Career Advisory Service

A career advisory cell is dedicated to work with the students to facilitate their career interests. They help students make choices after they graduate, whether to enrol for further studies/research or to explore job opportunities. The cell facilitates student-industry interaction and conduct value added courses to improve the skills of the students like behavioural and personality development, communication and interpersonal skills. Training is also provided to help students face the interview board confidently.

Counselling Service

Separate counsellors are provided for every twenty students. Students who have difficulty in following their curriculum or face any other problems may approach his/her counsellor for help. They are assured of strict confidentiality, sincere advice and concrete action.


Every effort is taken to help the students keep healthy and fit. The campus doctor provides round-the-clock medical care to the students and regular health check-ups are conducted. The Institution also organises various talks on topics of medical concern for the benefit of the student community.