The Aero  Modelling club  empowers the  students to design, build  and fly,  aero models like Quadcopter, UAV, MAV, etc.,. The club  members can participate in flying  shows held  at other institutes.

Contact Persons  :
Mr K K. Nithyanantham, Aero –

Mr K Arun kumar, Aero –

Bored of searching for different Apps from your playstore? Now learn, build and deploy your own App. The Mobile Apps Club makes the members understand the process of app building in a practical way. Besides monitoring by experts, the members are made to work on  real-time projects.

Contact Person :

Ms Adline Freeda, IT –

Ms Sharmila, IT,

Does your feet  move  to  rhythms? Find your place  in the  Dance Club  to  bring out   the   inner   dancer in  you.  The  training provided by the club will improve  your dancing skills and  also give  the  members to participate in dance competitions.

Contact Persons :

Mr R Prabu,  Aero –

Mr N Dileeban, Aero –

The Internet of Things  club provides the  venue for the  aspiring engineers to get  exposure and experience  in  the   latest  and  futuristic smart  technology.  The members of the  club will be exposed to the  technology by getting periodical technology updates, mentoring by experts and hands on experience.

Contact Persons : 

Mr Cloudin, CSE –

Mr Deenadayalan, CSE –

Is it your dream to join IAS, IPS or IFS? KCG Civil Services Club makes your   dream  come  true.  The  club   creates awareness among students about Civil Services Examinations conducted by UPSC. It also creates interest in the aspirants to keep track of news regularly and  provides them  a  platform  to   discuss  the   current  affairs critically. The members also get opportunities to interact with  former / present Civil Servants.

Contact Persons :  

Dr Alberrt P Rayan, S&H, Head, Higher Education –

Mr Sampath, IT –

Is your heart on the field? KCG Sports Club offers opportunities for learning a new sport, improving existing sport skills, practicing and playing not only for fun  but  also  for competing at various levels. Club  members develop valuable leadership and team skills.

Contact Persons :

Mr N Prem Kumar, Physical Director –

Mr Venkataramanan, Aero –

1 Football (M) KCG – PANTHERS kcg_football_club_logo
2 Volleyball (M) KCG – SCORPIONS kcg_volleyball_club_logo
3 Handball (M) KCG – JAGUARS  kcg_handball_club_logo
4 Cricket (M) KCG – WARRIORS  kcg_cricket_club_logo
5 Basketball (M) KCG – AVENGERS  kcg_basketball_club_logo
6 Tennis(M) KCG – PHOENIX  kcg_tennis_club_logo
7 Throwball (W) KCG – DOLPHIN  kcg_thrownball_club_logo
8 Staff Cricket (M) KCG – UNICORNS kcg_horseriding_club_logo
9 Kho Kho (M) KCG – SHARKS
10 Hockey (M) KCG – SPARTANS  kcg_hockey_club_logo

If you are  passionate and articulate, if you ever wanted to fix the mess created by world leaders, this is your club. KCGMUN Club will help  the  students hone their  debating skills, enhance their knowledge, impel  them to  research and reflect on  global issues, and build leadership skills.

Contact Persons :

Dr Anita Manuel, Dean  (SA) –

Ms Jayalakshmi, S&H –

Music  Club  is dedicated to  the promotion of Indian Classical & Western Music, among the student community. This music club also serves as a platform for musicians of all genres and skill levels to showcase their talent at various events.

Contact Persons : 

Mr Sam Daniel Finny, Mech –

Mr Rubin Bose, EEE –

The man-made eye to capture the  beauty around, is the  lens of a camera. The Photography Club  helps  the  interested students to improve their  photography skills. The club organizes seminars on photography.  The club members are also encouraged to take  part in contests.

Contact Persons :

Mr K Sivachandar, ECE  – sivachandar

Do you code your  dream? Programming Club provides resources and knowledge to  help  the  members to  pursue their  interest in Computer  Programming  either  as   a   profession  or   a   hobby. Activities  of  the   club  involve  Web  Development, Open source, Game/App Developments and Programming. The club  motivates its  members to  attend both Intra  and Inter  Programming and Coding Contests.

Contact Persons :  

Ms Minju P George, CSE –

Ms Lydia Elizabeth Abraham, CSE –

Do you tackle  all the  questions that people shoot at you? The quiz club   caters to   students who      live  by  the      dictum that  little knowledge is dangerous. The club channelizes your desire for knowledge in general, technical, social, economic, cultural and political affairs  which  in turn boosts confidence.

Contact Persons :

Mr I R Praveen Joe, CSE –

Mr R Sankar, S&H –

Have you ever wanted to have a robot as your friend? The KCG eYantra Robotics Lab trains students in Embedded  Systems and  Micro-Controller Programming  by engaging the members in a project based learning mode, to help make robots.

Contact Persons :    

Ms. Aida Jones, ECE –

Ms Renganayaki, ECE –

Service  above self   in action! Rotary  club  is a service, leadership and community service  organization for  young men and women between the   ages 18–30.Rotaract focuses on  the development of young adults as leaders in their  communities and workplaces.

Contact Persons :

Mr I R Praveen Joe, CSE –

Mr Sampath, IT –

Mr S Sadasivam, ECE

The objectives of the   Toastmasters club   are   to   improve members’ oral   expression of  thought,  to develop    their    confidence and ability   to   speak in public,  to promote the   habit of  analytical listening, to    assist   each   other through  constructive evaluation, to  develop their     capacity for leadership, to  promote  good  fellowship among    men        and women, to        advance mutual understanding  through    more effective communication,  and  to    foster  and encourage “Better Listening, Thinking and Speaking”.

Contact person:

Mr Vejey Subash Gandyer, CSE –

Mr R Sankar, S&H –

A fit body leads to a fit mind. The Fitness Club offers its      members use of the college gym, where students can work out. The club also offers cycling opportunities  and  yoga classes.

Contact Person :

Mr R Raghunath, APED –

Mr Presenna  Prabu, Mech –

Dreamt of riding with the wind? The Horse Riding Club trains its members to ride a horse under the supervision of a trainer. It is a great way of becoming physically fit.

Contact person :

Mr Durai, APED  –

Mr Elavarasan (Alumni)