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IET Student Chapter Bagged Awards

The IET student chapter of our college received the following awards from IET Chennai Local Networks in the award ceremony held on 22.3.2015.

1. Iconic Event of the year 2014 – For the event ‘Project Challenge 2014″.
2. Most Dynamic Chapter 2014 For the vibrant technical activities.
3. Taj-E-IET 2014 – The overall championship award for the commendable contribution to IET.

We bagged all the above awards by competing with 45 student chapters in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from these awards, our students also received following awards for their contribution towards IET and academics.
Chapter focused awards
1. Anand S (CSE) – Leadership award
2. Subarna Panda (CSE) – Leadership award
3. S Divya (EIE) – Regularity award
4. S Sangeetha (CSE) – Regularity award & Academic Performance award
5. Priya Dharshini D A (IT) – Regularity award & Academic Performance award
6. Harish J (CSE) – Promotional award
7. Gopi Krisna (CSE) – Promotional award
8. S Ganesh Kumar (Civil) – Trend setter award
9. Shathi M A (CSE) – Trend setter award
10. B Shamreen Ahamed (CSE) – Trend setter award

Chennai Network focused awards
1. Subarna Panda (CSE) – Promotional Award
2. S Divya (EIE) – Leadership Award

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