Community Outreach Programs Under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan… Dec7th

Committed to empowering rural India through economical, social and environmental advancement…. 

 If you thought college life was just about drowning oneself in books, and working towards achieving good grades, you are in for a surprise. At KCG College of Technology, we strive to give the students more than just what is in the books or within the four walls of our campus. We believe in engaging with the community, helping those less fortunate and extending the knowledge we have earned to the world.

The students and faculty as part of the Community Outreach Program under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan system have been working with villages across the city, helping them develop skills, learn new techniques and working on creating infrastructure to make their lives better. It is a hands on CSR activity that we enjoy doing, and so do our students, infact many of our Alumni students are also involved and keep reaching out to enquire about areas where they can pitch in.

Engineer without borders, Women empowerment, Knowledge sharing are some of the things the college has been working on. It is to not just help and enhance the life of those around us, but to allow the students to go beyond what is expected of them as a student, giving them a sense of pride that they have helped others grow.

Dec 7th 2019 was a day that will remain special, and memorable. We went out to several villages we have been working with and inaugurated some services that were ready for launch.

Infrastructure- Patikadu – Puliyur Village

Dedicated stage within the school along with building restroom for the students. When we interacted with the students, these were two elements they wanted, and so we built them both. It was such joy watching them enjoy the facilities.

We had Dr Deivasundari, Associate Dean- Industry Partnership and Corporate Affairs and professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dr R Amrutha, Associate Professor, Department of Science and Humanities and Mr. Gopal, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and 15 NSS Student volunteers visit the village and interact with the villagers on how the infrastructure would make their lives better. It was a joyful moment watching them beam with joy as the facilities were launched.

Health- Pulikundram Village-

First aid awareness programme by professionals. This will help them offer first aid services, an added skill to help them build a better future.

At the helm was Pulavar Manickam, District Secretary, Red Cross Society, Kanchipuram District demonstrating the first aid measures. He shared information that would help in case a road accident, heart attack, snake and other insect bites, electric shock, seizures, fire accident etc. We had about 70 people from the village and 15 rotaract volunteers participate in this informative session. Dr. Praveen Joe, Faculty Advisor of the Rotaract movement, coordinated the event.


Technology- Acharapakkam Village-

Demonstration of Innovative technologies in the field of agriculture, including introduction to Renewable energy, Smart irrigation system, one that had been developed by the students at our college- Mr. Sadasivam, faculty and Mr. Arjun, IV year student demonstrated how this system functions.

We had Ms. Ramya Faculty and Mr. Aaro Peter & Mr. T. Arish II year students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering demonstrate how the “solar lamps” were installed and can be used across the fields.

Finally a team from Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering – Mr. Aashish, Faculty and Mr. Ajay, Mr.Dhanush and Mr. Ganesh Karthik III year students explained and followed it up with a demonstration of how the Drones worked.

All of these gave the farmers an opportunity to see how far technology has come & how they can change the way they farm.

Women Empowerment- Irumbedu Village-

Women skill development for self-sustenance. Teaching women skills that will help them start a business or become self-sufficient is always fulfilling, it helps them grow and builds their confidence levels as well.

Dr.V.Bhanu Rekha Head& Associate Professor FT dept., Dr. Anuradha .T, Professor&Head EEE Department, Ms.K.Gowri AP/FT, Mr. Syam Narayanan S, AP/Aero, Mr. Biju Varghese, Manager admin Y’s Men Club   to give awareness program on women empowerment in Irumbedu village.

Education- Echoor Village-

Computer literacy training for school students. What we take for granted is a privilege for few. Teaching students how to use a computer, the basic know how. This is the first step in introducing them to the digital world. As the days go by and they get proficient in the same, hey can work on their projects or do simple activities online. This would help them face the world and the challenges thrown with reference to technology. 35 school students benefited from the session. Infact, the session came to a closure with a fun quiz.


It is always encouraging to see our students getting their hands dirty, with a smile on their faces as they work on projects during these Community outreach programs. Through these visits, the students learn to interact with people of various sections of our society, empathize, build relationships, understand how the other part of the world survives and come up with ideas to change their lives and make it better.

Stay tuned for more from this arena at KCG…. And do reach out to us if you would like to contribute and be a part of these initiatives…

There is more lined up in the days to come as part of the Community Outreach… We are looking at identifying areas where students can bring about change to the society, it could be a run, or working with a team to better infrastructure and so on. Similarly, we are also looking to partner with corporates to help us keep this initiative going.

So, if you or anyone you know would like to reach out to us and contribute in any way, do connect…

Let’s make a difference…one step at a time.