Cloud10, E-cell of KCG college of technology conducted the E-cell orientation for the first year students on 26/09/2017 starting from 10.30am.

Dr Sumathi Poobal, Vice Principal, IEDC Coordinator and Dr.Ramanathan, HoD of S&H department addressed the students. They gave the insight of Cloud10, and its various activities at campus. They also shared the success stories of alumni entrepreneurs.

All the freshers attended the orientation programme from 10.30am. After the address , the E-Leaders of Cloud-10, E-Cell KCG college of technology , explained the students about the Learnwise app, National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) Foundation and the activity “Idea Box”. Idea Box is an ideation competition for students. Following which the E-leaders and the Vice principal of KCG College of Technology conducted the event Idea Box.

The students were divided into small groups and were asked to elect a leader to communicate with. This gave them team spirit, to work as a team. The students were asked to come up with an idea that will have a positive impact on environment. The students showed active participation with enthusiasm. Students came up with product ideas and all teams explained about their product and the impact on the environment. The ideas were evaluated and best ideas won prizes. The orientation programme came to a close at 4.00 pm.

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