Intellectual property (IP) refers to various distinct types of creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce; for which a set of exclusive rights like copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets are recognized under the corresponding fields of law.”Intellectual property is a part and parcel of our life. No matter what we do and where we are, we are always surrounded by the fruits of human creativity and inventions which make our life easier”.
Intellectual Property Rights allow creators, or owners, of patents, trademarks or copyrighted works to benefit from their own work or investment in a creation. These rights are outlined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which provides for the right to benefit from the protection of moral and material interests resulting from authorship of scientific, literary or artistic productions. The importance of intellectual property was first recognized in the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (1883) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1886). Both treaties are administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The IPR Cell of KCG College of Technology looks after the activities related to the Intellectual Property of the Institution and also to create awareness among faculties, research scholar and the students of the Institution. Workshops and seminars were conducted frequently to equip the inventors with skills to convert their ideas in to a patentable document. Also, external training on patent drafting, patent laws and acts were provided for the faculties to facilitate the patent filing process of the institution.The IPR cell promotes the novelty ideas of the faculty and students and fund them to file their patents and work on their inventions. About 36 patents have been filed by the faculty and students as the inventors.

Functions and Responsibilities
• To create an awareness about IPR among faculties and students
• To impart training on future endeavors regarding patent filing processes
• To conduct workshops, seminars and training course on IPR
• To promote better understanding of IPR and to identify more IPs

1 Aeronautical Design and Fabrication of Combined Hydraulic and Pneumatic System with Single Cylinder Landing Gear Mechanism
2 Aeronautical Interaction of Unmanned Flying Machine with Objects on the Ground
3 Aeronautical Method and Device for Controlling Sonic Under-Expanded Jets
4 Aeronautical Stealth Material to Evade Electromagnetic and Infrared Radiation
5 Civil Shear Web Key for Reinforced Concrete Beam
6 CSE Gesture Supporting Virtual Bulletin Board Using Augmented Reality
7 E&I Automatic Irrigation Monitoring and Control using Wireless Sensor Networks
8 E&I Life Time Measurement of Free Chlorine & other Related Compounds
9 E&I Convict Surveillance for Safety
10 ECE Stenography Technique for Secure Data Hiding Capacity in MIMO-SFBC-OFDM (4G/5G) Coding Channel for Defence Application using FPGA
11 ECE Life Vehicle Communication using LIFI
12 ECE Bhrtyartana –  A Pipe Cleaning Robo
13 ECE IoT Sensors for Biomedical Parameters
14 ECE IoT based Virtual Health Monitoring System
15 ECE Learning Tool for Dyslexic Children
16 ECE Non-Invasive Instrument to Detect Diabetic Neuropathy
17 EEE Emergeion
18 EEE Water Management System using Internet-of-Things (IoT)
19 EEE Smart Railway Platform
20 EEE Design and Fabrication of Adaptive Landing
21 EEE Energy Efficacy using Raspberry Pi
22 EEE Fail-Safe Protection System in Vehicles using Smart Helmet
23 EEE Renewable Energy Supporting DC Ceiling Grid
24 EEE Augmented Reality Guidance System for Vehicles
25 EEE Dual Motor Controller
26 EEE Smart Kitchen
27 EEE Pedal Powered Electric Bike
28 Mechanical Method and Apparatus for the Tyre Pressure Inflating and Controlling System for the Moving Vehicle
29 Mechanical Design of Flexure Hinges Tester
30 Mechanical Automated Lift System
31 Mechanical Design and Fabrication of Complete Waste Removal System
32 Mechanical Suspension System using MRF and Hybrid Magnet
33 Mechanical Fridge with Food Heater
34 Mechanical Compactable Coach
35 S&H IoT Integrated  Solar Radiation Prediction using Five Elements of Nature
36 S&H Enhancement of Heat Transformer in Automobile Radiator using CuAl2ONanofluids