College life carries good memories throughout our life. But it can be stressful and challenging too. Students may have personal or academic difficulties. They may feel confused as from whom to seek help and the person who offers help also needs to be non-threatening and non-judgemental.
To overcome all these situations and difficulties, to make sure a smooth transition from school to college and to make college life memorable, KCG College of Technology has a Student Counselling centre @ the campus. The counselling service helps the students to share their feelings, concerns, discuss their problems with a professionally qualified person in a confidential set up and facilitate them to arrive at a solution or an alternative or to cope with or overcome the difficulties.

Other Activities of the Counselling Centre

• Conducting class sessions on life skills, study skills, handling emotions and other topics as per the need of the class
• Group counselling
• Motivational sessions
• Enriching teachers with counselling skills and sessions as per need.

*The service is offered during the working hours of the college on all working days.

Student Programs

Motivational Sessions
Substance Abuse Awareness Session World Mental Health Day
International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking
Election Voting Awareness Campaign Orientation on Hostel Stay for I year students
Anti-ragging Awareness Program by Mr A. X. Alexander (Retd. IPS Officer)
Social & Emotional Intelligence by Ms Shanthi Rajan
World Mental Health Day
Orientation on Hostel Stay Psycho-sexual well-being for Students
Fresher’s Orientation Wellness Program – Meditation Session
Motivational Sessions – “I CAN, I WILL” Motivational Sessions – “I CAN, I WILL”

Faculty Development Programs


Cancer Awareness Program
Counselling Skill for Teachers
Counselling Skills for Teachers Leadership Skill Development