KCG College of Technology was founded in 1998 to fulfill the Founder-Chairman, Dr. KCG Verghese’s vision of “To Make Every Man a Success and No Man a Failure”. KCG College of Technology is a unit of the Hindustan Group of Institutions, reputed for educational excellence.  As our Institution celebrates its Silver Jubilee, we are planning a National Level CYBER Hackathon- CYBERCRATZ’1.O


CYBERCRATZ 1.O is a National Level Cyber Hackathon organized by Department of Information Technology, KCG College of Technology in collaboration with Computer Society of India (CSI)& The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), to provide students with a platform to solve problems we face in our daily lives, a culture of product innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in young minds, exclusively for engineering students from across India. Build innovative accelerated applications, grow your network, meet Cybersecurity experts, and grab the exciting prizes.


“Cyber Security is a shared responsibility and it boils down to this: in Cyber Security, the more systems we secure the more secure we all are.”

Digital transformation is happening all over the world. In fact, Estonia, a country in Europe, is known as the digital country of the world where everything from passport to government services & medical prescriptions is provided online to the citizens. The most extensive data center, Google, has recently committed to an investment of 10 billion dollars to advance its cyber security. While all this is happening worldwide on a large scale, it is crucial to reflect upon ourselves, the daily consumers of the internet, and equip our cyber security knowledge.

More the data, more the need for cyber security.

The Hackathon is your opportunity to contribute your part to cyber security!


  • Cloud Computing
  • Block Chain
  • Cyber Security
  • Crypto Currency
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Network Security
  • Drone Technology
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Security
  • Artificial Intelligence

GUIDELINES- Contest Rules

The participants will have to abide by the official rules provided by the institution.

  • Entrants must be: 18 years or above
  • Citizen of India
  • Verified college ID or institute/organisation.

The participation in the event will be in the form of a single- member (individual) team or a group consisting up to a maximum of 3 members. They will be termed as “Team”. The terms and conditions will be agreed as a team and not liable to discretion of acceptance of every individual in the team. If any member violates the term & condition or goes against the interest of hackathon for any illegal activity, the team will be disqualified.

CYBERCRATZ 1.O- Cyber Hackathon

At the beginning of the event, the problem statements will be shared with all participants at the same time. The final round will be a 48 hours long session beginning on 24.03.2023 and ending on 25.03.2023. The Jury will evaluate based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevancy
  2. Novelty of concept
  3. Practicality, feasibility and sustainability

The declaration of the winner based on the above criteria will be a matter of pure discretion of the jury panel and not open to questioning or scrutiny.

The top three teams will be awarded motivational prizes along with a certificate of excellence for all the participants of the main event.


S.No. PS ID Title Domain Description Link
1 CR-001 Graphical Password Authentication Block Chain The user is required to select some images (let’s say different chocolates) in a specific pattern (for example dairy milk is followed by 5 stars which is in turn followed by KitKat and so on). Next time the user tries to log in, the images would have been shuffled, but the user will be required to follow the same pattern which was used initially. Every time the user will have to use the same sequence while the images are placed in different ways. This type of authentication is difficult to break since neither brute force nor dictionary attacks could breach it. We need techniques that can be easily implemented and provide better results to this process.
2 CR-002 Crypto Currency Investigation Tool Block Chain Crypto Currency Investigation Tools with multi-blockchain platform support.
3 CR-003 Chat messenger decryption tool Forensics To decrypt We Chat, and Ding Talk from cloud / local storage from evidence.
4 CR-004 Tracing IP address and details of unidentified participants Networking The links for academic sessions/webinars/CREs are shared by few students to miscreants, who then login into the meeting/sessions using the same link by using ID’s or names of other identified participants
5 CR-005 Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) on live calls Artificial Intelligence The solution should analyse the voice of the caller on live on-going calls being attended by the caller in emergency Response System. After Analysing the voice of the caller, the solution should predict about the emotional/ mental condition of the caller. The solution should predict/suggest following about the caller Stressful Voice Drunk Voice Prank Voice Abusive Voice Painful Voice Or any mental condition.
6 CR-006 Mesh Network App detection Mobile App Design and develop a technological solution for detecting apps like Fire chat that use Mesh Networking to connect users without cell service in a given area.
7 CR-007 Email Spoofing Detection – Spoofed email with swapped email id(and IP too) can come to any user’s inbox Forensics Email spoofing is a form of cyber attack in which a hacker sends an email that has been manipulated to seem as if it originated from a trusted source. This kind of identity deception is widely used in phishing and spam attacks to help boost the open rate and efficacy of malicious emails. In many email attacks, embedded links lead to phishing sites designed to swipe sensitive information or login credentials from recipients. Others contain malware-laden attachments, or employ social engineering to bamboozle well-researched targets out of money in spear-phishing or business email compromise (BEC) scams. In order to spoof an email, all a fraudster needs to do is set up or compromise an SMTP server. From there, they can manipulate the ‘From’, ‘Reply-To’, and ‘Return-Path’ email addresses to make their phishing emails appear to be legitimate messages from the individual or brand they’re impersonating.
8 CR-008 An online tracking mechanism for identification of websites/apps Social Media An online media tracking mechanism that may read information on webpages, and identify possible instances of piracy on digital media may be developed. Such a system may be developed and operated in collaboration with the Indian Media & Entertainment industry. At the input, content producers may feed various details and metadata related to a particular piece of copyright content. This information may be compared with the information tracked through the online mechanism to identify and flag potential cases of copyright violation. With final confirmation from the broadcasters, further tracking of a concerned website may be undertaken to identify it as an infringing website. Over a period of time, a dynamic Infringing Website List (IWL) may be developed and maintained. The system may send notifications to online advertising intermediaries (such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) for blacklisting of such websites (and their IP addresses) from receiving any future ads, thereby discouraging online piracy in India.
9 CR-009 Fake news detection system Artificial Intelligence Design and develop a technological solution/software tool for Tracking & Tracing Fake News and its origin using official sources as the input filter. The solution should have a mechanism to mitigate the impact of the spread of Fake News by auto-populating the fake news spreaders’ inboxes with the official/authenticated news content
10 CR-010 Women Safety Mobile App Design and develop a Women safety app that automatically senses the danger to a mobile user and triggers an SOS alert with location details based on multimodal data from a mobile device such as audio, video, image, motion detection etc., given a situation that the user is not able to operate the mobile.
11 CR-011 People Safety App Mobile App Developing an App to flag malicious/ fraud indicators in real-time.
12 CR-012 Spam alert system Artificial Intelligence Design and develop a crowd-sourcing based solution that can analyse and verify the source of any incoming call, SMS and Email based on the inputs from the end-users. The solution should be able to classify, whether the source is genuine or spam. Also, the solution should be able to generate a risk score for incoming calls, SMS and Emails, based on the crowd-sourced input
13 CR-013 Security Analysis of Drones Systems Drones To investigate the emerging threats of using drones in cyber-attacks, along the countermeasures to thwart these attacks.
14 CR-014 Dark web crawler Design and develop an AI-enabled technological solution for actionable Crime Intelligence from the Deep and Dark Web including but not limited to child pornography, weapons, drugs etc. The solution should have the capability to raise demands for additional information from clear-net and proprietary databases viz. TSPs/ISPs for attempting correlation and attribution.
15 CR-015 Phishing Detection Solution Artificial Intelligence Design and develop a technological solution for AI-enabled Phishing Links Detection and Alert System. The solution should be able to identify the source of phishing attacks in web pages, email apps, social media, instant messenger apps, text messages etc. The solution may be in the form of a desktop/mobile application or a web browser plugin.


  1. Dr J Frank Vijay- Prof and Head of the Department / IT
  2. Ms Anju.A, Assistant Professor / IT

Student Coordinators:

  1. Mr Ajay Prsad- 3rd Year IT
  2. Ms Neena P S- 3rd Year IT

For Queries Contact:

  1. Ms Anju A- 9600220292, anju.it@kcgcollege.com
  2. Mr Ajay Prasad- 9952988210, 20it07@kcgcollege.com
  3. Ms Neena P S- 7358540527, 20it31@kcgcollege.com


Registration Link: https://forms.gle/MMVroQiccXg2N8hz5

Registration Fee: 250/Head (Hackathon Kit, Food and Accommodation)

Hostel accommodation reserved on first come first serve basis.