About The Department

The department of Science and Humanities was established with a vision to foster innovative ideas and research among the students and faculty members. It serves as the basis of liberal arts education and provides a platform to explore new horizons in the world of science. The department consists of faculty from the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English. The division of Physics has been recognized by the Anna University as a research centre providing a forum for doctoral and interdisciplinary research activities.
The department has marvellous infrastructure with state-of-the-art lab facilities which provide a great ambience for the student to cherish their learning process. Programmes like conference, workshop, seminar and value added courses are being arranged periodically to improvise the technical skills and update the student with the recent advancements in their respective fields. Apart from the regular academic activities, the department exposes the student to the outside world exclusively through various clubs like Robotics club, Aero Modelling club, Internet of things club, Mobile Apps club, Programming club, Civil services Aspirants club, Dance club, KCG MUN club, Music club, Photography club, NSS Unit, Sports club and Fitness club.
The department has qualified faculty members with decades of teaching experience to mould and hone the skills of the next generation Engineers. The faculty also perform the role of student counsellor to mentor the students periodically. Members of the department contribute by publishing papers and research articles in scopus indexed journals. Besides curriculum, the students are enriched with attributive topics for discussion and activities pertaining to the current technological scenario.
The department plays a predominant role in bridging the gap in curriculum between the school and college by organizing Bridge course for the students. It enforces disciplinary principles to ensure that the student is free from any sort of ragging either in action or words throughout the academic education and monitor the safety of the student in the Institution.

The faculty members of the college not only guide the students in their academic pursuits, but also channelize their thoughts and actions in the positive direction. They encourage the students to develop their talents in extra and co-curricular activities. Their efforts are concentrated on achieving all-round development of the students and in moulding them into good citizens.

The faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professors who are from reputed institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management and Anna University. Apart from full-time professors, visiting professors from various industries and research organizations in-and-around Chennai, deliver guest lectures and provide guidance. Moreover, eminent academicians from U.K. and U.S.A. and consultants of various industries provide additional inputs and impetus to the various programmes and ensure that graduating students are sufficiently exposed to industrial practices.

The faculty aims to help the students to achieve their best in their chosen field. To meet this aim:

  • We provide a core team whose qualification, experience, dedication and ability to impart knowledge remains unrivalled.
  • We instill in the mind of students a pride in their national identity, sense of responsibility, honesty and integrity.
  • We provide a learning environment geared for achieving the highest standards of academic excellence.
  • We encourage them to be goal-oriented.
  • We transform them into responsible citizens who will take an active part in community-service when they enter their respective professions.

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