A new ambulance vehicle bearing Registration Number TN-07- CK-3700 has been put in to operation in this campus, with all the medical facilities for transporting sick patients (staff / students) in emergency situation to the hospitals, for admission / treatment. The ambulance vehicle is parked near the Administrative Building Entrance.

The facility can be utilized during emergency, by contacting the following numbers:

Contact Person Phone Numbers
Board Number 044 – 28389001 – Ext. 110
Mr.A.Kishore (Asst. Registrar – Admin) 8939317840
Ms.Glory (Warden, Ladies Hostel) 9629788145
Mr.C.Gragori (Campus Supervisor/ Warden – Boy’s Hostel) 9790993322
Mr. Elango (Manager Admin – HIS, Karapakkam) 9941121324
Mr.D.Muralikrishnan, (Transport i/c / Asst. Prof. Mechanical) 9791113811
Mr.J.Cleetus (Driver) 9962331921


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