Office of Students Affairs

26th College Day Celebrations

Virtuoso 23

Ethereal 23


Zeppelin ’21 – Mr & Miss KCG


Zeppelin ’21 – Mr & Miss KCG


Zeppelin ’21 – Mr & Miss KCG


Mr Shakthi Amaran, Celebrated Singer


Virtuoso ’21


Virtuoso ’21



The Office of Student Affairs was set up with the vision of promoting the welfare of students on campus.


To inculcate the habit of lifelong learning
To facilitate learning beyond curriculum
To enrich campus life
To counsel and mentor
To redress grievances


Headed by the Dean of Student Affairs, the team comprises a professional student counsellor and faculty student affairs coordinators in each department.


  • An annual Paper Presentation Contest is held across all departments, where students review technical papers in their chosen area, write and present a paper which is evaluated by invited experts from academia and industry. The best three papers of each department are awarded.
  • An annual Mini Project Challenge is held across all departments where students ideate and demonstrate innovative projects to experts from industry. The best three projects from each department are awarded. Nearly 600 students take part in the challenge every year.
  • The flagship event Hindustan Young Leaders Conference, designed to build leadership skills of students, draw delegates from all over India.
  • More than 20 clubs function on campus to provide a stimulating platform for students to learn new skills, both technical and non-technical. Special Interest Groups also thrive in every department.
  • Motivational Sessions are held by the student Counsellor as well as external Resource Persons, on various areas including Stress and Anger Management, Psychosexual Well being, Setting and Achieving Goals and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Group and individual counselling is also held for students with academic and personal problems. Any grievance expressed by a student is also looked into and resolved.
Prize winners of Mini Project Challenge Chairperson Presenting Memento to the Hindu Editor Panel discussion – National Unity Day
Judge from Schwing Stetter evaluating projects Mini projects by students Dignitaries at HYLC 19
Organizing Committee HYLC’17 Council in action at HYLC’19 US Consul General Phillip A Min HYLC’17
Self Defence Workshop for girls Self Defence Workshop for girls Claim Your Dream Workshop to empower girls
Award Winning Dancer -Ms Sangeeta Isvaran Child Safety Awareness Enguines ’19 – Empowering school children