Dr P Deiva Sundari

Dr.P.Deiva Sundari

Today, the Indian graduate enjoys certain advantages in the global knowledge economy.

Firstly, India’s economic growth and strong development trajectory has improved its standing on the world’s political stage. Nations are moving to forge better relationships with India, while multi nationals are vying to capture the Indian market. India has the further advantage of having one of the world’s largest English speaking population.

India has become one of the world’s leading producers of computer software professionals and with mushrooming R&D centers is experiencing a steady revolution in science and technology.

It is up to each student to grab the opportunities opening up, ensuring that at the end of his studies he has emerged as a competent professional with the correct attitude and ethics. This can be possible by channelizing one’s energy in the right direction, imbibing core knowledge and advanced skill sets, ideating and executing innovative projects, and interacting with leading experts.

My dear young minds, the KCG campus will provide a conducive environment for such a multifaceted growth, helping you to get ready for the upcoming future challenges.

I wish you a highly rewarding student life at KCG and all its attendant success.

Dr.P.Deiva Sundari