KCG College of Technology was founded in 1998 to fulfill the Founder-Chairman, Dr. KCG Verghese’s vision of “To Make Every Man a Success and No Man a Failure”. KCG College of Technology is a unit of the Hindustan Group of Institutions, reputed for educational excellence. As part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, we are planning a National Level Hackfest - Innothon-23
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been around for 25 years and has NBA accreditation. Anna University has granted it the status of Permanent affiliation and recognized it as a Research Center. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering desires to become a prominent center of excellence for producing competent IT professionals for providing software and software-enabled solutions.
Each individual is born with his own skill set, and over time he acquires skills that make him stand out of the crowd. The CSE Department has launched a club called INNOCOM, a way to incubate and express talent. INNOCOM is a club to encourage every student of the department towards the path of entrepreneurship, to become a breadwinner, and help them create a stand-alone future. The club increases the standard of CSEians and builds more achievers and trendsetters.
INNOTHON’23 is a national level Hackfest conducted by INNOCOM of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of KCG College of Technology. This is a 30 hour hackathon where the students are expected to come up with an innovative solution for the given problem statement. Before the finals, the students are expected to engage in collaborative computer programming after a clear analysis of their chosen problem statement through research and field visits.
Web/App Development
Cloud Computing
PSID Problem Statement Domain Description
AD101 Develop a Mobile App through which a citizen can check whether an unattended child is a missing child using Facial Recognition Application Development Devise a prototype to develop an app based on Artificial intelligence and automation which might be effective in tracking the missing person co-relating a database and the individual identity fed
BC401 Hosting a blockchain code onto a cloud network in order to create a prototype app in the Healthcare sector Blockchain Create a blockchain application to store and share patient records with Doctors and Health care intermediaries. The idea is to help solve the hosting issue and build a prototype looking to provide a solution for patients to record, store and share their Personal Health Records (PHRs). The PHRs would be interoperable between the patient and other Healthcare intermediaries. This can be provided as an application that can be used on mobile phones, computers, or tablets
AM201 AI Based Platform for Students Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Every aspiring entrepreneur’s often asked question, what business do I start? A lot of businesses fail because they are made without accurate market information and future potential. Sustainable enterprises can only flourish in a sector that potential for growth. An overwhelming number of aspiring entrepreneurs do not have this information or data about which industry to choose to start business in. There is a need for case analysis and data on sectors to start business that has potential, growth prospect and can be sustainable
AM202 Speech-to-text conversion for local ethnic languages Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning The Dial 100 system receives calls from remote areas. These calls are from villagers who are not able to speak English language. The solution should be able to recognise such ethnic languages and convert it into textual format from getting input from live calls
WD102 Career Dendrogram Web Development A national database of actual requirement of workforce, category-wise by both Government and Industry, the type of educational or skill qualification required, nature of job, eligibility criteria, salary and perks, career development /progression in every field / sector of employment is required. As each individual nurtures different desires to become in their life, there is a need for career dendrogram, so that one can put forth a concerted efforts to become the best in his vocation and excel in life rather than make umpteen number of mistakes of wrong selection of course of education or career and repent later and go on trying different things losing his precious time/life
WD103 Online integrated platform for projects taken up by the students of various departments Web Development Innovation is the key to betterment of education and students in college put a lot of efforts into projects as a part of the academic requirements. If a common knowledge platform (with a facility for plagiarism) is created to bring all project works taken up at various levels by the students in any department, then it will be a great source of knowledge and also will help the student community to take up unique/innovative project works
AD104 To develop Mobile software for guiding the tourist Application Development Tourism is a major source of income. To give it further boost, create a tourist friendly application which will have the details of all the important places present in the state. The application should also help tourists get local information regarding availability of stay and lodging at partner hotels
AD105 Gaming Application for the elderly Application Development We are soon also going to have perhaps the largest population of the elderly and The elderly tend to face gradual degradation of mental faculties which could lead to several disorders like Amnesia, Alzheimer disease, among others. One possible way to arrest the onset or at least lessen the impact of these challenges is to engage the elderly in mind games like Suduko, Chess, and so on. These elderly have been the backbone of our nation and we must ensure that it remains strong- physically as well as mentally. It is this issue (mental) and the challenges that it entails that you should solve
WD106 To develop a website for systematic farming for farmers in local languages Web Development Farming has been the backbone of our country. More than 42 percent in India are employed directly or farming related activities. Empowering our farmers will effectively help our economy. In an effort to help our farmers, a website for the farmers in local languages is needed. It should have instructions and information about seasonal and suitable crops, seeds, farming tools & instruments etc
AV101 Developing Virtual Reality based solutions Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Developing Virtual Reality based solutions in areas like:
  • (i) Creating a virtual showcase/display centre of industrial products – developing solutions for one type of industry like garments, shoe industry etc.
  • (ii) VR solution for emergency rehearsals like fire, flood etc. Provide safety training using Virtual Reality.
  • (iii) Education tools for educating industries in utilization of power by developing virtual reality, augmented reality based solutions.
  • (iv) Developing VR based solution for Construction Company to show the project plan and interior and exterior look.
  • (v) Virtual reality solution for healthcare sector especially for training the new medical practitioner and Para Medical Staff
    10th September 2023: REGISTRATION CLOSES
    16th September 2023: PRELIMINARY ROUND
    29th & 30th September 2023: INNOTHON'23 GRAND FINALE
    10th September 2023: REGISTRATION CLOSES
    Maximum 5 MEMBERS per team
    16th September 2023: PRELIMINARY ROUND
    • PPT
    • Prototype 20%
    Mode: Hybrid
    29th & 30th September 2023: INNOTHON'23 GRAND FINALE
    • Prototype 100%
    • PPT
    Mode: Offline
    Registration Fee: Rs.350/- per person
    Duration: 30 Hours
    SEPTEMBER 2023
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    Evaluation Criteria
      Winner of Each Problem Statement
      Title Winner of INNOTHON-23
    Registration Fee: Rs.350/- per person (Only for the finalists)
    Team must consist of maximum 5 members only
    VENUE: KMC Auditorium, KCG College of Technology, Karapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Hostel accommodation reserved on first come first serve basis
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