Tree Plantation Drive for COMCAST CARES DAY-INFOSYS

KCG college of Technology  always strives to make the campus sensitive and aware towards environment. With the noble mission of making our city green and serene, KCG participated in Tree Plantation Drive on Saturday 2nd March , 2019. The motto behind this mega initiative was an effort to Make KCG Green  . The drive was organized under the patronage and guidance of Dr.Prabhakaran, Principal KCG College of Technology, Vise Principal, Dean Academics,Associate Dean, Dr.Frank Vijay J ,Head IT Department ,SpoC Infosys and various Department heads along with fewe students to make the drive a grand success. This occasion was hosted by Comcast  with infosys employees nearly 25 participated .A group of enthusiastic Team planted more than 31  saplings of herbal plants such as Jatropa , Jamun ,Kalanchoe Pinnata, Bael, Neem, Basil, Ashwgandha etc. The students planted saplings in the garden of a nearby Play area to raise awareness and consciousness about environment among the masses. The drive was a huge success empowering students with substantial knowledge of environment and plants and simultaneously enhancing their social skills.

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