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KCG College of Technology is a unit of the Hindustan Group of Institutions, reputed for educational excellence. We are proud to say that our students not only regularly secure Anna University ranks, but also make their mark at national and international technical challenges and cultural competitions. As the Hindustan Group celebrates its Golden Jubilee, we are planning a technical and cultural extravaganza KCG Engenius ’22, on April 13, 2022,which will present school students a vibrant forum to express their talent and knowledge.

An array of cultural and technical competitions will give talented students a great opportunity to engage in healthy competition and wow the audience. Cash prizes worth rupees one lakh will be awarded to winners in the senior category of various competitions.

You will be glad to know that we are conducting a series of workshops on cutting edge technology to widen the knowledge base of students in 9th to 12th. The exposure they get in these workshops will prove invaluable to them when they go for higher learning. We are also organizing a special session by trained counsellors on overcoming Exam Stress.


Insta Corner Group Dance Singing Solo Quiz
Treasure Hunt Adzap Minutes to win Essay Writing
Spell Bee Science Fair Group Mime Debate


1.Virtual Fashion Show 2.Interior Design 3. Race Car Design
4. AR & VR WORKSHOP 5. IOT 6. Robotics
7.3D Printing 8.Mobile App Development 9. Artificial Intelligence
  • Special Session

    Beating Exam stress

  • Special Display

    Drone Show, Prototype Display, Bike Stunt, Flight and Car Simulator Training.

  • Time & Date

    13 April 2022, 8: 30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Venue

    KCG College of Technology, Karapakkam, Chennai.

  • Eligibility

    9th to 12th Standard.


  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all
  • Transport on request for more than 40 students.
I WORKSHOPS (Open only to 11th & 12th standards)                         Time
1 Interior designing – Design using BIM 10 am – 12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
2 Virtual Fashion show – Design using Marvelous 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
3 Virtual driving workshop 10 am- 12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
4 Wheels 2 Workshop( W2W) – 2 Wheeler workshop 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
5 Bonnet to Bumper workshop (BTB) – 4 wheeler workshop 10 am -12 noon;  1pm  –3 pm
6 Flight simulator 10 am – 12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
7 3D Printing 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
8 App development using react native 10 am- 12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
9 Immersify  – Augmented reality 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
10 Trust me I’ m not human 10 am -12 noon;  1pm  –3 pm
11 Next generation of web 10 am -12 noon;  1pm  –3 pm
12 Assembly of sparklebot  – Robotics 10 am – 12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
13 Go solar – discover a new world of clean energy 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
14 Race car design 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
15 Electronics Made Easy with Python 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
16 Fun with Electronics 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
17 Virtual Gaming 10 am -12 noon;   1pm  –3 pm
 1 Drone Show 9.30 am – 10 am; 12 noon – 12.30 pm
 2 Bike Stunt Show 10 am – 10.30 am, 12.30 pm – 1 pm
Project display Full Day
 1 Insta Corner 10 am – 2 pm
Group Dance 10 am – 3 pm
Solo Singing 10 am – 12 noon
Quiz 10 am – 2 pm
Adzap 10  am – 2 pm
Treasure Hunt 10 am – 12 noon
Minute to Win 10 am – 12 noon
Essay Writing 10 am – 12 noon
Spell Bee 10 am – 3 pm
10  Group Mime 10 am – 3 pm
11  Science Fair 10 am – 2 pm

Rules & Regulations


  • Numbers of max participants per team is 3.
  • Multiple teams may come from the same school.
  • There will be a preliminary or a written round according to no of teams registered.
  • Out of the prelims round. 8 teams will move on to the finals
  • The Quiz Masters Decisions will be Final!!

Essay Writing

  • Time allotted-30 minutes only for writing the essay. Sheet for writing will be provided.
  • Maximum word limit – 500 words.
  • The essay should be the original work and not copied from anywhere.
  • Topic – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s Vision.
  • The decision of the Judge shall be final & binding on all the participants.

Science Fair

Topics – Sustainable Innovation / Technology and You

  • Multiple teams may participate from schools
  • The subset must be specified
  • There will be junior and senior category:
    • Junior category: 9 & 10 standard
    • Senior Category: 11 & 12 standard
  • Teams must have no more than three members.
  • Each team is encouraged to appoint a team leader to coordinate the work and act as spokesperson. However, each member of the team should be fully involved with the project, and be familiar with all aspects of the project.

Minute To Win

  • All decisions by the judges are final.
  • Each team will be given 2 lives.
  • Each challenge must be completed within the required amount of time in order to advance to the next round. If a team fails a challenge, they will be given another attempt as long as they still have a life left.
  • For individual challenges, any member of the team can be selected to complete the challenge. If they fail and the team has a life left, then the same person or any other team member can be selected for the next attempt.
  • If a team is found to be cheating in any way to complete a challenge, they will be automatically eliminated from the entire competition.

Spell Bee

  • Bring writing pad and pen
  • Both written and verbal elimination rounds will be held
  • Before each round instructions will be given
  • The contest will be conducted by an international Spell Bee winner

Solo Singing

  • Time limit is 3 minutes. Please adhere to the allotted time.
  • Use of karaoke / pre-recorded track is not allowed.
  • The Judges & rsquo; decision is final.

Insta Corner – Selfie Contest

  • The selfie photograph must have only one person as the model.
  • A good background carries additional marks.
  • Portrait or landscape orientation can be maintained.
  • Only mobile phones are allowed to take selfie photographs.
  • It should be evident that the photograph has been taken inside KCG campus.
  • Contestants must upload their photograph before 1 PM on 13/04/22
  • Kindly share the pics on your instagram account and tag KCG insta account –

Group Dance (Western/Indian)

  • Time allotted is five minutes
  • There will be junior and senior category:
    • Junior category: 9 & 10 standard
    • Senior Category: 11 & 12 standard
  • Minimum number of participants per team is 8. Maximum number of participants per team is 20, including backstage helpers.
  • No fire, water and heavy objects should be used on stage. Other props are allowed.
  • Vulgarity, of any form, will lead to disqualification.
  • Each team should consist of only present students (no alumni students allowed).
  • Any team which fails to perform during their allotted slot will be disqualified and no other alternate slots will be given.
  • Judges’ and coordinators’ decision will be final and binding. There shall be no arguments in this regard


  • Tracks should be brought only in CDs or Pen drives and should be submitted at the console 1 hour prior to the event. (Format: mp3 or audio format).
  • Participants are requested to take care of their belongings.


  • Maximum of 10 and minimum of 5 participants will be allowed to participate in the event.
  • There will be 2 rounds conducted for this event.
  • The time duration allocated for preparation and performance will be 3 and 4 minutes respectively.
  • Use of props are not allowed.
  • Spontaneity, humor and creativity will be much appreciated.

Treasure Hunt

The search has come alive to use your guts & wits, riddles to crack, puzzles to solve & clues to discover, because this treasure is worth more than gold.

  • This is a group event, with maximum 8 members in a team.
  • Participants are prohibited from entering restricted areas.
  • Only one team is permitted to participate from a school.


  • Each team can have maximum of 10 members.
  • The teams can select their own theme which is not offensive to any section of society.
  • Time limit is 6-7 minutes for each team.
  • The act should not contain any dialogues, lip sync, props.
  • Background music is allowed.
  • No act shall contain any offensive, obscene, disrespectful actions or gestures. The act will be immediately stopped and the entry will be disqualified, if these instructions are not followed.
  • Points will be given on the basis of innovation, depiction of the situation, team work and expressions.

Contact Details

  • 86680 93937 | 95668 50888