Research Guides / Doctoral Committee Members

Dr. Ramanathan, Professor of Mathematics, S&H Department, has been appointed a research supervisor for Anna University, Chennai.

Dr.R.Senthil, Prof&Dean(Research), is a Doctoral committee member for various PhD students at Satyabama university SRM university St Peter University and Anna University

Dr Amrutha, Assistant Professor of Physics, S&H Department, has got the approval as a research supervisor for Hindustan University

Our Staff in Various Committees

Prof. R. R. Elangovan, Professor and Head, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Member Board of Studies Periyar Maniammai University ,Thanjavur. and Adhiyaman College of Engg

Dr Albert P’Rayan has been appointed a reviewer and member of the editorial board of the e-journal LACLIL (Latin America Content and Language Integrated Learning). He has already been a member of the editorial board another journal ESP-World.

Dr.R.Senthil, Prof &Dean(Research) is

  • Recognised supervisor of anna university chennai in the department of electrical sciences
  • Recognised supervisor in satyabama university, st peter university, scsvmv university
  • Invited as chiefguest for Symposium to be held at department of EIE scsvmv university kancheepuram on 24.9.13
  • Member in Board of studies at Karunya University coimbatore

Mr. S.Cloudin, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been appointed as Hony. Treasurer of IET Chennai Local Network 

  • Dr.V.Ranganathan, Professor &Dean/ECE supervising 7 research scholars in Anna University and 2 Research Scholars in Hindustan University.
  • Dr.V.Ranganathan, Professor &Dean/ECE is a reviewer for 4 International journals
  • Dr. Sumathi Poobal, Professor/ECE supervising 2 research scholars.
  • Dr.V.Vidhyadevi, Professor/ECE is a member of a journal review committee.
  • Dr.P.A.Balakrishnan, Professor/EEE &Dean (Academic&Research) supervising 6 research scholars in Anna University.
  • Dr.P.A.Balakrishnan, Professor/EEE &Dean (Academic&Research) is a reviewer for 3 International journals
  • Dr.P.A.Balakrishnan, Professor/EEE &Dean (Academic&Research) is a technical reviewer for McGraw-hill publication
  • Dr.P.A.Balakrishnan, Professor/EEE &Dean (Academic&Research) has published 6 papers in international peer reviewed journals.
  • Mr.S.Cloudin, HoD/CSE and Faculty Advisor, IETKCTECH has been selected as Treasurer of IET, Chennai Network from 1Oct’12
  • Mr.V.P. Sreekantha Kumar, Asso. Prof., CSE has been selected as Vice Chairman of IET YPS Chennai Network from 1Oct’12.
  • Minu Thomas (Asst.Prof. MCA) secured 2nd Rank and won the Gold Medal in ME (CSE) from Hindustan University.
  • Six Technical Papers Evaluated and reviewed for SAROD by DR. M. Nagarathinam Dean, AERO
  • Prof. Ashok Babu (AERO) has been elected in The Institution of Engineers, India, as Committee member for Aerospace Engineering Division from 2012 to 2014.
S.NO Name Designation Department
1 Dr. G. Prabhakaran Principal
2 Dr Sumathi Poobal Vice Principal ECE
3 Dr Ramanathan K Dean (Acad) & Professor MCA
4 Dr Senthil R Dean (Res.i/c) & HoD EIE
5 Dr Nagarathinam M Dean & Prof AERO
6 Dr Supradeepan K Asso.Professor & HoD AERO
(Thesis submitted)
7 Dr Asad Ahamed R Asso.Prof AERO
8 Dr Edward Kennedy Z Professor& HoD ME-MFE
9 Dr Kumarasamy G S Professor & HoD ME-Engg.Desg.
10 Dr Ramesh Kumar A Professor & HoD MECH
11 Dr K Jessy Asst.Professor Mech
12 Dr Baranidharan R Asst.Professor Mech
(Thesis submitted)
13 Dr Deiva Sundari Professor & HoD ME – PED
14 Dr Murugan R Asso.Professor EEE
15 Dr Amos H Jeeva Oli Asso.Professor & HoD ECE
(Thesis Submitted)
16 Dr Subbaroyan V Professor ECE
17 Dr Raja Paul Perinbum J Professor & HoD ME – VLSI
18 Dr Krishnamurthy M Professor & HoD ME – CSE
19 Dr R Dhanalakshmi Professor CSE CSE
20 Dr C Emylin Shyni Asso.Professor CSE
21 Dr Frank Vijay J Professor & HoD IT
22 Dr R Amrutha Asso.Professor S & H
23 Dr Gladwin Pradeep Asst.Professor S & H
24 Dr Kulasekaran A Professor S & H
25 Dr V Andal Asst.Professor S & H
26 Dr.R.Lakshmipathy Asst.Professor (Sr. Scale) S & H – Chemistry
27 Dr Albert P Rayan Asso.Professor S & H
28 Dr Albert P Rayan Asso.Professor S & H
29 Dr Anita Manuel Asso.Professor S & H
30 Dr Rosy Fernando E-Cell Consultant S & H
SNo Month / Year Dept Name Name of the Staff Competition Type Details of Competition / No.of Participants Organized by Prize Won
1 Mar-14 S&H Geetha Lakshmi M Technical Fest Best Training Co-ordination KCG College of Technology,MIRZA HALL Sheild, Cash award.
2 Mar-14 S&H Geetha Lakshmi M Technical Fest Self appraisal above 90% KCG College of Technology,MIRZA HALL Sheild
3 Mar-14 S&H Jose Parvin Praveena Technical Fest Self Appraisal above 90% KCG College of technology, MIRZA HALL Sheild
4 Mar-14 S&H Geetha Lakshmi M Technical Fest Staff cultural group skit,Zeppelin-2014 KCG College of technology, MIRZA HALL 1st prize
No Month / Year Department Name Faculty-Incharge FDP / QIP Type Name of the Programme List of Faculties Attended Resource Person Organized by Duration
1 Jan-14 MECH Nandhini R Attended Quality Improvement Program on Advances in Welding and Manufacturing NITTTR,
5 Days
2 Jan-14 MECH Zubaitha Kathoon S Attended Quality Improvement Program on Advances in Welding and Manufacturing NITTTR,
5 Days
3 Feb-14 MCA Monika J Attended Research Methodology & Pedagogy National Institute
of Management Studies (NIMS)
1 Day
4 Feb-14 S&H Grace Angaline Attended Technology enabled life, work, learning and collobaration Kulasekaran;
Sudha S;
5 Jun-14 MECH Prince Jailal Attended ANSYS – An Introductory Training NIT, Trichy 3 days
6 Jun-14 MECH Praveen Kumar A Attended Faculty Development Program on Strength of Materials St. Joseph
College of Engineering
8 days
7 Jun-14 CSE Krishnamurthy M Attended Data Warehousing & Data Mining R.M.K
7 days
8 Jun-14 EEE Murugan.R Attended Faculty development programme on Electromagnetic Theory Murugan.R; MNM Jain College 7 days
9 Jun-14 EEE Rubin Bose Attended Faculty Development Programme on Electronic Devices and Circuits Rubin Bose;
Balaji S;
GKM College
Engineering & Tech
10 Jun-14 MECH Magesh kumar Attended Computer Integrated Manufacturing College of Engineering Guindy 8 days
11 Jun-14 MECH Sam Daniel Fenny Attended Computer Integrated Manufacturing College of Engineering Guindy 8 days
12 Jun-14 MCA Srinivasan S Attended Programming and Interfacing with processors Srinivasan S; Aarupadai veedu Institute of Technology 1 day
13 Jun-14 S&H Sivaramakrishna Das.P Attended INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN AND DELIVERY SYSTEM Baskar M;Radhakrishnan M;Nalini Jayanthi S;Priya Bijesh; KCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY 5 Days
14 Jun-14 EEE Deiva Sundari P Conducted Faculty Developement programme on Electromagnetic Theory Murugan.R;
Ramya L N;
Vijay Kumar Konjieti;Subhas Chandra Bharathi S;Rajesh S;
Balaji S;
Faculties from various colleges and Experts from Industries Anna University 7days
15 Jun-14 IT Rathna Devi M Attended Mobile & Pervasive Computing Rathna Devi M;Meera S; Jerusalem College of Eng 6 days
16 Jun-14 IT Bhaskar Attended DBMS Bhaskar; Dr. Bhaskar Dr. Bose Anna University, Chennai 6 days
17 Jun-14 EEE Deiva Sundari P Attended Instructional Design and Delivery System Ramesh Prabhu R;Rashmi Biswas;Ranjani S;Jeyakumar B;Latha R;Arun Venkatesh J; National Institute of Management Studies 5 days
19 Jun-14 S&H Albert P Rayan Attended E-Course “Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching” Albert P Rayan; Professor Agniezska, University of Oregon American English Institute, University of Oregon 10 weeks
20 Jun-14 IT Sharmila.R.N Attended Computer Architecture Sharmila.R.N;
Adline Freeda R;
MIT 7 days
21 Jun-14 EEE Agnus Jenith Attended Faculty DevelpmentProgramme on Transmission and Distribution Agnus Jenith; Radisson Blu 7 days
22 Jun-14 IT Veni Devi.G Attended Computer Networks Veni Devi.G; Anna University, Chennai 6 days
23 Jul-14 S&H Albert P Rayan Conducted Communication Skills Lab A team of 25 ELT professionals from various colleges Centre for Development & Department of English, Anna University 5 days
24 Jul-14 MECH Govindaraju.N Conducted Engineering Graphics N. Govindaraju KCG College of Technology at Metrology Lab 2 hours
25 Oct-14 MECH Jessy.K Attended Short Term Program on New Materials their Characterization and Applications Jessy.K;Zubaitha Kathoon S; Anna University, Chennai 2 days
26 Oct-14 S&H Sivaramakrishna Das.P Conducted FDP Dr. Krishna Kumar, Prof. of Mathematics, Anna University, Chennai.Dr.UdhayaBhaskar, Prof. of Mathematics, VelTech University, Chennai.Prof. P.Sivaramakrishna Das, Prof. of Mathematics & HOD(S&H), KCG College of Technology, Chennai. Dr. K. Ramanathan, Prof. of Mathematics & Dean (Academics), KCG College of Technology, Chennai. KCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY 1 DAY
27 Oct-14 MECH Praveen Kumar A Attended UGC Sponsored Short Term Course on New Materials: Their Characterizationand Applications Praveen Kumar A; Dr. V. A. Arumugam, Professor, Anna University, Chennai Anna University, Chennai 2 days
28 Nov-14 MECH Edwerd kenady Z Z Attended Short Term Programme on Nano structured Materials: Processing and Characterization Edwerd kenady Z Z;Arul Inigo Raja M;Zubaitha Kathoon S;Nandhini R; Dr. J. Hemalatha, Professor, NIT, Trichy National Institute of Technology, Trichy 2 days
29 Nov-14 EIE Rammyaa B Conducted Practical Process control and Instrumentation Selection Senthil R;Poornima G;Christy Varghese;Arun Joseph;Lavanya M;Rammyaa B; Mr.Vishnuwardhan Department of Electronics and Instrumentation 9.00 am to 2.30 p.m
30 Nov-14 ECE Subbaroyan V Attended Faculty Development Programme in “Present Trend in Hybrid Pedagogy in English Language Teaching” Subbaroyan V; Centre for Faculty Development Anna University, Chennai 3 days
31 Nov-14 CSE Prabhakaran Attended Cyber Crimes, Information Security and Digital Forensics Prabhakaran;Hema V; Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics 2 days
32 Dec-14 IT Anju A Attended CS2363 Computer Networks Anju A; Dr.S. Neelavathy Asst.Prof.MIT MIT Campus, Chennai 7 days
33 Dec-14 CSE Dhanalakshmi R Conducted FDP on “OPNET Simulation” Dr. Padmanaban Ramasamy, Director – Wireless R&D Lab, NexGTech Telecom KCG College of Technology 2 days
SNo Month / Year Dept Name Name of the Faculty Name of the Soceity Membership Details
1 Mar-14 S&H Albert P Rayan International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) ID No: 20924
2 Mar-14 EEE Agnus Jenith IET IET Member No:11034062
3 Mar-14 EEE Deiva Sundari P IET Member N:1100277141
4 Mar-14 EEE Femina.M.A IET Member No:1100340062
5 Mar-14 EEE Rajesh S IET Member No.1100302892
6 Mar-14 EEE Ramya L N IET Member No:1100342322
7 Mar-14 EEE Rubin Bose IET Member No:1100340053
8 Mar-14 EEE Subhas Chandra Bharathi S IET Member No : 1100340060
9 Mar-14 CSE Sobana G Institution of Engineering and Technology MEMEBER ID:1100339734