Aeronautical Engineering

Lab Name: Propulsion Laboratory
Experiment Name:1. Flow characteristics of convergent divergent nozzle at supersonic and subsonic speeds

Civil Engineering

Lab Name: Advanced Construction Engineering and Computing Techniques Laboratory
Experiment Name:1. NDT on hardened concrete – Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Lab Name: Communication Systems Laboratory
Experiment Name:1. Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation
Experiment Name:2. FM Modulation and Demodulation
Experiment Name:3. ASK Modulation and Demodulation

Electronics & Electronics Engineering

Lab Name: Control & Instrumentation Laboratory
Experiment Name:1. Synchro-Transmitter & Receiver Characteristics

Mechanical Engineering

Lab Name: Metrology & Measurements Laboratory
Experiment Name:1. Measurement of Torque using Torque Sensor
Experiment Name:2. Measurement of Thread Parameters by Using Floating Carriage Micrometre
Experiment Name:3. Surface Roughness Measurement