Covidesta 2020 Contest Results Declared


Covidesta is a campaign initiated by KCG College of Technology, Chennai to salute the contributions of the frontline warriors like doctors, nurses, policemen, ambulance drivers, sanitation workers and many more heroes who are fighting against Covid 19. With time all of us will forget their selfless contributions in saving our lives.

We have started this campaign to make memories of these super heroes through our art & craft. The winning dolls will be created as souvenirs to be sold as mementos and gifts with the creator’s name credits. This fund will be used to honor the real covid warriors. Tsunamica is a doll iconic with tsunami relief and Chekutty is a doll iconic with Kerala flood Relief. Through this campaign we plan to create mascots of covid warriors and make our little contribution to these warriors.

Click the link below for further details.


Poster making and Doll making contests have been organized as a part of this campaign to reach out to school and college students and the general public too. We have received good participation from around 8 states (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Haryana, Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra, New Delhi) and 1 from Africa too

The contest will be wound up by 3rd July 2020
The winners of the contest will be announced by 15th July 2020 


COVIDESTA 2020 has moved to its next phase.
The launch pad for the creative ideas of the contest winners is ready.
Our first set of Covid warriors are on the website, waiting to reach your homes as souvenirs and memories.

Once the contest winners have been announced their ideas also will be on sale here with due credits given to the creators.

Our COVID warriors are on the website in the link given below. This was possible because of our partners The Nesavu, Coimbatore and Shivanjali trust, Coimbatore

Shivanjali Crafts, an initiative of the Shivanjali Trust, Coimbatore ( is a social enterprise working towards improving the lives of underprivileged woman by training them in making various handicrafts. The ladies of Shivanjali trust are making the wonderful handcrafted covid warrior dolls.

The Nesavu, Coimbatore a kids brand ( who have recently won “best designer kids wear brand” in India are supporting us by giving the virtual retail space for the covid warrior dolls in their website.

Purchase them to contribute to the livelihood of the women folks and to the Covidesta campaign, so we could recognize and honor the COVID warriors.