowledge gained by the students is timely monitored with the aid of mini projects and allied research initiatives. Interestingly the department engages the alumni for the same so that our students receive real time industry-oriented updates in their relevant field.


The department stresses on equal opportunities for everyone. As a result, the department undertakes a unique initiative for women with the support of management through which the untapped potential of the women students is brought to the limelight.


The department opens many Hackathon opportunities for its students which is underscored by the glittering success had in many such events like Smart India Hackathon.


As part of the department’s commitment towards society at large, its faculty members undertake school connect programmes across the country wherein the high school students are introduced to the world of Information Technology and its vast possibilities.
Dated on :12.02.2024 , LADY ANDAL VENKATASUBBA RAO MATRICULATION SCHOOL , Chennai , Faculty Coordinator: Ms.R.Adline Freeda , AP / IT , Students Coordinators : 1. SHRIRAM S S, 2. KUPPU SHANMUGANATHAN K, 3. RANJITH K, 4. CHIDAMBARAM

Professional Bodies


The Computer Society of India (CSI) is a professional body where computer professionals meet to exchange views and information, to learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of the theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences.
CSI is the oldest and largest organisation of IT professionals in India having 25000 members and 63 chapters and more than 185 students Branches across the country exclusively focusing on the interest of the IT Professionals.
In order to create value to its members and provide benefits, the Society has planned various schemes. All the faculty members of the IT department are the life time members of CSI.

Dr. J.Frank Vijay, Professor and Head of the IT department was elected as the Vice Chairman of CSI Kancheepuram Chapter.

Student Testimonial
|Dibakar Paul

Genpact, Bengaluru

“Joining KCG for my graduation in Engineering in Information Technology has been a vital decision of my career. The knowledge and skills I have received during my 4 years has helped me shape up my career in a better way. The knowledge gathering platform that KCG provided outside the classroom walls through i-cell and various other events has been immense to learn programming skills and also enhance my communications skills.
I wish KCG continues to provide the amazing platform to all students.”

|Grandin Major

TCS, Belgium

“Greetings to all of you, I am Grandin from 2010 to 2014 engineering batch. I pursued my engineering in IT department and got placed in TCS during an off-campus drive in 2014. I have been working in TCS for 6 yrs@ Belgium, and I am working as a Solution Architect now. It’s a pleasure to share my college experience with you all.When I joined engineering, even I was as enthusiastic and energetic like all aspiring engineers.I wanted to learn technologies, develop necessary skills, explore new possibilities.. “


Inspirisys Solutions

KCG college is one of the best college and I consider myself very lucky to study here. I still remember some of the extra-curricular events organized such as creative workshops, Techzavest– technical symposium, i-cell sessions which gave me a good platform to showcase our projects to industrial experts and got feedback to improve. Right from the first year, we got best professors who not only guided and motivated us academically, but also encouraged to present papers.


2019–2023 Batch

“As I am always interested in updating myself and stand with the current trends I opted for the most relevant and ever-evolving Information Technology. The importance I gave to my specific interest on cyber security made me to go ahead with IT. I was always determined to be a cyber security specialist and for that I needed a strong foundation and effectively strengthen my networking skills. Being now in KCG College of Technology in my dream branch I think I have chosen the right path to buildmy career.”

|B. Mahalakshmi

2018–2022 Batch

“As a student in KCG IT department, I gained both the skills and confidence by participating in all kinds of competition including Hackathons, paper presentation, Basketball tournaments etc. The professors of this department are patient, compassionate, highly skilled, and always ready to lend hands for properly guiding us. I would highly recommend this department to anyone wanting to expand their skillset. IT department is a fantastic department that truly changed my career trajectory for the better!”

|Muzammil Sait A

2018–2022 Batch

After leaving the school life and entering the college, it was kind of perplexing as I wished for a homely environment, which happens to bring smile to my face even today. But college turned out to be one such place which happened to prove more comfortablefor me, especially the IT department, all its faculty members, peer members who supported all the way making me strive in the eventful race of technology with both comfort and Knowledge. I think I have chosen the right path to build my career.


Gavs Technologies, Chennai

“I have never been to a college during my school days. At my counselling I chose KCG and I came to visit the college for the first time. My first impression was like “WOW” and my second impression was like “am I in central station?”I hope none of the college will do and support “

|Srinidhi Srinivasan

Gavs Technologies, Chennai

I still remember my first day in KCG. I was quiet nervous as I was entering into a new environment where I really didn’t know anyone. But the moment I entered, I realised KCG is the most welcoming place. The staffs here are very friendly and highly knowledgeable.

|Bharath Kishore Bhoopathy

Virtusa, Chennai

Our college and my department provided me the platform for my success. They showed me the right path in building my career and also been supportive for me in my tough times.Thank you for your support. Need all your blessing all through my life.

|Vignesh L

Hexaware, Wipro

Our college has very good infrastructure and learning environment. Many core IT companies recruited the CSE and IT students. Our college has an excellent library with huge collection of books which enables us to clarify the doubts. Excellent training was given for placement which enabled the student to clear the aptitude and technical rounds in the placement drives.

|Visudha V


First of all , i’m very lucky to be a student of KCG college of technology which is the best place for learning and YES! OUR IT DEPARTMENT!!! It has been the best 4 years of our life with extremely helpful and friendly faculty members who have worked really hard to make us reach to a good position. They taught us not only the academic syllabus but also how we to survive this competitive.



Our college has good infrastructure and provides many opportunities to the students for expressing their innovative ideas. The department of Information Technology have experienced staff members who are friendly to the students and also encourage the students for their betterment. Various seminars are conducted to strengthen the both theoretical and practical knowledge of the students.

|Fazlul Kareem

2017-2021 Batch

I am honored to be studying at KCG College of Technology and grateful for the opportunities that college has given to me. In these 4 years my academic, as well as co-curriculum life, it has been a great experience. The placement training and the resources given bythe college have helped in many ways for making me both industry and higher education ready. I wanted to pursue my Master’s degree in abroad and KCG through its Higher Education and International affairs cell helped me get in touch with many experts who had a better grip over higher education. Consequently, I have been enrolled at the University of Windsor, Canada for my post-graduation in MS – Electrical and Computer Engineering. My experience in KCG continues till now, I am grateful to be a KCGian.

Parents Feedback
|Mr. A. Selvam

– F/O Lokesh S

“As my duty to fulfil my son’s dream. I took the right decision by choosing right career and right college for him. I know the importance that he gives to his interest on cyber security which made me to choose Information Technology for him. I am there to support him in any situations. And I am sure he will excel in the field with the right training from KCG College of Technology.”

|Mr. Abbas Sait

– F/O Muzammil Sait A

“Being a parent all I ever aspired for my child is to get the best of everything from his life to career, and with the same concern I admitted him to theKCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY . The college as well as the Department of Information technology together has made him structurally sound in his academics and well equiped to compete in the Technological Field”

|Mr. Bagavathi Sankar

F/O B.Mahaalakshmi

“I feel happy to appreciate IT dept. of KCG for providing eminent course materials at this covid 19 pandemic time too. Regular follow up with students everyday studies and encouraging all the students to acquire in-depth knowledge on IT course is commendable.
Students get boosted with regular competitions which makes them think out of the box and it eventually improves confidence. No matter small or big, extending helping hand by IT dept. on extra studies ignite students mind to aim for a challenging goal. I hope and believe all faculty members of IT dept. are sacrificing for students enlightenment and for that everyone should be proud of KCG.


F/O G. Srikiruthika

“KCG College of Technology located in the pleasant ambience of a riverbankwith a clear vision on Learning was my first priority for my child. Apart from learning, the college transforms my daughter to be wiser, innovative &a technically sound engineer. The
Value added courses and seminars gives additional motivation to the student to battle it out in this technological world. Simply put, KCG stands for K-Knowledge, C-Career, G-Growth &indeed the college strives “to make every man a success & no man failure”

Industry Institute Interaction

Internship & Industrial Visit

GUVI Geek Network Private Ltd.,
Nokia Limited ISRO Bangalore Infosys Limited

Industry Connect

Department have signed MoU with various IT organization/Society like Infosys Limited, Virtua, Nokia Ltd, DellEMC, NASSCOMMELSS, ICTACT, GAVS, IITPals, IET, CSI, ISTE, Toastmaster to full fill the bridge between the industry-institution interaction through training both students & faculty, internship, industrial Visit, placement, project and research activity.

MoU with GAVS Technologies Private Limited MoU with DELLEMC through ICTACT

Infosys Campus Connect

As a part of this initiative Infosys shares with colleges its proven courseware, methodology and education experiences through various programmes like Train the Trainer, Faculty Enablement Programme, SPARK, Aspirations-2020, Webinars, IgearUp, Foundation & softskill Programme and Roadshow to support the institute to groom industry ready engineers

Spark Programme  iGearUp Programme

Industry Incubation Model

With an intention of making students industry ready and reducing industry investment, we have initiatedindustry incubation centers. The process is to identify competent students, provide training for theidentified students on specific topics, continuously monitor the performance, send them for an internship tothe specific company and place them. The industries tied-up for this scheme are Infosys, Zoho, ServionGlobal Solutions, Virtusa, DataPatterns.

MoU Signing With Virtusa Nokia&IoT
Career prospects

IT engineers have job opportunities in civil services, universities, research, private and public industries, government departments, business organizations, commercial organizations and the manufacturing sector, freelance work etc. Besides these, they have plenty of options to work in IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL etc.  as Software engineers, Testers, System Analyst, System administrator, Data base administrator, Designers, Animation, Forensic & Cyber cell, Robotics assembly, manufacture and maintenance, etc.

Working as programmer, web developer, and E- commerce specialist with telecommunications companies, automotive companies, aerospace companies etc. are a gainable career option. Moreover, numerous national and multi-national computer manufacturing companies, computer hardware system design and development companies, computer networking companies and  software development companies require computer professionals in large numbers.


  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • PHP Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Ruby/Rails Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer


  • Project Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Network System Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Wireless Network Manager


  • SQL Developer
  • Database Designer
  • Database Security Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Developer


  • System Analyst
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Enterprise Architect
  • System Architect


  • Applications Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Computer Animator
  • Graphic Designer
  • AutoCAD Drafter
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