Have you ever marveled at how a plane flies and wanted to design a plane? Do you want to learn more about Internet of Things? Are you passionate about music and dance? Or have you always wanted to capture the beauty of the world through the lens of the camera? Whatever your interest we have the right club for you,
At KCG, there are more than 20 clubs which offer a great venue to pursue existing hobbies or explore new ones. Join the club of your choice and become immersed in a dynamic new world of learning and fun

Overall Co-Ordinators

1. Dr.Anita Manuel, Dean (SA)
2. Ms. Susan Jacob (S&H)

Do you want to enjoy a sport you love, try something new or keep active? No problem. @ KCG, you will have the chance to play for fun, play for your college or compete for the University. Or maybe you just want to keep active, fit and healthy? Multiple clubs (Sports, Fitness & Horse Riding clubs) facilities and KCG’s beautiful green spaces make this easy. That history translates into a vibrant sports scene in KCG today. With a vast range of sports clubs , the College is one of the country’s leading centres for student sport.

Join an exciting world of aero models and drones. Members learn to design, build & fly aero models like UAV, MAV and Quad copter.

Contact Person  :
Mr K K. Nithiyanantham, Aero – nithiyanantham@kcgcollege.com

Development of fixed wing UAV by Aero modelling club Students.

Development of RC model by aero modelling club students.

Fixed wing UAV by Aero modelling Students.

Airshow for School Students

Display the various types of RC Plane Model and Drones by Aero modelling club.

Model Preparation by Aero Modelling Students

Service  above self   in action! Rotary  club  is a service, leadership and community service  organization for  young men and women between the   ages 18–30.Rotaract focuses on  the development of young adults as leaders in their  communities and workplaces.

Contact Person
Mr I R Praveen Joe, CSE – praveen.joe.it@kcgcollege.com

Bored of searching for different Apps from your playstore? Now learn, build and deploy your own App. The Mobile Apps Club makes the members understand the process of app building in a practical way. Besides mentoring by experts, the members are made to work on  real-time projects.

Contact Person :

Dr.R.Anand, IT – anand.it@kcgcollege.com

Need exposure and experience in the latest and futuristic smart technology? Members will be mentored by experts and receive hands-on training.
Contact Person :

Mr Cloudin, CSE – scloudin@kcgcollege.com

Do you code your dream? This club provides you the necessary resources, training and knowledge to help you become a coding whiz.

Contact Person :

Ms Minju P George, CSE – minjupgeorge@gmail.com

Have you ever wanted to have a robot as your friend? The KCG eYantra Robotics Lab trains students in Embedded  Systems and  Micro-Controller Programming  by engaging the members in a project based learning mode, to help make robots.

Contact Persons :    

Ms. Aida Jones, ECE – aida.ece@kcgcollege.com

Ms G.Saranya,ECE – saranya.ece@kcgcollege.com

Is Toastmasters Right for You?
Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Toastmasters is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace.

Contact Person
Mr I R Praveen Joe, CSE – praveen.joe.it@kcgcollege.com

If you want to be part of the teams working on mechanical projects, come on board. Mentored by experts, you will learn to work as a team and participate in competitions.
Contact Person :

Mr.M.Vignesh Kumar, MECH – vignesh.mech@ kcgcollege.com

Transfoming simple idea into business models

Explaining the idea of their project

Students at Boot Camp session

Students at Boot Camp session

If you like to tinker with electronics, this is the club for you. Members will gain hands on practice to assemble and debug electronic and electrical circuits.

Contact Person :

Dr.Jose Anand, ECE – jose.anand.ece@kcgcollege.com

Hands on Session - Soldering Practice

Hands on Session – Soldering Practice

Hands on Session - Desoldering Practice

Hands on Session – Desoldering Practice

Hands on session - Touch Sensor Project

Hands on session – Touch Sensor Project

Working on Projects

Working on Projects

Working on Dancing Light Project

Working on Dancing Light Project

Orientation Day

Orientation Day

Does your feet move to rhythm? Let our award winning choreographer bring out the inner dancer in you and get to perform your moves to a cheering crowd.

Contact Person :

Mr.V.Mani Shankar, AERO- manishankar.aero@kcgcollege.com

Is it your dream to join IAS, IPS or IFS? This club provides a platform to discern new & current events, meet civil service officers & prepare for civil services exams.

Contact Person :

Ms.B.Rammya,EIE – rammya.ece@kcgcollege.com

If you love debates and oratory, if you want to learn to speak and write effectively, this is the club for you. Literary Club will set you on the path to become a speaker extraordinaire!

Student Blogs

Contact Person :

Dr R Jaya , Associate Prof S&H – jaya.eng@kcgcollege.com

Capture beauty through the lens of a camera. Members will improve their photography skills through mentoring and workshops by experts.
Contact Person :

Mr.S.Sadasivam, ECE – sadasivam@kcgcollege.com

Do you tackle  all the  questions that people shoot at you? The quiz club   caters to   students who      live  by  the      dictum that  little knowledge is dangerous. The club channelizes your desire for knowledge in general, technical, social, economic, cultural and political affairs  which  in turn boosts confidence.

Contact Person :

Ms.K.Ramya, EEE – ramya.eee@kcgcollege.com

Music  Club  is dedicated to  the promotion of Indian Classical & Western Music, among the student community. This music club also serves as a platform for musicians of all genres and skill levels to showcase their talent at various events.

Contact Person : 

Mr. I. R Praveen Joe, CSE – praveen.joe.it@kcgcollege.com

If you always wanted to act, this is your chance. Participate in sessions by professional theater group in various aspects like voice modulation, body language, script writing, and stage design

Contact Person :

Mr.Syam Narayanan.S,AERO – syam.aero@kcgcollege.com
Mr.Cerin P Simon,S&H – cerin.eng@kcgcollege.com

Objectives of Sports club

The club offers opportunity to learn new sports, improve existing sports skill, practice and compete various levels. Club inculcates valuable leadership skills through successful play way method and intra club dynamics

Is your heart on the field? KCG Sports Club offers opportunities for learning a new sport, improving existing sport skills, practicing and playing not only for fun  but also  for competing at various levels. Club  members develop valuable leadership and team skills.

India is a country of more than a billion people and yet only 3 medals won at 2008 Olympics. There after sea of well intended changes has been initiated by Government, private and NGO sectors to increase the medal tally. Eight year later at Rio Olympics our medal tally degraded to one less than what we achieved at 2008. In Obsession with getting more gold, we missed the focus on building a sporty nation.

KCG Sports club was an first initiative taken among Engineering colleges in tamilnadu by our Sports lover, Educationalist and philanthropist Dr.AnandJacabVerghese Director & CEO in the year 2016 as part of Multi Talent Development Initatives (MTDI) for our students.

KCG Sports club was inaugurated by the great “Dunking Devil” from Europe in 2016. Here at KCG we strongly believe in “Mass Participation” as a critical pillar in making of a sporting nation. we were founded with a mission of making all students at KCG play games and sports.

Only when bottom of the pyramid is strong will see the top of the pyramid swell.

Contact Person :

Dr.N.Prem Kumar, Director of Physical Education – prem.sports@kcgcollege.com

1 Football (M) KCG – PANTHERS kcg_football_club_logo
2 Volleyball (M) KCG – SCORPIONS kcg_volleyball_club_logo
3 Handball (M) KCG – JAGUARS  kcg_handball_club_logo
4 Cricket (M) KCG – WARRIORS  kcg_cricket_club_logo
5 Basketball (M) KCG – AVENGERS  kcg_basketball_club_logo
6 Tennis(M) KCG – PHOENIX  kcg_tennis_club_logo
7 Throwball (W) KCG – DOLPHIN  kcg_thrownball_club_logo
8 Staff Cricket (M) KCG – UNICORNS kcg_horseriding_club_logo
9 Kho Kho (M) KCG – SHARKS
10 Hockey (M) KCG – SPARTANS  kcg_hockey_club_logo

Fitness to Achieve and keep healthy body and weight for reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression which helps improving Self confidence of the students

Contact Person :

Dr. N. Prem kumar, Director of Physical Education – prem.sports@kcgcollege.com

To promote participation and sportsmanship in equestrian competition among all students without regard to their level of riding skill and improving the strong core & leg through Health Fitness Revolution

Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of riding a horse? Join the club and learn to ride a horse under the supervision of a trainer.

Contact Person :
Dr. N. Prem kumar, Director of Physical Education- prem.sports@kcgcollege.com

KCG WOMEN’S CODING CLUB is an exclusive club for women to learn Coding and Associated Skills. It is a platform to create an awareness and interest among girl students on programming.
Contact Person:
Ms.Anju.A,IT –anju.it@kcgcollege.com

Add up fun. Multiply skills. Attain success.

Enter the magical world of numbers through the KCG Maths club! If you are fascinated with numbers or would like to become a maths wiz, then come and be part of the Math club. We have space for the maths wiz and the ‘the maths is difficult’ student. Maths is fun and maths is easy. Let us show you how. KCG MATH Club helps to develop hidden math talents and stimulate mathematical curiosity. With riddles, games, competitions, this club will help students enjoy the world of numbers.


Dr.M.Geethalakshmi, Assistant Professor, S&H, Maths – geetha@kcgcollege.com

Dr. Maya Joby, Associate Professor, S&H, Maths – maya.maths@kcgcollege.com

Ys Youth Club of KCG College was inaugurated on 9th October 2020 at KCG College of Technology campus and the program was broadcast online. Eminent and Enthusiastic Ys Leaders and Ys Men participated in the event online. The club is sponsored by YSC of Chennai Karapakkam. Ysp Dr.Annie Jacob, Ys Mennette Leader, India Area, will be the advisor of the club. The event was made a grand occasion with the able guidance of the Patron HRM Ysm Dr Anand Jacob Verghese, Chief Coordinator, India Area.